A Father Daughter Liaison

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Babe Shower

It was a warm and humid afternoon. I had just finished changing the oil in my car, and after entering the house, went over to the kitchen sink to get a nice refreshing glass of water. Being a warm day, I had dressed comfortably in a white t-shirt and shorts, and I was looking forward to relaxing in front of the TV to watch the rest of the game.

I had done pretty well for myself, considering that I had an eighteen year old daughter that I had to raise by myself after my slut of an ex-wife ran off with a young intern at her office four years ago. I looked at my reflection in the kitchen window and smiled. At 38, I had a full head of lush blond hair, and I still had the chiseled good looks that appealed to most women, but I hadn’t found anyone since Terrah left outside of the occasional one night stand. Other than my daughter, but I’ll come back to that. I prided myself on my looks since I had gotten a good job at the local construction firm and spent a lot of time putting up houses that helped me stay fit, and gave me a nice healthy tan. The pay was good too. The pay was not overwhelming, but certainly enough for my daughter and I to live comfortably on.

After draining a full glass of water, I looked out the window, and I happened to see my lovely daughter Stacie coming home after riding her bike from her friends’ house. She had gotten off her shiny new pink bike, one that I bought for her last birthday, and was walking it into the side garage. Not for the first time I found myself staring at my nubile daughter. She had developed really nicely over the years, and the tight pink shirt that she was wearing really helped accentuate her developing curves, including her nice firm “C”-cup breasts. She had a short denim vest covering her lithe alabaster arms, her long dark brown hair covered by a knit floppy hat that her mother gave her on her 14th birthday, just before she left. She also sported a nice gray skirt that wasn’t too short, cut just above her knees. Her silky legs sparkled enticingly in the bright afternoon sun.

Stacie bounded in the door, full of energy-as usual.

“Hi dad!” she smiled seductively at me. Her smile lit up her heart-shaped face, causing my heart to melt.

“Hi honey, how is my baby doing?” I replied as I set my empty glass down as I approached my charming daughter.

“Great, daddy especially now that I’m home” she smiled sweetly as she gracefully glided over güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri to where I stood mesmerized by her enthralling beauty.

She walked over to me and I met her in a warm embrace, my arms crossing under hers so that her bountiful bosom brushed against my chest. Raising her face she raised her gloss covered lips to mine as we shared a kiss. Only this kiss was not what you would call typically father/daughter like. It was a lover’s kiss, one full of passion and lust. Yes, I loved my daughter and she had done a wonderful job replacing her mother in my bedroom, and it had been all her idea too. It was all because of her that I was able to get on with my life after Terrah abandoned both of us.

“Mmmmmm….daddy, did you miss me this morning?” she smiled as we paused, to catch our breath.

“Yes, honey, but you’re here now, so everything’s all right.” I responded as I gazed into her warm brown eyes.

I reached around her back and helped her remove her denim vest so I could see her slim alabaster arms, which she draped around my neck as we resumed our hot kisses.

Without breaking our passion filled kiss, she took her hat off, threw it off to the side and tossed her sandals off behind her. I grabbed a hold of her flowing dark auburn mane that she had inherited from her mother. It was one of the only things that Terrah had done right. The next thing I knew she jumped into my arms and had wrapped her long legs around my waist.

She broke our kiss and stared into my eyes, “I want to fuck you daddy.”

I held my daughter close to me, caressed her ivory legs up under her gray pleated skirt and fondled her magnificent panty-covered ass as I continued to hold her in my arms.

“Mmmm, your ass feels wonderful girl.” I moaned into her hot mouth.

“Mmmmm, yeah I love you so much daddy.” Stacie moaned in reply between kisses.

“I love you Stac… your body is so fucking gorgeous.”

We gasped into each other’s mouths, pawing at each other’s bodies as I carried her into the living room until I finally stumbled and fell backwards onto the couch. Stacie sat comfortably in my lap her thin arms draped over my shoulders as I fondled her panty-covered ass as we continued to make out.

Fondling her firm ass, I pulled her drenched panties down her spectacular legs and threw them onto the floor in the process somehow managing güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri to keep her skirt on. I always loved girls in skirts, and my daughter’s young nubile body was no exception.

“I love fucking you in your little skirts.” I told her as I kissed my daughter’s lithe neck.

“Ohhh, am I better than mommy, daddy?” She asked me teasingly.

“Fuck yeah, you’re the best fuck I’ve ever had Stac. You’re my gorgeous little slut baby.”

“I’ll never leave you like that bitch did daddy, not when you love me this much.” she gasped as I ran my hands up, caressing her arms and her smooth back.

“Fuck me daddy,” begged my daughter.

I pawed her magnificent tits through the soft material of her tight pink shirt, her body feeling so inviting, eliciting a passion filled moan from my hot daughter.

Breaking our kiss shortly, Stacie looked into my eyes. Our matching auburn eyes formed a passionate connection between our souls.

“I want to see all of you daddy…”

I raised my arms up so she could take my shirt off, letting her get a good look and my fit abs and well muscled upper body.

Her hands trailed down my flat chest and deftly unzipped my shorts, digging my hard cock out into the open.

My daughter cooed wickedly as she ran her fingers up the length of my hardened rod. “Such a beautiful cock daddy, are you going to fuck me with it?”

“Yes baby I’m going to fuck you silly” I gasped at her touch, her fingers feeling amazing on my enlarged cock. Her petite hands fondling my bloated prick and my tightening balls.

Stacie grinned impishly and slid her hot pussy onto my jutting cock. Her dark brown hair cascading around her shoulders, framing her love-sweat gleaming face.

“Oh GOD! FUCK! You feel so damn good in me daddy, fuck my pussy!” I loved the sound of my harlot of a daughter being fucked. Our privates meshed perfectly in a lover’s passion. The only thing that made it better was that it was I, her father that was giving her this much pleasure and not some idiot college freshman.

“Fuck Stacie, you’re hot cunt feels so damn good on my cock.” I told her as I held onto her womanly hips as she bucked up and down on my spearing cock.

“Yes, Yes! Fuck me daddy!” yelled Stacie loudly as I continued to ram my stiff cock up her warm teen pussy.

“Stacie, you’re so fucking hot baby,” I gasped güvenilir bahis şirketleri as I sawed in and out of my beautiful teenage daughter, still holding onto her full hips as she fucked herself on my cock.

“Time to see all of you, Stacie” I moaned in her ear, as I thought about her big tits which were still hidden by that tight pink shirt.

“Just keep fucking me”, pleaded my daughter as she rocked back and forth on my lap. Stacie raised her arms and ran her hands through her thick auburn hair.

While her arms were up in the air, I pulled her shirt off to get better access to her firm tits. Her copious breasts popped out and I noticed that my little slut wasn’t wearing a bra. I rubbed her firm plump tits as she bounced up and down on my cock.

“Oh baby, your tits are fuckin’ unbelievable,” I mumbled in praise before I lowered my mouth and began to lather her beautiful bouncing breasts.

“Mmmm, I love it when you hold them like that daddy. Suck ’em daddy!”

“God, Stacie you feel so good in my hands, I fucking love you baby.” I exclaimed holding her right breasts with my left hand as my right hand fondled her tight ass as she continued to ride my prick.

“FUCK!….DADDY!….OH GOD, DADDY!…FUCK I’M GONNA CUM!” my daughter yelled loudly as her orgasm approached.

“Yeah baby, come all over my cock, Stacie. Come on daddy’s cock bitch.” I begged.

“DADDY, I’M COMING! OH FUCK,” shouted my slutty daughter in unabashed passion as she came all over my cock, soaking my lap and the couch cushions with her warm honey.

“Yeah that’s it babe, come on daddy’s cock. I feel it Stac…Oh, god I’m going to cum in you Stac.” I warned her as I felt my own orgasm nearing release.

“Yes Daddy! Come in my pussy, keep fucking me!” gasped my daughter as I pumped my cock one last time into her tight cunt.

“Here it comes…..awwww fuck! You gorgeous little minx, take it all Stac! Right up your filthy cunt!” I shouted happily as I unloaded my hot spunk in my eighteen year old daughters’ young fertile cunt.

Coming down from our mutual orgasms, Stacie and I embraced on the couch and she leaned down and gave me a contented kiss. We were obviously in love and lust with each other’s bodies.

“Stacie I love you so much baby” I reassured her as I cupped her shining face.

“I love you too daddy,” smiled Stacie as she rested her head on my shoulder. “Daddy? Would it be okay if Brianne came over some night?”

“Sure baby, I’d love for your friends to come over sometime, especially sexy ones like Brianne.” I smiled to my daughter as we rolled over, my reinvigorated prick again penetrating my hot little girl’s pussy.

-to be continued?

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