A Good Workout

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Wednesday night at the gym; all was quiet and I was knackered!

I was just finishing my last set of weights as I noticed her grabbing her mat and laying it out in a small space between the machines on the floor. She sat down on it and started to stretch out before starting her routine. For a moment I sat and watched, transfixed. This girl could bend in places I didn’t think I had places!

I wandered over, pretending not to look, and grabbed a mat, laying it near hers. I too sat down and started to stretch out. She was resting on her left knee and stretching her right leg out in front of her. Wanting to catch her attention, and letting my male bravado get the better of me, I attempted to copy the move, thinking to myself, ‘Looks easy enough!’

Then I fell over with a thump. She looked over her shoulder at me as I hastily tried to regain my composure. “Slippery mat,” I said. Unconvincingly. She smiled as I made a second attempt to replicate the manoeuvre – after all, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

This time, as my face slapped the vinyl covering she let out a giggle and collapsed herself – in a much more dignified fashion than I had managed on either of my attempts! As she rolled onto her back laughing out loud, holding her sides, presumably to stop them splitting at my expense, I saw an opportunity that I felt I had to seize.

I was leaning over her and tickling her, and she was helpless, no longer laughing at my lack of balance or feeble attempts to keep up with her, but because she couldn’t help it.

Then we made eye contact. The most beautiful eyes I’ve ever seen; blue-grey, round and framed with perfect lashes. I slowed my efforts until they were non-existent and moved towards her lips. She raised her head to meet me. We kissed. Her lips parting slightly as I pushed gently with my tongue, letting it slide against hers in her mouth and back out again.

She wrapped her arms around my neck and lifted her hips so I could get my own arms around her back. She pulled me on top of her and tightened her grip. I felt her hands running down my back and just thought ‘thank casino şirketleri fuck no-one’s in today!’
I pulled her into a sitting position and suggested we go somewhere less public. She looked at me and nodded, the same lust in her eyes as I knew was in mine. We both quickly ran to grab our stuff from the changing rooms and within minutes we were heading out of the gym and to my house.

I pushed her through the back door and locked it behind us. Within moments we were wrapped up in each others arms, kissing and caressing each other. “Shower. Now!” The only two words that had passed her lips to this point, and they hit me hard. I grabbed her hand and lead her to the stairs.

Halfway up I pulled her down on top of me and started to pull her top over her head. She lifted her arms and let me, maintaining the eye contact for as long as possible. I stooped to kiss her neck and shoulders sucking gently at the skin, letting my tongue roam over it. She pulled my hair “Shower. NOW!” she repeated, more urgently this time.

I got up and practically dragged her upstairs behind me. We got into the bathroom, and as I was still locking the door she started to unfasten my shorts and push them down around my ankles. A sudden wave of pleasure swept over me and I had to grab hold of the sink to keep my feet.

The warmth of her tongue against the skin of my cock took me by surprise as she licked up and down the full length of my cock, dipping it into her mouth once, then standing up and switching the shower on.

She stood under the cascading water, allowing it to fall over her entire body. I followed her lead, stripping off and jumping into the hot spray and wrapping my arms around her as soon as she was in reach. She pushed my head toward her breast with an insistent pressure until my lips brushed her nipple. She arched her back to present it to me as they did. I flickered my tongue gently across its tip, before slowing the movement to circle it, sucking it into my mouth.

I felt her hand moving down my back, around my side, searching for my erection. She started to stroke her hand up and casino firmalari down my shaft, gripping tighter and pulling faster, matching the movements of my mouth on her breast.

I lowered myself to my knees, reluctantly leaving her grip, and lifted her left leg so that her foot rested on the edge of the bath. I ran my fingers across her pussy and let my fingertips enter her. Just as quickly they were out of her again. A frustrated groan. She was as horny as me. Brilliant. I decided I was going to drive her to the edge of desperation.

I knelt with my face an inch from her clit and looked up at her. She was pleading with her beautiful eyes, and I was almost tempted to plunge straight in there and give her all that she wanted. I resisted and slowly moved forward, stopping just as I was about to make contact. I was breathing heavily, directing the breath onto her clearly aroused pussy. I blew onto it; the cold air eliciting a shiver then pushed the full blade of my tongue against her, from bottom to top before licking at her clit.

She gripped the back of my head, holding my tongue against her. Her breathing was ragged, and I knew that she wanted more. I managed to move away and started to kiss the insides of her thighs, licking closer and closer, tasting her juices. Again the frustrated groan.

I pushed two fingers to the hilt into her opening and watched as she accepted them; her body twitching slightly as they twisted slightly, rubbing against the inside of her pussy. She pulled me to my feet and kissed me, my fingers still moving in and out.

Leaning towards me, her lips to my ear “fuck me,” she whispered. Without needing to be told a second time, I spun her around and bent her over. She braced herself against the wall to help maintain her balance and looked back over her shoulder to encourage me. I didn’t need it. I gently rubbed the head of my cock against her clit before letting it find its way into her hot, wet hole. One long, slow stroke later I was inside her, both of us groaning contentedly.

I started a slow rhythm moving my full length in and out of her as she rocked güvenilir casino back against me. Then I thought of teasing again. I pulled almost the full length of my cock out of her, and just played with about an inch sliding in and out of her. She whipped her head round and looked at me as if to ask why I’d stopped giving her what she wanted. At that moment I gave it to her. The look on her face drove me to repeat that little move again. And again. Each time the look turned me on more and more.

She turned to face me and wrapped her leg around my hip, directing my cock into her pussy again, and then pulling me into her with her leg. We stood in a tight embrace, our tongues dancing and entwining as our hands ran over each other’s bodies. Her nails dug into my back as my finger brush her tight anus. She nibbled my ear and gasped, “Do it…”

I traced the tight crinkles of skin with my index finger, traced it up and down her arse crack, and then back to the hole. I pushed gently as she thrust her hips towards me, before relaxing back onto the intruding digit. Just the tip had penetrated until she thrust back onto it, pushing it knuckle deep in herself.

We continued to fuck in this position; my finger probing her behind, her leg controlling my cock in her pussy, relaxing to let me withdraw and tightening to pull me back in. her leg started to quicken its movements as fingernails dug further into my shoulders and her breath started to rasp out of her lungs. She threw her head back, tilting her shoulders forward to avoid a concussion and let out a voiceless scream.

As she dropped he leg, suddenly needing both to support her, I move both my hand to her buttocks, and started to thrust faster – my turn! I just wanted her to make me cum. It didn’t take long, and as I reached my orgasm she dropped to her knees in front of me.

She took my cock in her mouth and started to suck as she pumped her hand up and down on my shaft again. It only took a few moments for the combination of the friction from her hand and the sensitive stimulation of her tongue and lips to make me cum. I pulled out at the last minute and sprayed it over her face and into her mouth.

She took my cock between her lips again and started lick me clean, seeming to savour every drop. I pulled her to her feet and held her tight as I turned her to the shower to clean my mess from her face…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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