A Fortnight In Paradise Ch. 07

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Bahamas, Day 6 – Thursday

I awoke the next morning to the sounds of wind blowing through the palm trees outside. After a quick shower, I walked down to the coffee shop up the road, ordered Jessica and I’s usual and picked up some fresh grounds and filters so I could brew some back in the hotel. I returned to the room, with Jessica still sound asleep. I placed her Frappuccino on the nightstand, and walked out to the patio, having a seat in my new favorite chair.

I sat in the cool morning sun for quite a while, allowing Jessica to rest. Eventually, she wakes, giving a big stretch before rising out of the bed. Jessica then puts on a pair of panties, grabs her coffee from the nightstand, then walks out to the patio to join me.

“Good morning, beautiful,” I state, watching my sexy girlfriend walk over to the chair next to me and have a seat, leaning back.

“Good morning, love. Sleep good?” Jessica inquired.

“Like a rock.”

“Good.” Jessica continued, “You are going to need your strength for today.”

“Oh yeah? What do you have planned?” I asked.

“We have a lunch date today. With Rey.”

“Oh yeah.”

“You forgot about the potential for another threesome? That’s not something most men forget.”

“Can you blame me? I have had so many firsts lately, I can barely keep up.”

“True. Well, lets finish our coffees, get ready, and head out. We are meeting her down in Nassau at the beach.”

With that, Jessica took a shower, got dressed, and put on her makeup. She put on a blue bikini top with a black bottom and slid into her white sundress. Once ready, we headed out of the hotel, grabbed a second coffee from the shop, and caught a taxi to take us into Nassau, dropping us off at the main entrance to the beach. Jessica found a picnic bench near the opening, so we sat down and waited for Rey to show.

“Is that her?” Jessica asked, pointing to a dark-haired woman up the boardwalk.

I turn my head around and look in the direction she was pointing. I catch a glimpse of a woman who looked familiar, and said, “I think so… Yep. That’s her.”

Rey is now waving at us, and we wave back. Standing up, Jessica reaches her arms out to embrace her new friend.

“How are you two doing? Been exploring a lot?” Rey asked.

We all three started walking down the boardwalk and onto the beach, Jessica catching up Rey on the last few days.

“Seriously!? You two have had quite the vacation! I can’t believe the young woman just stripped off her clothes in front of you both! Then you go to town on her? And you film it? Damn. That is so hot!”

“It was. And that happened the day after we met you.”

“Wow. So, what shenanigans do you two have planned today?”

I spoke up at this point, saying “Well we rather hoped you had an idea. We are the foreigners, after all. This is your island.”

“Way to put me on the spot. Give me a few. I can probably think of something.”

The three of us stopped at a little bar along the beach, ordered some drinks, and sat down in the beach chairs, looking out into the ocean. We sat there, talking about the trip, and consumed our drinks, enjoying the company.

“I’ve got it! I know what we can do!” Exclaimed Rey.

“Oh yeah? What is it?” Asked Jessica.

“Let’s go check out some of the other islands. I know my way around, and you two haven’t seen everything the Bahamas has to offer.”

“What do you think, baby?” Jessica asks me.

“Sounds great, but where are we going to rent a boat?”

Rey butts in, “Oh, we don’t need to rent one. I have one.”

“Wonderful! That sounds great!” Said Jessica.

“Then it’s settled. Let’s head to the store, gather some supplies, then head back to my house. We can hop in the boat and explore.”

We stopped by the store, gathered up some lunch and snack foods as well as a bottle of wine, some beer and a bag of ice, then headed to Rey’s house, a lovely little cottage just a block from the beach. We filled her cooler with the ice, food, and drinks, then carried the supplies down to the docks up the street from her house. Her boat was moored there, a nice 20-foot Bayliner, with an open bow and a tower with a wakeboard and skis mounted to it.

“Wakeboarding, huh? I haven’t done that in years!” I said, slightly jealous of the setup.

“How do you think I maintain this body? I certainly don’t get exercise like we got the other night very often. I come out here with a friend all the time. It’s always so much fun.”

“That’s so cool. Honey, we need a boat when we get back home. I want to learn how to ski.” Jessica remarked.

“Do you want to try today? I have the skis here. And It’s actually a lot easier than it looks.”


“Great. Settled.”

We packed the boat with the supplies and headed out into the water, stopping at a dock to fuel up the boat. The dock looked familiar; with the boat we were in a few days ago just a couple spots down. We grabbed the fuel nozzle from the dockhand and started filling the tank. bakırköy escort Rey then started waving to someone up the dock, a shorter, fit blonde girl in her early 20’s.

“Hi Keira! How’s it going?” Rey asked.

“Good, love. How are you?” Keira responded.

“Great. My new friends and I are heading out to do some wakeboarding.”

“Oh, cool. Wait… Jessica? Jason?” Keira asked.

“Hi Keira! Great to see you!” Exclaimed Jessica.

Jessica hopped up onto the deck to give Keira a hug. Keira hugged back, clearly excited to see her again. I’m pretty sure I saw Keira reach around and grab Jessica’s ass.

Rey then interjects, saying, “how do you know each other?”

“We got some snorkeling lessons from her a couple days ago. She showed us this beautiful deserted beach. It was an amazing day!” Jessica said.

“Keira! You showed them the island? I was going to take them there!”

“Sorry, Rey. I had no clue you guys knew each other. If I had, I would have invited you along.”

“What are you doing today, Keira? Are you working?” Jessica asked.

“Actually, I just stopped by to grab a jump drive,” Keira said, giving Jessica and I a wink, “Then I was going to head back home and watch a video or something. No big plans for the day.

Rey jumped on the opportunity. “Well, you should come with us! You can show these two what wakeboarding should look like.”

Keira looked at Jessica and I, and seeing nods of approval from us both, she shrieked and jumped in the air, very excitedly.

“Boat’s all full of gas. Let’s get going!” I said.

The four of us hopped in the boat and pulled from the docks. We moved away from shore, finding a nice section of open water with no other boats around.

“Okay. Who’s up first?” Rey asked.

Jessica spoke up, “Keira, why don’t you go first. Show us how to do this.”

“Okay.” Keira replied. She then grabbed the wakeboard down from the tower while Rey attached the ski rope. Keira grabbed a life vest, strapped it on, and slid into the bindings of the wakeboard. She jumped off the back of the boat, and Rey started trolling the boat forward, tossing Keira the rope.

Once the rope was tight, Keira gave a nod of the head, and Rey hit the throttle. Just like that, Keira was up and out of the water, gliding across the beautiful blue ocean. She turned the board to move to the outside of the wake, then rapidly turned the other direction, hitting the lip of the wake, and soaring into the air, landing perfectly on the other side of the wake.

“Wow! That was incredible!” Jessica cheered on her new friend, shouting and whooping at this sight.

“You haven’t seen the half of it yet!” yelled Rey. “Keep watching!”

We watched Keira for several more jumps, her body manipulating the board and rope in a fluid act of art. Jump after jump, Keira popped off the wake and landed cleanly on the other side. She performed a backflip, a couple spins, and even a board grab. After these tricks, I was going to look like a rookie, but we were enjoying the day. Keira made one final jump, landed, then released the rope, skimming across the water until her momentum eased, sinking gently into the water.

We circled the boat around to pick her up, slowing down and shutting off the boat as we got close. I reeled in the rope and corralled it into a pile on the back deck. Keira slid out of the wakeboard bindings, handed the board to Rey, and climbed on the boat. Jessica went over and gave her a big hug as she stood up.

“That was amazing, Keira! I didn’t know people could do that!” Jessica exclaimed.

“Thanks Jess. I have been working on those moves for years. It takes time to figure this out. Who’s next?”

“Jason, would you like to go next?” asked Rey.

“Sure. I’m definitely not going to show up Keira, but I will give it a go.”

“Just have fun, my love. That’s all that is important.” Jessica told me.

I strapped into the board, slid on a life jacket, and fell off the back of the boat. Keira threw me the rope, and once the rope was tight to the boat, I gave the signal, and Rey hit the throttle. I popped out of the water for a brief second, then fell face-first as I leaned a little too far forward. The ladies circled the boat around, fed me the rope, and we tried again. This time, I managed to stand up, carefully watching my balance. After getting my bearing, I began to move outside the wake and back, but not trying to jump or do any tricks. This went on for a while, and once I had grown tired, I let go of the rope and the ladies swung back and picked me up.

“Good job, baby! That was so cool!” Jessica said as I climbed aboard. She hugged me as I moved toward a seat, pinching my butt.

“Thanks honey. That is such a good workout.”

“Okay, Jessica. Your turn!” Keira said while strapping the wakeboard back on the tower and grabbing the skis.

“Oh, I’m so nervous!” Exclaimed Jessica.

“Don’t be, honey. Just relax. Skiing is a lot easier than beşiktaş escort wakeboarding. All you have to do is hold on to the rope, keep the ski tips pointing forward, stand up straight, and lean back. It’s super easy.” Keira instructed.

“Okay. Let’s do this.”

Jessica strapped on the life vest that Keira was wearing and sat on the back of the boat, sliding her feet into the ski bindings. Once in, she slid off the back of the boat and into the water. I tossed her the rope, and once it was taught, Rey held the boat at idle for a moment to let Jessica get a feel of the forces now working on her.

“You got this, baby! You can do it!” I shouted from my seat.

“I’m Ready!” Jessica yelled.

At that signal, Rey hit the gas, which was just slightly too much for Jessica to manage. The rope snapped from her hands, and she sunk back into the water.

We circled the boat around, Rey and Keira both gave more directions to Jessica, and we tried again. This time, Jessica held on to the rope, leaned back, and up she shot out of the water.

All three of us on the boat cheered her on. Jessica was skiing for her first time. About few seconds later, she seemed to lose balance, and fell on to her right side, letting go of the rope.

“That was awesome, baby! Great job!” I exclaimed as we circled back, very proud of my love.

“Wow! That was so much fun!” Yelled Jessica.

We gathered the skis, Jessica climbed back on board, and Keira took the drivers seat as Rey strapped into the skis and hopped in the water. I threw her the rope and Keira pulled away.

Rey popped right up on the first shot, clearly showing her expertise. She dipped over the wake, popped in the air a few times, and landed back on her skis. She clearly knew what she was doing, and after a while, grew tired and let go of the rope.

All four of us went a couple more times, with Keira showing her amazing skills, Jessica getting the hang of skiing, Rey switching to boarding, and myself remembering how to do it. After a couple hours of this, we decided to head over to a nearby island so we could grab lunch and have a few drinks.

We motored over to the island, with Rey steering the boat right onto the beach. The front of the boat was pressed into the sand, holding the boat there. Once beached, we grabbed the cooler and some beach towels, and picked a spot under some palm trees to setup our spot.

“That was so much fun! Thank you both for this.” Jessica said, appreciative of her new friends.

“Of course, hon. I live for this!” Keira stated.

“Me too,” replied Rey.

We all sat on the beach for a while, eating our lunch and having a few beers. Once we had our fill, Keira and Rey stood up and started walking down the beach, ducking behind a few palm trees just a little ways away.

“What do you think they are doing?” Jessica asked.

“Probably fucking,” I retorted.

“Jason! Wait, do you really think so?” she asked.

“Maybe. I don’t know. Why don’t you go find out?”

“That would be so hot. Two young, nubile women, fingering each other out in the sun. I would much like to see that.”

Jessica got up from her towel, reached her hand out to me, and pulled me up. We walked down the beach to see what the girls were up to. Upon approaching, we saw Rey on her knees, her face buried in Keira’s pussy, going to town.

“Damn, that is hot,” exclaimed Jessica.

Both Keira and Rey jumped at our sudden intrusion.

Keira was the first to respond. “Sorry, guys. I was just so horny. I couldn’t wait any more.”

“Well, don’t let us stop you.” I said.

Rey took this to heart, turning her head back and resuming her pussy eating. Keira gave a moan of pleasure, and Jessica walked over to the women and started kissing Keira on the lips. Jessica removed Keira’s top, fondling her breasts while kissing her. I stood there watching, getting very hard, but not wanting this spectacular scene to stop.

Keira moved her hands to Jessica, untying her bikini top, sliding it over her head, and pressing her bottoms down her legs. Keira then moved her fingers to Jessica’s pussy, rubbing her clit.

Jessica told Rey to stand up. Rey acknowledged, stood up, and slipped out of her bikini, then Jessica slid her hand down to Rey’s pussy, pressing one finger inside. Rey then led her hand to Keira, and all three women began fingering each other, using their free hand to explore each other’s bodies.

The three of them worked together to bring each other to orgasm, with Rey eating out Keira, Keira fingering Jessica, and eventually Jessica fingering Rey. The three of them looked so majestic in this lesbian orgy, I slid my shorts off and started stroking my cock. Keira noticed this, and once she had come, directed the other two’s attention towards me. All three of them began to walk towards me, with Jessica approaching first, dropping to her knees, and wrapping her mouth around my cock. Keira and Rey approached on either side of Jessica, beylikdüzü escort and started touching my body, rubbing their hands over my chest and down my sides. Keira directed my hand down her body to her mound and pushed it down farther until my fingers were pressing into her pussy. Rey followed suit, and the four of us were there, feeling each other’s bodies and giving each other pleasure.

“Jesus Christ, I must be dreaming,” I said, “I must be dreaming.”

“I assure you, you are not.” Keira whispered in my ear, taking a nibble on my earlobe.

Pressure was building from within me, and I knew I wasn’t going to last much longer. I signaled for Jessica to slow down, so she pulled my cock from her mouth and stood up. Keira and Rey then took action, moving their attention from me to Jessica. The three of them started making out, feeling up each other’s bodies, and then Keira grabbed their hands and started walking, leading them back to the towels. Jessica grabbed me by the dick and pulled me along, guiding my movements to follow.

When back at the towels, Jessica laid down on the towels, and Keira positioned herself between Jessica’s legs. Keira began eating out my girlfriend. Jessica began moaning in pleasure.

“Oh yeah. Oh yeah. That’s it. Rey, come here. Sit on my face.” Jessica exclaimed, pure ecstasy flowing through her body.

Rey moved on her command, kneeling down over her, lowering her pussy to Jessica’s mouth. Jessica moved her head up to meet and began licking her pussy. Immediately, Rey started moaning.

I sat back for a brief moment to watch this. My beautiful woman being eaten out by a beautiful blond, and eating out a beautiful brunette. The sight was something else.

Keira motioned for me to come closer, and as I did, she grabbed my cock and started jerking it. She then signaled for me to move behind her. I looked at Jessica for approval, but she was occupied with Rey. I then moved behind Keira, and Keira reached through her legs and grabbed my cock, positioning it right at her pussy lips. Keira pulled me close, pushing the head to her slit. She let out a moan, which caught Jessica’s attention. Jessica Looked down towards us, saw me behind Keira, and smiled. This was all the approval I needed.

I placed my hands on Keira’s hips, and pressed my hips towards her. My cock slid inside Keira, the third different pussy I felt on this trip. I pressed as deep as I could go, and once all the way in, Keira gave a slight jump forward, pressing her mouth harder into Jessica.

For the next several minutes, there was nothing but moaning and other sounds of pleasure escaping us, the four of us enjoying this little orgy. While fucking Keira from behind, I looked up and saw Rey squeezing her tits, pinching her nipples, and saw her tense up, my woman giving her a fantastic orgasm. This set off a chain of pleasure, with Jessica the next to let go. She moaned so loud, giving in to the pleasure. I had never heard her moan so loud, which sent me up to the edge, passing over when I felt Keira’s pussy tightening on my cock. I pulled out of Keira, unwilling to cum inside of her, and shot my load across her back. A few spurts actually shot all the way to Jessica, landing on her stomach. Keira finished herself off while I came, moaning into Jessica’s pussy. The four of us just had big orgasms, and when we were done, we all collapsed onto the towels, waves of pleasure flowing through us.

Jessica shifted over to me, placing her head on my chest. Keira and Rey followed suit, placing their heads on my other shoulder and my stomach. I was the pillow for three beautiful women and reveled in every moment. We all laid there for a while, soaking up the sun and relaxing in the cool breeze.

“I just thought of something,” announced Rey, breaking the silence between us, “This isn’t the same island you three were on a couple days ago. This island gets a lot more traffic. I wonder if anyone saw us?”

“Huh. I hadn’t thought of that,” said Keira, “Well, if they did, they got a good show.”

“Hear hear,” I said, taking a deep breath, “That was one hell of a show.”

“Yeah. Good performance. Oscar winning, if I say so myself,” said Jessica, her heart rate returning to normal. “Damn ladies, that was awesome. How have I not explored other women in my past?”

“Don’t know, but you do work like a seasoned pro.” Said Rey.

Jessica smiled, sat up, and kissed Rey on the forehead. Then leaned over and did the same to Keira, then up and kissed me on the lips.

We all laid there for a little while longer, and after our pleasure had subsided, we all drank another beer, and waded into the ocean, the ladies splashing each other and giggling and laughing. After a few minutes of fun, we put our bathing suits back on, hopped back in the boat, and took off from the island. On the way back, Keira got back on the wakeboard, jumping and flipping her way around, and as we approached the main island, she climbed back in and we docked back at our starting point.

Once we cleaned up our mess from the boat, we were walking down the dock, myself carrying the much lighter cooler, and the ladies carrying the towels and other supplies. It was now approaching dinner time, so we all agreed to head back to our own places, freshen up, and meet back downtown for a night on the town, starting with dinner.

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