A Fitting Surprise

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Today had started off a mess. Waking late after being up half the night working on a project, Sue was in a rush to get out the door and too the office. A tall well-built redhead, able to maintain a good workout schedule despite a busy job. Regular CrossFit, although a pain with her busty figure, kept her trim and very attractive for a 30 year old, let alone the 40 year old she was. Right now that constant exercise was the only thing that would help pull this day off.

Gathering her work for the day she was just out the door and to the car when;

“OW!” a sudden stabbing feeling under her left breast finished the morning like it had started.

“Oh crap”, she said straightening quickly and wiggling the bra around trying to move the broken underwire, “isn’t this just great”.

She looked quickly at her phone to check the time and saw she didn’t have enough left to go back in and quickly change.

“Well great”, she muttered repositioning and climbing in the driver’s seat. Looking again at her phone starting the car, “Yeah no time for this today”.

She backs out of the driveway and starts the commute to work. About 15 min in, the music cuts out and a loud ringing is echoing through the car.

“Fuck”, she mutters, “Got to turn the volume down on that that thing. Hello?”

“Sue?” the voice of her director on the phone.

“Hey Mike, what’s up”, the annoying wire scratching into her as she changes lanes.

“We had a cancellation on the project presentation this morning”, Mike says, “The flight was delayed inbound so were rescheduling for this afternoon. Will that be ok on your side?”

Sue looks at the clock again and thinking quickly, “Yeah that works out canlı bahis şirketleri actually. I have a couple things that popped up anyhow so I’ll go handle that and be along in a couple hours”.

“Ok great, see you then”. Before she can even respond the line cuts out and after a few seconds the music returns.

Thinking quickly she sees this is the perfect chance to fix the damn bra wire threatening to stab her to death. A quick check for directions gives her the address for a lingerie shop just down town. These places usually didn’t have anything that would actually fit a heathy woman but it was better than dealing with a broken bra all day.

10 minutes later Sue is pulling up alongside a small shop. The street is the usual bustle for this part of town but things look quiet inside.

Getting out carefully she heads inside.

The shop is fairly small but looks high end. Items are carefully arranged and soft music is playing in the background. She starts walking around looking to find the bra section when she hears a voice coming from the back room.

“Morning, can I help you?”

Sue turns around and feels her breath catch. The slim blond walking toward her looks like an angel. Light blond hair cut in a bob framed gentle features and a friendly smile that radiated pure sensuality.

“Um, yeah, Hi” Sue says with a slight stutter, “I, ah, yeah I broke my underwire”.

“Oh ouch” the blond goddess says with a pout, “Ok just come this way”.

The blond turns around and Sue can’t help but notice the slight sway in the girls hips. Damn, she’s thinking then shaking her head follows the girl to the back.

“When is the last time you had a fitting?” The girl asks canlı kaçak iddaa looking at Sue’s chest and casually brushing the side of one breast.

“Um, I don’t know, I’ve not had one in years”, with a nervous giggle.

“Oh no” the blond says hands now on the sides of both breasts, “No, that won’t do at all. Take the shirt off.”

Slightly stunned, she starts unbuttoning her blouse while the blond slips out the door. She hears the girl speaking and moments later another girl walks around the corner with her. Blinking, Sue looks at the dark haired girl walking in with the blond. While not the same angelic features, the dark eyes with the hair were even more breathtaking.

With a shy smile, the dark haired girl walked behind Sue and helped take the blouse off the rest of the way.

Sue stands there puzzled and slightly overwhelmed by what is happening. The beautiful blond in front of her is moving her heavy breasts back and forth, lifting them slightly and letting them drop gently. She looks up at Sue and smiling slightly,

“This is too small, and sure can’t be fixed. Well get you sized up for a new one”

Jumping slightly she feels the clasp behind her suddenly pop free. The dark haired girl rubs her hands up Sue’s back and over her shoulders, quickly sliding the shoulder straps down. Sue gasps and tries to catch the bra as it comes off but with a smile the blond quickly brushes it away. Sue is even more surprised to still feel warm hands gently rubbing her back while the other girl’s hands starts rubbing and gently squeezes Sue’s breast. Tracing her fingers along pressure marks on Sue’s chest the blond, smiling still says,

“Your poor chest has been crushed,” a slight canlı kaçak bahis but incredibly sexual giggle, “Let’s get you fixed up here”.

The dark haired girl has not stopped rubbing Sues back and she is feeling herself getting almost breathless. This is so not what I’m thinking, she mutters slightly, yet finds herself becoming more and more turned on by the second. She watches the blond turn around and start to rub a lotion on her hands.

“This will help”.

Sue gasps as the girl starts at the top of her chest and, running her hands down the side begins to massage the lotion on her skin. Sue, with butterflies dancing in her stomach is quickly remembering just how sensitive her chest is and feels herself moving her arms to the side and her eyes close. She feels the other girl come around and massage one breast while the other girl concentrates on the other. Nothing hurried, and Sue finds herself loving the feel of the 2 girls massage her. For the moment all the deadlines and work pressures go away and she is buried in waves of sensation. The girls thoroughly rub her chest and her nipples are tight with excitement. A lingering finger causes her to gasp, hearing her breath now both girls start to brush their fingers around Sue’s sensitive nipples while still massaging her breasts. Not caring anymore, Sue puts a hand out to the wall, another hand grasping a girl by the shoulder. Breathing quicker now she feels waves of pleasure radiate out, biting her lip she gasps again as a wave of orgasm suddenly crashes over her. As she starts to come, both girls squeeze a nipple each, sending Sue into another orgasm.

As she starts to come down, she lifts her head to look at the two girls standing in front of her, both smiling so innocently. Raising an eyebrow all she can say breathlessly is, “Well…”

“Told you we would fix you up” the blond says smiling as if nothing had happened at all, “Now let’s work on your sizing…”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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