A Final Farewell

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The secluded stretch of beach was a safe haven from the stress of my cluttered life. Sitting on a blanket, I’d spent countless evenings on the moonlit sand enthralled by the resonant roar of the rushing surf. Listening intently, I could hear the talented mimic of a solitary night bird punctuating the silence. The moisture laden breeze, infused with the scent of the sea air, whipped my hair to a disheveled state. Distant sounds of laughter coming from the gaily lit charter boats echoed cheerfully across the harbor. This was my hideaway. Perched on my usual seat, a large flat rock smooth from years of exposure to the elements, I found solitude. Hidden away from the world, I sought wisdom and learned the nature of my own spirit. Occasionally, strangers would stroll down the beach, sometimes glimpsing curiously at me.

Glancing at my watch, I noted the time. He would be here soon. Watching the moonlight as it shimmered across the white sand, I thought of him. He had drawn me in from the beginning. He was an odd man. Simple and complicated. Congenial, yet intimidating. Attractive in a very rugged sense. His clear penetrating gaze was often like steel, yet held an occasional hint of softness. His smile was disarmingly boyish, yet I sensed danger when he was near. My involvement with him was not easy; I was quickly learning to accept uncertainty.

Sensing his approach, I stood and watched as he made his way quietly to me. His expression was unfathomable. In contrast, my ambivalence had to be written all over my face. We were not good for one another, yet the connection between us was indisputable. I was fascinated by it…and resentful. He stopped inches in front of me; Our eyes locked in warring silence.

“I wasn’t sure you would be here.” His voice, deceptively soft, always managed to intrigue me. Nervously I licked my lips and fought the urge to run. His hand moved to cup my cheek for a moment, then tangled in my hair. Tugging lightly, he forced me to look up at him.

Words would not help now. Often they came between us. He hid behind ambiguity, using his verbal prowess as a shield. On the other hand, my own words made me too vulnerable. Upon reflection, I had told him more than was wise and he used his knowledge to manipulate me. It was exhausting to be on guard all the time, a constant battle of wills. I was confused, but I wanted him. Looking into his eyes, I felt myself responding to his nearness and was angry with myself. Seeking his embrace, I wrapped my arms around him. His clean manly scent and cologne mingled to esenyurt escort make my head spin. Burrowing closer, pressing my face to his chest, I sighed. Damn him.

Aware of my weakness, he pressed his advantage. Still grasping my hair, he lowered his lips to mine. Butterfly kisses at first…light…teasing…coaxing. His tongue delicately brushed the seam of my lips, softly stroking. Unable to stem my response, I opened myself to him. His tongue slid deeply into my mouth, tangling with mine. Kissing him feverishly, I poured all my emotions into him. Pain…confusion…anger…desire. Fighting him was always so pointless. He had won. Again.

I hated him. I hated myself for wanting him.

My eyes welling with tears, I held him, pulling him closer to me. Something indecipherable flickered in his gaze. Touching the tears running down my cheeks, he bent to kiss them away. Caught off guard by his tenderness, I sought his lips with my own. Sensing my underlying desperation, he kissed me deeply. Tired of fighting the inevitable, I sank to my knees on the blanket I had spread out earlier. He followed, pulling me roughly into his embrace. The intensity of his touch left me breathless. Stroking the tears form my face with a fingertip, he slowly trailed his fingers down my body. Across my shoulders…a tantalizing path to my already taut nipples… He paused to stroke them lightly with his thumb causing me to gasp and shiver. He kissed the sound from my eager lips, and continued his sensual assault.

His hands…god! So gentle. Moving softly yet skillfully across my hungry flesh…searing me. Moaning, I was caught up in pleasure of his touch. His hand slid into my shorts to cup my wet heat. Dizzy from his touch, I yanked his shirt open, reveling in the feel of his heated skin beneath my palms. Raining kisses across his bare chest, teasing his tiny nipples with my tongue, I felt a sense of triumph when I heard him softly moan.

Right now, for this one moment in time, he was mine.

Eager to continue my exploration, I unzipped his jeans and struggled with his belt. Finally, he had to help me and together we managed to remove his remaining clothes. Without warning, he rolled us over, pinning me beneath him. His heat throbbed, heavy against my thigh. Closing my eyes, I fought the panic clouding my mind. I opened them and found myself staring in his intense gaze. There was no turning back now.

Without ceremony, he tugged my shorts and panties off in one quick motion. He moved to cover me, his avrupa yakası escort body warm in the cool night air, and I held my breath as his skin touched mine. Moaning weakly, needing to touch him, I shifted my position to look down at the beautiful male form before me…and he was beautiful. My eyes were riveted to his sexy male chest and strong thighs. His skin was oddly smooth, beckoning for my touch. Brushing my lips against his, I met his hot gaze. The longing was evident; I knew I wanted to give him everything.

Running my hands freely over his body, I caressed him gently. Slowly kneading his shoulders, tracing little circles around his nipples, my fingertips delighted in their task. Sliding my hands lower, I stroked his belly teasingly, drawing an invisible pattern across his tempting flesh. His soft intake of breath encouraged me, and I felt myself grow wetter in response.

Not content to simply touch him, I pressed my lips to his belly, following the trail my fingers had blazed. Dragging hot, wet, open-mouthed kisses along his smooth skin, I paused to nibble and taste his manly flavor. Musky, slightly salty, I licked a delicate path across his quivering groin. The sounds he made as I pleasured him urged me to continue my heady exploration. His soft moans made me feel powerful. Fascinated by his response to me, I moved lower, allowing my breath to tease his pulsing manhood. Feeling him shudder, I knew I had him and smiled…elated. Enclosing my hand around the base of his engorged member, I lightly touched the swollen tip with my tongue. Engrossed in my attempt to drive him crazy, I ran my tongue around the rim of his straining cock. His body tensed and he wound his fingers in my hair; His breathing seemed to stop. Exploiting my power over him, I licked the length of him from base to tip and enclosed his throbbing head in my wet mouth. He groaned, his body taut, his hand tightening in my hair. Swirling my tongue around the head of his nearly bursting member,I sucked my way down his shaft, a little at a time, curling my tongue around him. Palming his tightening balls, I massaged him with my rubbing tongue, taking him still further until I could feel him deep in my throat. Inhaling slowly, I swallowed. He gasped, tugging my hair and pulling me away from his throbbing manhood. He struggled for a moment to regain his composure.

Moving over me once again, the look in his eyes was dangerous and I knew I was in trouble. I grinned impishly, winking anadolu yakası escort at him, and heard his soft chuckle.

“Time for retribution” he said with a smile, lowering his lips to mine. Kissing me a little roughly, he paused a moment to savor the feeling of our bare contact. Sliding his chest sinuously across my sensitive nipples, we both gasped. He watched as they tightened under his gaze.

We were both in a state of hyper-arousal from the extended teasing. His hands actually shook a little as they roamed over my body, igniting a fire with his skillful touch. Tenderly, he found my sensitive spots and kissed each one. He explored me as if trying to commit me to memory…missing nothing. .His lips soon followed, wet and urgent, moving across my belly…my hips…teasing me. Nudging my wet thighs apart, he lowered himself between them…His strong fingers held me in place as he tortured me with his knowing tongue…hot… wet …drawing nearer to the source of my desire. My body tense, I wound my fingers in his thick hair…groaning…so hungry…

“Please” I whispered, barely able to speak..

Relenting, he stroked my moist core with his fingers, opening me. Lowering his head, he kissed me, sliding his tongue inside me. Crying out…my body trembling… he took me with his lips and tongue. Teasing, coaxing me again and again… higher…farther…to the edge…more…god!

Toppling over the edge and into an abyss of pleasure, I was mindless and gasping. Not giving me time to recover, he slid his thumb inside me…searching for my hidden spot. Rubbing the swollen flesh, he bent to lightly graze my pearl with his tongue. Groaning, I reached for him, calling his name…

I was swollen from my pleasure and he entered me carefully. His slick shaft felt enormous, filling me completely as he inched his way into my dripping depths. Shuddering, I used my inner muscles to squeeze his hardness and heard his growl. Accepting him mindlessly, I entwining my legs with his, holding him. I stroked his back and squeezed his ass firm cheeks, clenching him inside me. I wanted to absorb him. I wanted to remember.

My body tensed as I moved with him. He reached between us to gently squeeze my button. Moving slowly, his control almost gone, thrusting deeply into me…struggling to hold on…

Sensing his struggle, I slid my hands down to caress his sexy ass., slipping between them to tease him further…He cried out, his body tense, emptying himself into me. His pleasure triggered my own; Teetering on the precipice, I toppled…spiraling through waves of delight. He collapsed on top of me, still inside me, perspiring from our union. I touched his skin with my tongue…catching a salty droplet…spent.

Moving to lay by my side, he pulled me close and softly kissed me. Pulling my blanket over us, I relaxed against him. In silence we watched the stars…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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