A First Time Experience

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First, let me explain that I am the husband here and not Terri. We share quite a lot and have been happily married for over 35 years. I am a woman lover but have a lust for cock too….just cock. Nothing else about a man appeals to me. The experience below is one of my first sexual times after I turned 18. I do not consider this to be a gay experience but a sexual awakening. You decide and comment.

The first time I tasted cock was with my first cousin one night back in 1966. It was to be our last time together after maybe 18 years of hanging out together. We had experienced all the boyhood things together, but now I was waiting to get my draft notice. I had already joined the Navy and knew my time was short.

We had done a lot of crazy things just in the last few months from him fucking his own mom to me fucking my sister. We had made a pact to try to “get some” from a family member. I had already scored with my sister twice and it was killing him. I had even practically fucked my other aunt in her sleep and had the proof in hand….her red pubic hair that I had cut to prove I had been there. She had really scared the shit out of me that night when I fingered her to orgasm and she moaned so loudly that I knew my uncle would awaken and kill me. güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri But both were hard sleepers and snored loudly.

He decided to try it with his sister-in-law but got nowhere. I think she slapped him. He did see her naked several times and described her hot full figured body in detail. So he tried him mama and she actually let him fuck her….she always was a man eater and could never be satisfied. I remember how big her tits were and the black/brown areolas covered the entire end of her tits….about the size of a saucer with nipples bigger than a plum.

That last night we spent the night camping out behind his house after watching his mom, my aunt, take a tub bath at his house. I had seen my own mom naked before but this was even hotter. As I said earlier, I remember how huge her tits were, hangers…much like my own mom’s. I think she knew we were spying and put on a show, even rubbing her pussy and tits more than usual. She always was an exhibition est and had plenty to show off. We did not try to do anything with her but we certainly talked about it.

We were really hard after seeing that, so we go in the tent and stripped naked and began to masturbate while talking about how hot she looked, how we would güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri like to fuck her big lipped pussy and suck her giant nipples. He was a couple of years older than I was, maybe 20, and had a long thin smooth cock with all his foreskin intact. I was a bit larger than he and had a really thick circumcised cock with a larger head than his. The difference in our cocks appealed to me and I became interested then in how cocks were so different.

As we began to pound away on our own cocks, I can still remember his hand stroking back and forth with lighting speed exposing the head of his cock as the foreskin was pulled back. It was making a smacking sound as his balls bounced up and down and his pre-cum made a “clicking” sound underneath his foreskin. We had seen each other naked before but tonight we were both sexually charged and aroused.

We both were close to cumming and were moaning and humping into the air when I reached over and grabbed his cock and covered it with my mouth. The texture was so soft and felt like velvet yet hard too. I began to pump him hard and I felt him jerk uncontrollably and then felt the head swell in my mouth as the first shot of his big load hit the back of my throat. I gagged but swallowed güvenilir bahis şirketleri it all before another spurt filled my mouth and ran out onto his shaft and balls. He must have shot 8 or 9 more times before he had emptied his balls. I was still stroking my own hard cock when he took me into his mouth and I too enjoyed a blow job for the first time. It was not the best BJ I have had since then but it was the first. I emptied my first load of the night.

We continued to play around and stroke ourselves till we were hard again. I think we were both embarrassed that we had sucked each other off. I was first to admit that I liked it and asked him if could I suck him again. He said yes and that was when I began to play and notice the differences in our cocks. I liked how his glans was covered. Mine was exposed. His cock was thin and very white. Mine was thick and dark. His balls were hangers and the skin was smooth with few wrinkles, where mine were tight and wrinkled and did not hang……racers balls I think.

I think he might have cum in my mouth again or just a few drops after that. It was not the load he had given me earlier. He did not offer to suck me again but he did fondle me and help stroke me to another orgasm before we went to sleep.

But this was just the beginning of several other similar experiences that cultivated over the years with several more men.

I hope this story is taken well. I just had to be honest of my first experience with another man.

Enjoy and let me know if you liked it or not and how I can improve.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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