A Good Wife: A Walk with Hubby

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The sun was lighting up the drapes as I awoke to faint sounds of my Hubby already in the shower. I rolled over onto my side to face the door, feeling the leather leash slide off of my shoulder. It reminded me that I’d spent another night collared and leashed to the bed frame, an increasingly common way of spending the night and another layer of kinky consistency added to my life.

Hubby entered from the bathroom, mostly dried off from the shower. “Morning, sleepyhead.” He said, noticing that I was awake and waiting patiently to be unleashed from the bed. Not like he would be upset with me if I unhooked the leash myself or anything like that, I just enjoyed when he was the one who did it. He leaned in for a long kiss before disconnecting the leash from my collar, that was the other reason I liked for him to be the one to do the honors.

“I thought we could grab a coffee and maybe go for a walk this morning or something. What do you think?”

“Sure, that sounds nice.” I smiled and replied back. “I’ll jump in the shower and get ready.”

I got up and headed to the bathroom to start getting ready. Hubby caught me before I got there to give me a big naked (except for my collar) hug from behind and kissed my neck. I gave a little surprised squeal in return.

While in the shower I couldn’t help but think of ways to surprise him and spice up our standard walk. I hatched a loose plan and made quick work of the rest of my shower.

Hubby was out of the room when I poked my head out of the bathroom to check. I popped over to the closet and started grabbing an assortment of latex, laying them out on the bed to make sure I had what I wanted, and then started to get dressed. I put on a latex bra and thong panties first. Next I added some dressing aid to the inside of some black leggings, spreading it all over so that they would glide up my legs. I pulled them on and smoothed out any folds while shining them up to a fine gloss. I then shined up a short sleeve top, bright red tight latex with a zipper up the front, and put it on as well.

I called out to hubby from the bedroom “Hey, you can go start the car. I’ll be right there.”

“Alright Babe.” I heard his reply, and waited to hear the sound of the door so I would know he’d actually gone.

As soon as I heard it I quickly came out and glanced around. Yep, he was out starting the car! A quick walk to the entry closet and I grabbed my pink running shoes, lacing them up quickly. I stood and looked at my jacket options, lingering on glossy black vinyl rain trench. ‘Hmmm…. maybe next time’ I thought to myself. ‘Yea, definitely next time.’ I caressed the shiny vinyl material with a smile on my face before grabbing and putting on a light weight fitted black puffer and heading to the car.

Hubby was giving me a mockingly incredulous look upon seeing my shiny legs. “So that’s what was taking so long.”

“I thought you’d like çiğli escort it, I can go change if you want.”

“No no, I love it.” was his (very) quick response. “Long as you don’t mind people looking and staring at you, cause I would totally stare… just saying. Long as you don’t mind that kind of stuff, I think it’s awesome.” He put a hand on my thigh and gave it a soft squeeze.

“Then let’s go.” I said, grinning at him mischievously.

And go we did, pulling out and heading to the coffee shop to grab a warm drink, his phone streaming music to the car. His hand lingered on my shiny thigh for most of the drive.

As we turned off the street at the coffee shop Hubby pulled into a parking spot facing the front windows instead of heading to the drive-thru like usual. “I’ll take a regular latte, thanks.” he said with a grin to match the one I gave him earlier.

“You bugger, just go through the drive-thru!”

“Yea I thought about that, but then I also thought it would be fun to watch from the car and see how many people look at your shiny butt while you’re waiting for our coffee.” He spoke very matter-of-factly to me.

“I didn’t bring my wallet, so I don’t have any money…” Hubby was holding up a twenty dollar bill before I finished saying ‘money.’

“Fine, you sit here with your woody then.” I snatched the bill from his fingers and got out of the car.

I had worn latex in public before, sure, but usually either covered up by something else, or barely visible and not super likely to be noticed. This time the full length of my freshly shined latex wrapped legs (and bum) were completely uncovered. I felt a little flush at the thought of it. But hey, it’s just leggings right? Just shiny, latex leggings, in public, like I’d thought about doing so many times. The little flush I felt coming on before turned into excitement. I opened the shop door and headed inside to order us a couple coffees to go, and a croissant, because if I have to get out of the car then you better believe I’m getting a fresh croissant.

There were several employees and half a dozen patrons inside. The girl at the counter definitely noticed my shiny legs, but pulled her eyes back up to mine, smiled politely and set about doing her job. I’m pretty sure though that she whispered something to her coworkers as I noticed each of them make an unnecessary trip to where they could ‘covertly’ steal a better look. I mostly just ignored everyone else and waited patiently for my order, picking it up and dropping a tip in the jar as I left.

“Now that wasn’t too bad, eh?” Hubby asked as I got back in the car.

“The baristas definitely noticed.” I said.

“Yea well the guy over by the fireplace was staring the whole time, accept for that half of a moment when you glanced over his way.” Hubby had obviously found this entertaining. “I don’t blame him, you look hot, çiğli escort bayan Honey.” And he leaned over to give me a kiss, which I obliged.

We headed off to our normal walking path, a few minutes drive further along from the coffee shop. Parking in the gravel lot, there were only a couple other cars, which was pretty standard as there were often more cyclists than walkers on this stretch of the path. We got out of the car, coffees in hand, and started to leisurely walk, chat, and sip our warm drinks.

We had maybe walked just shy of a mile when he bumped me with his elbow and looked at me with a smile. “You know, I did something to surprise you too.”

“Oh really? Do tell.” I said.

He lifted his shirt a bit, and then pulled down the side of his pants a couple inches to give me a glimpse. He was wearing a pair of the latex briefs I’d bought for him!

“So I guess I’m not the only one who was feeling a little naughty this morning.” I said with a great big grin.

“I know you like when I wear them.”

“No, I absolutely love it when you wear them, and you know it.” I said back.

We continued to walk, holding hands, until arriving at a viewpoint bench that overlooked part of a small lake. I paused and turned to look at the lake, but my mind was thinking of something very different than the glassy waters in front of us. I leaned back and looked down the path to the North, then to the South. From here we had a pretty long view of both directions before the pavement curved and trees blocked our line of sight. There wasn’t anybody in either direction.

I stood in front of hubby and gave him a big hug, and then a long kiss. “Keep enjoying the view, Babe.” I told him as I slipped my hands into his pants to caress his cock inside the latex briefs. I bent down and kissed his hardening cock through the latex, massaging him to full erection. Then I stood back up, unzipped my jacket, took it off and handed it to him, revealing the bright red latex top. And now he knew the other part of the little surprise I’d been holding back, that I was wearing even naughtier outfit than he’d thought!

He opened his mouth to say something but I put a finger to his lips to shush him. “Just relax and let me take care of you.” I pulled him a few steps off to the side of the path and put my puffer jacket down on the grassy ground in front of him. I knelt right there on my jacket, and pulled him free of his latex briefs. When my mouth enveloped his cock I could taste a hint of latex, and it made me suck him off all the more eagerly. I licked, and stroked, and sucked. I took his balls in my mouth with his cock resting on my face. I took him deep enough to make myself gag.

I was bobbing on his cock at nice and fluid pace with my hand around the base of it and took a glance up at my Hubby. His eyes were closed with his head tilted, a look of bliss escort çiğli on his face that I was so happy to see. I closed my own eyes and kept working his cock to take him the rest of the way there.

Only moments later I heard a sound come rushing up. Without grasping what it was, I opened my eyes just in time to see a cyclist zipping by (definitely going over the speed limit of the path.) For a half a second I thought ‘well… maybe they didn’t notice…’ but quickly tossed out that idea when he paused his peddling to look back over his shoulder at us. Yes Sir, you did see what you thought you saw, a guy getting a blowjob on the side of the path from a girl wearing shiny latex. My mouth was still wrapped around Hubby’s cock when I unintentionally made eye contact with the biker.

“Oh God Babe, I’m sorry!” Hubby said. “I should have been watching for people!”

What he didn’t know, and what I hadn’t expected, is how much the quick encounter had turned me on. I felt a little more emboldened looking up into Hubbys eyes and just kept sucking. My new vigor quickly brought him to the brink of climax, “Mmm, Honey I’m really close.”

I finally removed him from my mouth, and started stroking away. “Good, cum for me.” I said, staring up at him. I lowered myself down to position his cock above me and worked his cock and balls with both hands. I can’t pinpoint exactly what it was that came over me but I just had this urge to do something unexpected. Hubby let out a moan and a half-grunt, and I knew it was coming. That he was cumming. With my mouth open and my eyes closed I tilted my face up, pointed his cock down, and stroked him off all over my face.

He came long and hard, and louder than usual. His spunk splattered across much of my face, only a little actually making it into my mouth. I finally stopped stroking his cock and leaned back, resting back with both hands on the ground.

I kept my face turned up toward the sky, slowly opening my eyes after a moment of catching my breath. My right eye was clear, but my left had a line of cum across it sticking my lashes together. Careful not to disturb any more than necessary, I wiped just enough of the cum from my eyelashes to open my eye without issue, otherwise I swallowed what had founds it’s way into my mouth and left the rest exactly as it was.

Hubby got the clue quickly and helped me to my feet when I extended a hand to him. “You ok?” he said, looking a little bit sheepish.

“I’m great.” I replied. I really meant it too, which felt both a little odd and very right at the same time. I picked up my jacket from the ground and put it back on to fend off the slight chill breeze that had picked up a bit.

“Umm… you can use my shirt if you want.” Hubby said, starting to lift it up.

“Nope, I’m good.” I said, smiling back. “Let’s just head back.”

The slightly stunned look on my man’s face was very satisfying. I could see a couple more cyclists down the path ahead of us, heading our direction, and wondered if they would notice my cummy face or if my shiny legs would distract them from it. Both thoughts made me a little wet, and I wondered how many people we might pass on the mile long walk back to the car.

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