A Good Teacher Ch. 02

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Refer back to original: – – A Good Teacher – – Chapter 1

I now had the butt of the dildo and her swollen cuntlips in my mouth and letting her juices ooze into my mouth, thinking ‘my Mum sure tastes sweet and sexy’.

Chapter 2.

After a tight hug and a sweet good night kiss, we both retired quite exhausted, to our own bedroom. I fell asleep as soon as my head went on the pillow. It was still dark outside when I woke. The memory of last night came into my head. Did we really do that? Was it just a live like dream? Did Mum really suck my cock? What about her wanting me to shoot my jism all over her? Watching her Dildo fucking herself.

These thought flashed before my eyes and had an instant reaction on my cock. I removed the sheet covering me and began to jack off on the pictures displayed in my mind. I imagined her sitting on my stiff cock and letting her wet cunt down on it. I could see my cock disappearing into her inch by inch. I felt the warmth and her slippery wetness engulfing my shaft and saw her firm boobs quiver, as she began to ride herself on my cock. ‘Mum I’m spunking you, feel it shooting into your cunt’. I said it half aloud as it shot into the air.

Sleep overtook me once more only to be woken, some time later still very drowsy, feeling moist lips upon mine. A tongue was tracing the contours of my lips. As I opened them, it minutely penetrated into my mouth. It felt very arousing as my Mother continued to let her tongue explore. I let my tongue move forward and they met. It felt as if a charge of high voltage electricity went through me and my body hairs stood up, not to mention my cock. She placed her arm under my head and drew me closer to her. Our tongues now entwined, feverishly darting from one mouth to the other. Her hand slipping under the sheet and encircling my stiff shaft, letting out a murmur, mmmmmmm.

She stopped kissing me. “How’s my baby this morning? Did you sleep well?”

“Yes Mum.”

“It’s all wet down there. Did my baby have a wet dream?”

“I eerrr, errrr —–“

She smiled at me with a sheepishly. Sure she knows I jacked off earlier.

“I brought you a cup of coffee and it’s nearly time to get up, otherwise you’ll be late for school.”

Fuck, I don’t want to go today. What about this stiff shaft of mine. I won’t be able to concentrate anyway. All I’ll be thinking about is sex, sex and then some more. You can’t just tongue kiss me like that and then walk away. That’s fucking teasing. What’s more, she was standing there in a very sheer negligee and with the light from the window. I saw she had nothing on under it. Her boobs, nipples and the sparse hairs on her mound were clearly visible. She sure had a nice figure. I reached my arms out for her to come back down to me and said:-

“Mum, I’m not going to look for a job today; I don’t feel up to it”!

“Baby you have to. You must think of your future. We have lots of time that we can spend together.”

With that, she bends down and ripped the sheet off me, exposing my stiff cock. Her eyes focused on it , smiled and walked towards the door.

“Now drink your coffee!”

I sang out: – “Mum you’re a prickteaser.”

She turned and laughed. “You’ll just have to do what you did earlier, won’t you!” With that she was out of the room.

I shouted after her: – “Just you wait; I’ll get even with you.”

As I predicted, school was a waste of time today. Every few minutes my mind would relive last night. I ended up wanking twice trying to get my cock to a somewhat softer state, but that was only a very temporarily solution. I had read somewhere that there are males who have a permanent hard on. Shit, I hope I’m not getting it. How would I be turning up at school with my cock bulging in my shorts all the time? I’d be made the laughing stock. I could just see the girls looking and snickering at me. Let alone all the ribbing I would cop from my mates. Still for the moment it does go down for a while after I jack off. I’m wondering how often my mates güvenilir bahis have to wank.

When I got home there was a note on the table advising me that Mum won’t be home till late and that there is something to eat in the fridge with instructions as to how long to cook it in the microwave. I was hoping that she would come home at her usual time, so that we could sit and watch TV together and I could fondle her. I slipped under the shower and enjoyed the cool water cascading over me, as it was quite a warm day. When I towelled myself down, I noticed that I actually had a lot of pubic hair. I loved the way Mum has hers neatly trimmed and it made it so much sexier to see her smooth cuntlips. When she was sucking my cock, my hairs were covering her mouth when she took it to the back of her throat. Do guys trim down there? I hadn’t heard or seen anything about it. I think it would be nicer for Mum if she didn’t have to content with my hairs and if she didn’t like it, they would soon grow back.

I found some scissors went to work cutting them. It was actually exciting. My cock went hard as I was doing it. I looked in the mirror and thought that my cock was even bigger now to look at; after all, a lot was hidden by the bushy hairs before. Looking at the reflection of my stiff, hairless cock in the mirror was enough enticement for me to jack off once again. Just as I was about to shoot my jism, I turned and faced the bath tub and fantasized that Mum was lying there and I was letting my cum shoot all over her. Fuck, I’ve done nothing else but wank myself all day. I’ve made up my mind to say to Mum that I want you to let me fuck you. I want to feel what it’s like inside that wet hole of yours and to let me shoot my spunk up you.

I must have fallen asleep in front of the TV. When I woke, Mum was already sitting in the chair opposite. She must have already taken a shower, as her hair was still a bit wet and she wore the same negligee as this morning. She couldn’t have dried herself too well, or did she do it on purpose, as in parts it clung to her skin, making it even more transparent. The flimsy material did nothing to hide the dark outlines on her already stiff nipples and the material clung to her damp boobs. It reminded me of some pictures I’ve seen from a wet T-shirt competition. I had wanked myself over those boobs many a times. Mum would easily win one of those contests. She sure has a nice set of boobs.

She caught me looking at them, but this time I didn’t blush, or look away and was rewarded with that enticing smile of hers. She shifted her eyes towards my shorts, where my cock was already bulging. I got up and walked over to her, dropping my shorts on the way and letting my trimmed cock sway in front of me.

“Oooohhh baby, what have you done? You’ve hardly got any hairs left. Wwooww, what a size you have now I that I can see it all. Did you do this for me? I love it.”

She reached out and took hold of my cock and guided it straight into her mouth and made it touch the back of her throat. Ooohh yea, this is heaps sexier. I can now see Mothers lips touching the very base of my stiff cock. See her lips opening and closing over my shaft. She flipped open her negligee, totally exposing herself to me. I reached down and fondled one of her well rounded boobs. Feeling her nipple, this was as stiff as my cock. She moved her hand to her clitty and began rubbing it. Her cunt was glistening with her juices. She already had her first climax and was already working on her next one.

I took a step backwards and my cock slid out of her mouth. I didn’t want to spunk just yet. I had other plans. I knelt in front of her and began to lick those sweet juices of hers. She lay back in the chair and opened her legs wide and her juices were cuming thick and fast. I’ve now really got to like her taste.

“Yeees my baby rub my clitty and I’ll cum for you. Ooohhh yeeeaa, that’s it. Keep rubbing it like that. I’m going to cum for you noooww. Drink me, swallow Mum’s sweet juices. Ooohhh fuck, türkçe bahis I can’t stop cuming. I’m cummmming again. Ooohh fuck, this is sooo special letting my baby eat me out. I just want to keep cumming for you. Fuck I can’t stop it”

Her floodgates had really opened and she was actually squirting her juices into my mouth. There was also a different taste mingled with her otherwise sweet juices. Mum had lost all control and there was wee mixed with her juices and I kept on drinking her till her quivering subsided. She was stroking my hair.

I eventually got up and put my lips against hers and began to kiss her. At first her lips remained closed and I traced them with my tongue. I could smell her sex on my face and taste it in my mouth. She began to respond to my kisses and opened her lips just slightly. Enough for the tip of my tongue to enter her mouth. She put her arms around me and pressed me tightly against her naked body. Her tongue now also was darting into my mouth. Our kisses and hugs became very intent for quite sometime.

“Baby, take me to bed.” She got up, leaving her negligee behind on the chair, took my hand and we walked naked towards her bedroom. She threw the sheets back and sprawled herself across the bed. I eased my body on top of her and her nakedness felt so beautiful against me. We continued where we had left off kissing each other. Her naked body was beginning to move very lightly beneath me. Was she getting turned on again? I still was, as my cock didn’t get any relief from before and it was pressing against our tummies.

“Mum, please let me fuck you. I want to feel what its like to be inside you and fill you with my spunk.” There, I’ve said it, well it was more like blurting it out. “Pleeeease Mum.”

She squeezed me harder to herself. “Ohhh baby, I wanted to hear that. I’ve been waiting for you to ask me. I didn’t want you to fuck me because I’ve asked you to so. I wanted to be sure that you wanted me. That you desire me. Of course baby you can fuck me. I’ve wanted that huge cock in me ever since I first sucked it. I know it will fill my cunt up. Ooohhh yeees baby, fuck me now. Ram your hard cock into me and let your spunk fill me.” Her legs slid open and I placed my knob against her still glistening hole. She reached down and inserted it. “Yeeees baby, slide it up me. Push your whole lengths into me. Spunk me.”

The sensation I felt as my cock slid into my Mothers warm and wet cunt is indescribable. I felt the walls of her cunt encompass my cock as it slid further into her. I led it slide back a few inches and then pushed it further into her. There were still another couple of inches protruding and I wanted my trimmed pubic hairs touch hers. I wanted Mum to have all the cock I could give her. She was bucking her cunt onto me each time on my forward push and each time my cock buried itself deeper into her. I thought to myself, ‘Mum is sure one hell of a fuck’. Not that I could compare her with another woman. My cock still wasn’t totally up her and I felt that there was some obstruction touching the tip of my cock.

“Aaaahhhggg, baby, your cock is soooo huge. It’s touching my womb. Oooohhh fuuuck, which feels sooooo sexy. Can you feel your cock touching my womb?”

So that was what I felt. “Yes Mum, your sooo beautiful to fuck. I want my whole cock in you.”

“Push hard against me and hold it there, then let me push against you. I’ve never had a cock big enough to reach my womb. Grab my arse cheeks and pull me towards you. I want your monster cock inside my womb.”

I did as she said and suddenly I felt my cock enter another hole. Fuck it was tight and it clammed itself over the head of my cock as soon as I had entered it. Mum grabbed my arse and pushed it down onto herself.

She became near hysterical and began to scream, “Fuuuck baby, your monster cock is in my womb, push, push, yea push it more, ooohhhh fuuuck I’m cumming, baby I’m cumming for you, aaaahhh baby, baaaby……”

She dug her nails into my arse and pulled me hard güvenilir bahis siteleri against her. I felt the jism rising in my balls. “Mum, I’m cumming too. Oooohhh yeees. I’m going to fill you with spunk. I’m going to shoot it straight into your womb.” With that my cock exploded and I squirted load after load into her

“Oooohhh baaaby, I can feel it shooting into me. Aaaahhh fuuuck, fill Mummy’s womb with it, ooohh baby, baby, baby……

Tears appeared in her eyes and she took my head towards hers and with a wide open mouth began to feverishly kiss me, rolling her wet tongue around mine as her tears were streaming down her face and the saltiness entered our mouth. We kissed like that what seemed an eternity and I still had my cock in her and felt wetness running over it and down my balls. She muttered things like ‘You’re beautiful, I love you, I love you, I love you —–‘

“I love you too Mum, your beautiful. I love being so close to you. I love your skin touching mine and I love having my cock in you, it feels so nice. Are you going to let me fuck you from now on?”

“Sorry about the tears before. They were of mixed emotions. I’m happy that you really loved what we did, but I also felt guilt of letting it come so far. The loving feeling we are sharing at the moment is so beautiful and very special to me. Baby, of course I’ll let you fuck me from now on. I can feel your cock getting hard again. Baby, you’ve wound my sex clock up to the fullest.”

We continued to tongue kiss and yes my cock was getting hard again inside that so wet and slippery cunt of Mums and she began to thrust her hips up against me, as my cock was getting harder and harder.

“Baby, roll over on your back. I want to show you something.”

My cock slipped out of her wet cunt and I could see it all covered in spunk and Mums juices. Once on my back, it stood straight up in the air. Mum knelt over it and I saw it disappear into her mouth. She was licking my cock and then my balls clean. Then she straddled me and let my cock slide back into her and began fucking me. I just laid there and let her ride herself on my stiff cock. This way I could see her boobs bouncing up and down. I reached up and cupped them with my hands. They felt heavy each time they sunk into my hands. Her juices were running down my cock again and it didn’t take long for Mum to climax again with lots of Oooohhhs and Aaaahhhs. She leaned forward and kissed me again. She let my cock slide out of her and moved forward till her cunt was next to my mouth.

“Baby, I’d like you to taste my wet cunt. Just try it and see if you like it.”

I put out my tongue and she moved right up to my mouth. I gingerly began to lick her and she tasted different then when I’ve licked her before, yet it wasn’t totally unpleasant. The smell of her sex was drifting in to my nose as well. I knew there was a lot of my spunk in her, which was mingled with her sweet juices and was oozing out of her. I began slurping it into my mouth. Fuck, I never thought that women liked to have their cunts licked out after having it filled with spunk. Fuck, I’m eating my own spunk and I’m liking it. She moved closer and her cunt was now covering my whole mouth.

“See, you do like it and I love having that done to me. Yeeees baby, eat my cunt out. Your tongue feels sooo nice inside me. Swallow our sex juices.”

She began to play with her swollen clitty. I had a close up view and it was much bigger then last time I saw it. She was stretching it with her thumb and a couple of fingers and as it got even bigger, she began to wank it. Ooohh fuck Mum, I didn’t know you could do that. She saw my eyes were fixed on what she was doing.

“You like watching me wank my big, swollen clitty. You’re surprised to see it get so big when I wank it. Aaahh yeees baby, I’m cumming again. Drink my cum juices. Aaahh yeees, I’m going to cum into your mouth. Fuck I love having your mouth under my cunt when I cum. My baby is drinking all my cum out of me. Ahhh yees, nooow I feel it flowing. Drink Mummy’s juices.”

There was no other chasm to cross. We had leaped over the final one. The ‘Normal’ World lay on the other side. But then what is ‘Normal’ apart from a cycle on the washing machine.

To be continued…

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