A Fantasy Weekend

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Chapter 1 (Me)

First off, we would be alone for a whole weekend. I know that will never in reality happened but this is a fantasy, right? At my uncle’s lake house, well better yet Christy Estates.

You will come to me Friday night and when you open the door you will find the room lit only by candles with the scent of cinnamon potpourri simmering on the stove. You will find a note asking you to discard your clothing and to come further into the bedroom and spa area. The bed is softly covered with satin sheets and red rose petals. Red candles lighting up the darkness of the room. The spa filled with warm water and music softly playing in the background. A bottle of wine is chilling in ice with two wine glasses waiting to be filled.

I am sitting on the edge of the spa dressed only in a black satin negligee. I put my finger to my lips and motion you to not speak a word for we will talk only with our bodies. I stand and pull your hands behind you and tie a silk tie around your wrists. I gently sit you to were you are now sitting in my place beside the spa. I turn up the music and dance exotically in front of you. Slowly peeling away the black nightie and dropping it softly onto the floor in front of you.

Touching you only with my lips, I bend and kiss your neck and your lips. I stand and allow you to kiss the nipples on my breasts as I gently stroke you with my hand, feeling you get harder with my touch. I gently pull you to a standing position and turn with my back to you. I move my hips to the music, pressing my ass to your hardness — teasing, tempting, not allowing you to touch me. I bend over and grab you from between my own legs. Rubbing the head between my lips allowing you to get wet from my moisture. Stopping you before the excitement gets unmanageable.

I turn and help you get into the spa. With you sitting on the spa bench and I standing on it facing you, I straddle your face. All I can feel is the pleasures your mouth and tongue offers me. The magnitude of feeling your tongue enter me takes me to a deep state of ecstasy. I slide down onto you and take you completely inside me. I feel the warmth of your manhood that I am so accustomed to. Your hardness going deeper and deeper inside of my body. Accelerating my motion, as we continue to share each other as one. We both simultaneously hitting the plateau of complete ecstasy. I fall gently on your chest as the energy is taken from my body. I untie the silk tie and free your hands so we can begin getting ready for dinner. The night is young and we have only just began…

Chapter 2 (Him)

We sit down to enjoy a magnificent feast, starting with maple glazed quail and portabella mushrooms; a tossed green salad and veal tenderloin in a white wine marinade yum! For desert…bananas foster over vanilla ice cream. As we finish our meal, I cannot help staring at you and I notice ice cream as dripped into the cleft between your breasts.

In a rage of sexual energy, I throw all the plates onto the floor and pick you up and lay you on the table and proceed to lick off all the ice cream. Then I continue to lick every inch of your body…ice cream or not.

As I slowly make a trail of kisses down your belly towards heavens gate, I reach with one hand and grab an unused banana from the floor and peel it. As I vigorously tongue your womanhood, I start rubbing the Banana around the insides of your thighs in small circles. I then slowly insert the fruit into your wetness and find your love button with my tongue. The combination of the banana and my tongue make you wriggle under my touch and you let out a soft moan. I remove the banana and take a bite, tasting the sweet nectar from you on the fruit.

Now that the banana is gone, I pull you off the table and turn you around so you are leaning on the table with your back to me. I get on my knees and slowly probe all areas with my skillful tongue. I insert one finger into each of the entrances to heaven and slowly begin to bring you to a climax of epic proportions. As you moan and gyrate your hips to meet the thrusts of my fingers, I unexpectedly give you a sharp slap on your behind leaving behind a red handprint. You squeal with pain and pleasure at the same time. I continue this for it seems like an eternity until I lose count of the orgasms you encounter. Then slowly I remove my fingers and stand behind you and slowly replace them with my now raging hard manhood.

First I enter your sweet love canal. Slowly at first but gaining momentum with every thrust. Then before I lose complete control, I withdraw and grab the stick of now warm almost melted butter güvenilir bahis that remained on the table (how I’m not sure) and proceed to lubricate your backside with the warm creamy mess. I also apply some to my own erection and then begin to slowly insert it into that most sacred of places. We both are at the height of sexual ecstasy as we move as one to the rhythm of love. The tight fit of your chamber clenches my erection like a velvet glove and I know I will not last long. Our moans become screams of passion as we both explode together and fall in a heap to the floor on top of all the food and dishes on the floor. I lift your head and kiss you gently on the lips and ask you….So how about a midnight snack later?….to be continued…

Chapter 3 (Me)

After the wonderful dinner and the most unusual entertainment, we lay on a soft blanket in front of the fireplace. We lay quietly in each others arms, resting to regain lost energy. Words are unneeded for we can feel our thoughts though the softness of our caresses. Laying in comfort of each others companionship but knowing that the next 48 hours will go by way too quickly.

We have a wonderful life outside of each other’s arms but the decision to choose between that life and the one we share now is just unbearable to make. So we try to succeed in making the best out of both worlds.

Trying to push the painful and confusing thoughts out of my mind, I lean over and kiss you softly on your lips. You smile as you pull yourself out of your relaxed state of mind. First words spoken in a couple of hours, I whisper I love you. You respond by taking me in your safe and loving arms and kissing me tenderly and deeply. Running our hands on each other’s body, the sexual excitement in the room begins.

I push you gently on to your back. I begin kissing your neck, your face, and your lips. Then I slowly work my way to your chest and stomach. Kissing, teasing every part of your body but never once touching the “prize” Kissing your thighs, your hips slowly and methodically. Then I precede to your manhood, taking it completely in my warm mouth. Rhythmically, controlling your every desire. Quickening the motions then slowing down to where you stay on the brink of orgasm. Ignoring your pleas to stop, I continue with the motions of complete fulfillment. Never stopping but never letting you give in to ecstasy.

The light of the fire dancing on our bodies, the heat of the moment igniting passions from within. I raise my lips up towards your lips and kiss you passionately while teasing your manhood with the rotation of my hips. Slowly, I lower my own sex onto yours. Gasping at the magnitude of pleasure, I gently make love to you. Touching my naked breasts against your chest, our lips never once leaving the comfort of the other’s. Rotating hips, grinding down on you. Slowly speeding up the motion of lovemaking…hitting on the intense level of ecstasy. Coming down from the height of orgasm, my body melts down onto yours. Laying quietly in your comforting familiar embrace. Friday night has now turned into the early darkness of Saturday morning….

Chapter 4 (Him)

After sleeping for what seemed to be weeks, we awake in each other’s arms and decide what we are going to do for the afternoon. Lunch and a movie. We shower together, taking turns soaping each other from head to toe, slowing down during the important parts. After we dry each other off, we set out for lunch.

Feeling rather frisky at our booth at the restaurant, I sneak my hand under the tablecloth and place it on your thigh (you are wearing a tight miniskirt and no panties yeah!) I slowly move my hand upward to find you already moist with anticipation. As I rub my fingers slowly over your wet slit, you start to moan softly. Then the waitress shows up with our food and you blush slightly as she gives us a smile and a wicked grin. All through lunch I continue to caress your love button until you climax so hard you drop your fork. We quickly finish lunch and head to the theater for our show.

We sit way in the back and luckily there are only a handful of people in the theater down in front. We aren’t really interested in the movie because our passion for each other will not wait any longer. As the lights go down, you place your hand on my lap and slowly rub me through my khaki shorts. I start to get hard at the first touch. You slowly undo my pants and pull them down. You then get on your knees in front of me and start to give me the most pleasure I can handle. Swirling your tongue up and down my shaft and then taking me completely inside your mouth and moving türkçe bahis up and down with a steady rhythm. Before you make me completely crazy, I pull you up and turn you around.

You stand facing the screen watching the people in front of us staring intently at the movie as I get down behind you and lift your skirt up around your waist. I slowly kiss your legs, lower back and gently bite your ass. As I spread your legs apart, I dart my tongue in and out of your sacred box and insert a finger at the same time. You are moving your hips to the music playing during the movie. I now start licking a trail from one spot to another. I place one finger in each entrance and alternate strokes while continuing to kiss you all over your legs and ass.

Your moans become louder and we notice one of the other viewers has turned around and is now watching us instead of the movie. I stand up and give them a smile, hoping they are enjoying our show more than the movie. I lean you over the seat in front of you and enter you from behind. Slowly at first but picking up the pace as we are lost in ecstasy. I open my eyes to see all of the people are now watching us. I start to pound into you harder and harder, hearing your stifled screams of passion escape your lips. Since we are already discovered, I slap your ass with a loud “smack” and you cry out surprisingly.

This brings a cheer from one of the guys in the front row. Sensing my coming explosion, I increase my speed and I am now moaning loudly myself. With a final powerful stroke I empty me cream into you and we both cry out together with a powerful coexisting climax that makes the room start to spin wildly. As we regain our composure, we find all the viewers standing and cheering us for a great show. We blush and smile as we straighten out our clothing and quickly slip out of the theater and we run to the exit as we see the security guards heading our way. Out the door and to our car and we speed away. Exhilarated, we drive around town and talking about what the rest of our day will bring!

Chapter 5 (Me)

The house is lit only by the light of the fireplace. The surround sound stereo is set to play our favorite CD’s. Embraced in your arms, I slide my hands to your shirt and take it off of you. Kissing your sweet lips, I unbutton your pants and slide them to the floor. I then slide your briefs down.

Opening the drawer of the end table, I pull out a pair of arm restraints. With a mischievous smile, I imprison your wrists in them. I gently sit you on the couch, naked, and walk on the other side of the coffee table. Standing now several feet away from you. Slowly my hand crawl to the top button of my silk blouse and I undo it. One by one I unbutton my shirt. I slowly pull my unbuttoned shirt off. I reach back and unhook my black lace bra. I slide the straps off my shoulders, dropping my arms, feeling the bra fall to the floor. My ample breasts are revealed. My nipples are hard, my tits cone-like and pointing at you. Standing in front of you, in high heels, wearing my black silk skirt, but now topless.

I turn around and face the fireplace. Slowly I pull my skirt off and discard it on the floor. All I have on now is the heels, black stockings and black lace panties. I walk between you and the coffee and turn around to face the fireplace again. I slowly spread my legs apart, in a slight “v” shape. I bend forward, reach back, and lower my panties, very slowly, first from my ass, then down my legs. Stepping out of my panties, I reach back and spread my ass cheeks open. Exposing my lips and beyond. From the bowl on the table, I take a strawberry and run it between my lips, saturating it in my juices. I turn, now facing you, and I take the strawberry to your lips. Tracing your lips, letting you smell the scent of the berry and my juices. With my finger I gently open your lips and allow you to take a bite of the sweet fruit.

Naked, with the exception of the 3 inch heeled black pumps and stockings, I sit down on the coffee table. Spreading my legs slightly, I run my hands on my breasts, taunting and pinching the nipples. I then run my hands down between my thighs. I spread my legs farther and I insert a finger into my wet lips. Moving it in and out, I begin to breath a little deeper. My other hand, caressing my breasts. I insert another finger and quickly bring myself to an intense orgasm. Knowing you will very soon need a release yourself, I lean over you and free your hands. I motion you to stand. I turn, bending down placing my hands on the coffee table. You take me from behind, the need for satisfaction almost unbearable. Reaching güvenilir bahis siteleri around me, taking my nipples in your hands. Pinching them harder and harder as you increase the pounding against my ass. Almost as if you are punishing me from teasing you for so long. We are nearly breathless, as we explode in the most intense orgasm of our lives.

Chapter 6 (Me, I got tired of waiting for him)

It is our last night together and our pleasure is mixed with dread of having our weekend coming to an end. We constantly embrace hoping that if we hold on tight enough that time will just stop and let us be.

After our afternoon at the movies and a pleasurable solo dance, we begin to get ready to go out on the town. We shower together, observing each other’s delicious bodies. Holding back on getting too intimate because we know we have to meet a dinner reservation in less than two hours. After showering, I ban you from the bathroom so that I can get ready for you. Adding a minimum amount of makeup and styling my hair, I proceed to get dressed.

I decide to wear a strapless and formfitting black cocktail dress that has a slit ending about at my mid-thigh. Underneath, I am wearing a black lace strapless bra and a black garter belt and thigh highs. I am wearing a string crotchless black bikini. Putting on my 3 inch high heels and putting a dash of Liz Claiborne silver perfume, I finally emerge from the bathroom. I pause and have to catch my breath after seeing you in a Dior black silk suit.

You put your hand in your pocket and pull out a small box. In it holds a diamond necklace. As you put it on me, you begin to kiss my neck. Melting against you, I beg you to stop and remind you that we have less than 45 minutes to get to the island.

Forcing ourselves out the door, we get into the awaiting limo that unbeknownst to me you had planned. Sitting in the white stretched limo, you pour us a cocktail as we sit peacefully enjoying each other’s presence. We arrive at the restaurant, “21,” and we are quickly escorted to our table.

Our table is in a room of it’s own with floor to ceiling windows overlooking the beach. The top two feet of the windows are open letting in the sounds of the waves breaking on the surf.

After we dine on mouth watering filet mignon and many courses of international cuisine, our wait staff turns on the surround sound system and closes the door and leaves us so that we can continue to share the night in the arms of each other.

While we are dancing and floating on the floor as though we are on a cloud, our passion can no longer be ignored. We begin kissing each other deeply as you softly run your fingers through my hair. I step away from you and slowly peel away my dress and gently step out of it. You lean towards me and begin kissing the tops of my breasts. You reach around and unfasten my bra which quickly drops to the floor. You take in my nipple and tease it so gently with your lips and teeth. I can feel the wetness increasing between my legs. Sensing that I am getting weak in the knees, you half-carry me over and sit me softly on the table.

Half-surprised, you notice my crotchless panties and slip a finger in between my warm lips. Slowly you insert your finger in and out, my breath quickening as your finger brings me to my first orgasm. As I let myself come down off such an intense high, you step back and pull off your suit. I intensely watch you as you succeed in making my body yearn for you again. You come to me and push my legs apart as you kneel down between them. You start to push me back into a laying position but I insist that I want to watch you as you make love to me with your tongue.

I feel you push my legs even further apart and I watch as your fingers spread my lips. I watch as you use your other hand, and insert two fingers deep inside me. Watching them disappear and peeking back out, you look up at me and give me a mischievous grin. You lean your head closer in and begin to lightly bite on my inner thighs, which almost takes my breath away. You then replace your fingers with your tongue and lick my inner lips with an overwhelming sexual assault. Inserting a finger into sinful territory, you bring me to the most intense orgasm.

I beg you to make love to me and you quickly give in to my begging. You stand up and begin teasing me as you rub your manhood all around. Just when I think I am going to scream out in frustration, you plummet me with your hard organ, and instead I scream out with intense pleasure. After bringing me to countless orgasms, you finally release yourself. Sitting there, embracing you tightly all I can feel is the pounding of our hearts. As we begin to dress, I stare at you, and you ask what I am thinking. All I can say is that I am staring at the one man on this earth that I truly love but can never totally have…

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