A Few Days Together Ch. 01

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We’d been living apart for some time now, in different states, and we only managed to see each other every month or so. We’d both been very busy at work and you could only manage a late evening midweek flight, and by the time I picked you up from the airport and got home it was very late and we were both tired. But we knew, inevitably, we’d end up having sex pretty soon after getting back to my place. So when we got back, and you had a quick shower, and I made us a cup of tea, and we sat on the couch for a bit and chatted, we both knew it wouldn’t be long before we went to bed.

Without speaking we went in and slipped out of our clothes and turned off the light and crawled in under the sheets. It was starting to get warm at night now and we just had a thin sheet, with the window open and the curtain closed against the street lights. I slip my arm under your head and you slide in up against me, the feel of your skin is soft. We are lying on our sides, facing each other, my other arm reaching over so I can run my hand along tuzla escort the shape of your arse, pulling you in closer to me. You nuzzle against my chest, your head tucked in under my chin, while my hand curls further around, a teasing finger along the line between your two butt cheeks.

You lift your head and we kiss, slow at first, almost awkwardly, as it has been a while since we have been together, and then more hungrily. Your tongue slides into my parted lips and find my own, and when we both withdraw you suck on my bottom lip. Now and then we stop and you kiss my chest or neck, and I do the same to you, all the while my hand holds your body against mine. Your hand meanwhile has found my own butt cheeks, as we gently rock against each other.

But already you can feel my hardening cock nudging against your belly, and you slip your hand around between us and cup my balls. They feel warm in your palm as you roll each ball between your fingers and gently squeeze. I kiss you more hungrily as your hand moves up and begins rubbing tuzla escort bayan the shaft of my now rigid cock. While still kissing, I push your hips away from me, so that we can both now play with each other. While you run your palm down along my shaft and down under my balls, back and forth, slowly, I run my palm across your pubes, and down across your pussy, in small circles. Feeling it already starting to get wet I slide my middle finger inside you and you moan and bite my lower lip.

Slowly I slide my finger in and out of you, while making ever growing circles with each inward thrust inside you, and you start gripping my cock more firmly, pumping it in your fist in unison. Then you pull your face back from me and tell me you want me inside you and I quickly oblige. You lay on your back and I lift myself over you. I kiss you while rubbing my cock against your pussy lips, and across your clit. I arch my back and bend down and take each nipple in turn in my mouth and suck it slowly, and you twist under me so that I can escort tuzla continue to suck your right nipple and run my tongue in circles around your breast, while I edge my cock closer and closer to be inside you.

Finally, not wanting to be teased any longer, you position yourself so that your hips lurch forward and take my full length inside you, your hands reaching around to grab my arse, pulling me into you. I don’t resist but I keep the rhythm slow because I know that after so long apart this isn’t going to last long, and the way you keep moving your hips under me, it seems that you feel the same way. Sliding in and out of you, rolling my hips each time so that I can feel you from different angles, and try to get as deep inside you as I can with each thrust, you start to moan lowly beneath me, and I instinctively pick up the pace until finally I can’t hold it back any longer and with one final thrust deep inside you I come and come and I hold myself against you so that you can feel me coming inside you. Without withdrawing, you rock your hips to feel me inside you and we kiss and giggle with relief.

You are only in town for a few days and I am very glad I have taken some time off work. It was late, but the morning was very close…

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