A Dream Vacation Ch. 06

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Chapter 06 – The Story Ends … for now

JP woke to the feel of something soft and warm brushing against his face. Slowly opening his eyes he found himself staring at Vicki’s pink nipple as it hovered above him. Instinctively, he tried to capture it between his lips only to have her pull it away.

“Not yet,” she purred.

After laying back down she continued her teasing by dragging her breasts down across his nose and mouth before shifting direction and rubbing them across his face from cheek to cheek.

On the third pass, JP opened his mouth and caught her erect nipple between his lips, sucking it in as he lashed at it with his tongue.

“Mmmmmm, nice,” she said, halting her movement to allow him to take more of her tit into his mouth. “It’s about time you woke up,” she continued as she stroked his cheeks with the tips of her fingers. “After what we happened yesterday my body feels like it’s on fire. I need to feel you deep inside my hot pussy this morning. I need to feel your beautiful cock filling me.”

Still sucking on her tit, he slid his hand down to the junction between her legs. Her thighs were coated with her juices as they flowed from her mound; her outer lips were swollen and open begging for him to enter. In no time at all he was sliding three fingers up inside her welcoming hole, while stroking her clit with his thumb.

“Ohhhhhh,” she moaned, opening her legs wide to give him full access to her excited core. As she ground her oily womanhood against his hand, she reached back to pull the covers off of his naked body. Grabbing his erect cock, she began to stroke up and down, spreading the pre-cum over the head.

Suddenly, she pulled her breast from his mouth, twisted around, throwing a leg over his head, and dove face first onto his cock. The feel of her warm, wet mouth wrapped around his shaft was beyond words. For the next several minutes she kissed, licked and sucked it like it was the most wonderful thing in her life.

JP was left staring up between her legs at her dripping pussy. He still marveled at how lucky he was. Here was his wife, a one-time porn star, straddling his face her beautiful pussy hovering above him seeming to beg for his touch. Reaching up, he grabbed her ass and gently pulled her down, placing a gentle kiss on the outer lips. He felt rather than heard her response as she moaned around his cock. Her pussy juices coated her outer lips and thighs as he teasingly held her while he extended his tongue piercing her pussy.

“Yesssssss,” she hissed as she pulled her mouth from his cock while continuing to run her hand up and down its length.

JP continued to lick her slit drinking every drop of her juices as she slid her hand up and down his shaft. Slowly, lovingly, they built the tension that leads to a mutual orgasm, each sensitive to the excitement of the other until he felt his balls begin to tighten. “Gonna cum, baby. You’ve got me so turned on I can’t stop it,” he groaned.

“Let it go, lover. Let me see you cum. Spray it on my face and tits,” she purred while her hand becoming a blur of motion.

His hips began to bounce off the bed in unison with her hand. Then just as he was about to cum he pulled her pussy down and latched onto her distended clit. Instantly, he felt her body tremble above him.

“FFFfuuuuuucccckkkkk,” she moaned as her love juices poured from her quivering pussy into his open mouth while strand after strand of his thick cream jettisoned from the tip of his cock, coating her.

Afterwards she fell to the side, lying on her back. Her chest heaved with the power of her orgasm and her breasts jiggling enticingly. Slowly, she scooped his cum from her tits and face bringing it to her mouth and sucking it from her fingers. “Mmmmmmm, so good.” She looked at him with lust-filled eyes. “Fuck me,” she said. “Fuck me with that big, wonderful, hard cock of yours. I want you to shove your cock up my cunt and fuck me until we both cum again. I want you to fill my pussy with your cum. I want you to pound me, breed me.”

Her slutty words sent a chill up and down his spine as he gazed down at her. Her hair encircled her head like a halo and her brown eyes seemed to flash with lustful desire. Her skin was tanned a golden, bronze without any sign of a tan-line while a light sheen covered it from her arousal and recent orgasm. Her cheeks were flushed and her lips were full, begging to be kissed. As his gaze lowered, he took in the contours of her long smooth neck and shoulders which flared upwards as they reached her 32DD breasts. Soft yet well formed they showed barely any sag from her pregnancy and were capped with full, extended nipples which betrayed her growing excitement. Sweeping downwards, his gaze fell upon her stomach, which seemed to flutter with each breath she took. Her 28-inch waist revealed just the slightest bit of a ‘baby bump’ due to all the hard work she had done to get back in shape and when his gaze moved lower he was rewarded tuzla escort by the sight of her 37-inch hips, at the center of which was the fur-covered junction between her legs. A sheen reflected off of the juice coated hair and beyond, her long, beautifully-sculpted legs. From head to toe she was gorgeous.

Just looking at her, excited him. She was his wife, the mother of his child, and the object of many of his most lustful fantasizes before he had even met her. The vast collection of porn films featuring her was a mote testament to his desire for her and it was only through a twist of fate that she was his. Quickly, his cock began to harden at the sight of her body and the thought of her squirming beneath while he pounded it into her willing body.

As he moved over her body, she lifted her legs, spreading them wide to open herself to him. Just as she’d done in many of her films she reached down and she spread her pussy lips, revealing the pink, wet interior. In a daze, JP set the head of his cock at the target she was giving him and pushed. Her tight hole stretched out around it, engulfing it. In one, slow thrust, it swallowed him whole, all the way to the base.

“Ooohhh yeeessss,” she sighed. “I can’t believe how wonderful that feels. I can never get enough of your cock buried deep in my hungry pussy.” She looked up at him, “I don’t know how this happened between us. I had always expected to land up with some guy from the Industry or as a single mom,” wrapping her legs around his back she whispered, lovingly, “I only know that ever since you came into the shower that first time I’ve needed your touch. I need to feel your big, hard cock buried deep inside of me. I can’t seem to get enough of your cum shooting up into me. Filling me until it drips from me. You knew who I was and what I was yet you’ve never said a negative word about it. Maybe that’s the one of the reasons I love you so much.” She sighed as she began corkscrewing her fur-coated mound against his groin, causing his cock to squirm around inside her wet pussy. “I know it’s surreal, but I don’t care. If this is a dream I don’t ever want to wake up. I love it. I love you. I love having you fuck me. Do it, lover. Fuck me. Fuck your ex-porn star wife and fill my horny pussy with your baby-making seed.”

JP held her gaze as he began to move in and out of her. Her eyes were like deep, dark pools of love and lust mixed together. He felt like he could almost drown in them. “She could have any man in the world yet she chose me as her lover, her partner, the father of her children, and as her husband. I am the luckiest man in the world!” he thought as his cock slid into the depths of her pussy.

“SSShhhhhhhh,” she hissed as she pulled her body up against his, forcing his cock deeper until it brushed against her cervix. For many women the feeling of their lover being so deep was too painful but with JP she had always found the mixture of pleasure and pain to be one that only heightened her desire for him. “Sooooo deep. Fuck me.”

He wanted to go slow this time, to love her in every way conceivable. He wanted her to know that she was the center of his world and that he thought she was the sexiest, most wonderful woman in the entire world. He wanted to savor the joining of their flesh on every level possible; mental, emotional and physical.

When he was growing up his father had told him, “There were two types of men when it comes to being in bed with a woman. There were the ‘fuckers’ and the ‘lovers’. The ‘fuckers’ were those men who only care about satisfying themselves. For them the old saying ‘Slam, Bam, Thank you Ma’am’ is their motto though frequently they didn’t even say ‘Thank you.’ The ‘lovers’ on the other hand are those men who knew that by satisfying and pleasing their partners they will receive far more pleasure than a ‘fucker’ can even dream of.” His father had also told him that there were times when the woman would want her partner to be a ‘fucker’ but today wasn’t one of those. Today was one of the days when he wanted to be Vicki’s ultimate lover.

Feeling Vicki move beneath him, once again, brought him back to the joys of the moment. He could feel her hungry pussy lips suck at his cock each time he pulled back and he marveled at the squishy, hot sensations that washed over it each time he sank back into her. With each stroke she would push up against him with her own special corkscrewing motion that seemed to caress every inch of his manhood. Quickly they established a rhythm that was as old as time and the he wished would go on forever.

Leaning down, he licked her nipple, causing her to arch her chest up for more before moving to the other side. Back and forth he went, licking each hard nipple until they were hard and erect, begging for attention. Shifting down onto his elbows, he grabbed both breasts and squeezed, forcing the nipples up even harder, causing a drop of clear, mother’s-milk to form on the tip of each nipple. Lowering his face, he captured tuzla escort bayan one in his mouth and sucked, hard.

“Oh, fuck! Yyyeeessss!” Vicki groaned, as she squirmed beneath him. “Suck my tits. That feels ssssoooo good. You are driving me crazy. Suck my hot titties and fuck my horny cunt. Don’t ever stop. Please don’t ever stop. Fuck me!”

Quickly, he switched to her other nipple. This time he lashed his tongue back and forth over the extended nipple while at the same time squeezing both breasts hard. Vicki moaned with lust as her tits erupted and mother’s-milk sprayed from them coating JP’s face. Lapping the milk from her tit he could feel her pussy sucking on his cock as he pushed into her again and again.

Suddenly, she released her legs from behind him and threw them over his shoulders lifting her pussy up against his cock each time he descended. Almost as a dare she urged him on. “Come on, lover. Fuck me hard. Pound your big cock into my fuck-loving cunt.” Gazing deep into his eyes, she called out, “Feed me your hard, fucking cock. Tame my slutty, cock-loving pussy. What’s the matter, baby? Is my cunt too much for you?”

Her smutty talk seemed to thrill and excite him even further. Pushing up onto his arms, he slammed his cock into her boiling cunt as hard as he could, crushing her clit against his pubic bone.

“Yyyyeeeessss!” she cried out as she took her tits in her own hands and squeezed causing mother’s-milk to spray over both of them. “Do it! Fuck me. Fuck me hard. Fuck me. This is what you dreamed of. Fuck Marketa. Fuck your ex-porn-star wife. Show me what a stud you can be. Fill me cunt with your cum. Make me scream like a whore. Pound my cunt. Fuck your slut! Don’t stop. Fuck me … fuck me hard … stretch my pussy … fill me … fill my cunt with your cum,” she chanted as he pounded in and out of her pussy.

Each time he slammed down into her, she pulled herself up to meet him. The bed groaned under the force of their fucking and the room echoed with the sound of their superheated bodies slapping against each other.

“Shit,” he gasped out. “Your pussy is so hot and tight I feel like I’m pushing my cock into a tube of hot lava. I can’t take it much longer. I’m going to cum.”

“Me, too,” she moaned as their bodies slapped together again. “Just don’t stop. I’m almost there. Keep on fucking that gorgeous cock into my juicy pussy. Fuck me and make me cum.”

Just then he felt his cum surge up the length of his cock and spew strand after strand of cum into her open pussy. “Cccccuuuuummmmmiiinnnnggg,” he cried as his hot white cream bathed the walls of her pussy.

The feel of his cum spraying into her, sent Vicki over the edge. Her pussy walls collapsed around his throbbing shaft, pulsing and sucking every strand of his cum deep into her. “Ccccuuummmmiiiinnnnggggg, toooooo” she cried, grabbing his ass and pulling him to her, driving her pussy up against him until she felt his cockhead pressing against her cervix. “I can feel it. I can feel you filling my pussy with your wonderful, baby-making cum. Ooooooohhhhhh, yyyyeeeesssss!”

The mutual sensations sent them off into some realm that only true lovers ever reach. They lay, locked together like that, for several minutes. Slowly his cock shrank and slid from her pussy. As they gasped for air, a stream of cum began flowing from her well-fucked pussy to soak into the bed sheets. Instantly, she slipped a pillow under her hips to hold the remainder inside of her.

Softly, she sighed. “Wow. It just keeps getting better and better between us. I love you.”

“I love you, too,” he replied.

Neither of them fell asleep this time. Instead they held each other and enjoyed the distant sound of the wind blowing outside.

When they got up they both headed for the bathroom. It became a contest and Vicki won. When she was finished washing up and getting dressed she came out to find JP still laying on the bed a far away look on his face.

“What are you thinking about?”

“You, me, us, this hotel.”


“Yep,” he replied as he headed for the bathroom himself.

“So, what are you thinking?” she called through the closed door.

“We can talk about it on the way home. Check out is in an hour,” he answered before getting into the shower.

When he came out Vicki was sitting on the edge of the sink. Her pants and panties were wrapped around one foot and her tits were hanging from the front of her open shirt.

“An hour is more than enough time for a quickie,” she purred.

JP smiled as he dropped the towel he had wrapped around his waist. His cock hardened at that very sight of her sitting there. Vaguely, he recalled that she been in several quickie scenes during her film career and imagined what it might be like to make a home version for them to enjoy.

Vicki spread her legs and beckoned to him. Stepping closer, she stretched her right hand out around his neck and pulled him to her, crushing her escort tuzla lips against his. Reaching down she wrapped her left hand around his cock and ran it up and down her slit covering it with her slick, oily juices. “Come here, lover. Fuck me one last time before we have to leave. Fill my pussy with your cock. Stretch me. Fill me. Fuck me and fill me with your cum. Breed me and give me a baby.”

JP felt the head of his cock slide between her pussy lips and lunged forward driving his cock into her depths in one stroke.

“OOOMmmpphhhh,” she grunted as the air was driven from her lungs. “Do it, lover. OOmmpphh. Fuck me. Fuck me hard. Fill me. OOmmpph, oommpph, oommph.”

“So that’s the way you want it? You want me to fuck you hard. Maybe you’d like this then?” she sneered as he pulled the top off her shoulders and down her arms until they were trapped behind her back. Then grabbing her ass cheeks he drove his cock in and out.

“Yeeessssssss … fuck me … fuck my pussy … fill it with your cock … breed me … knock me up.”

Leaning down, JP kissed Vicki’s neck as he pounded into her. “You are so fucking hot. Ohhhhhh, I don’t think I’m going to last long this way.”

“Then fuck me hard, lover. Fill me with your cum. I’m so horny it’s unbelievable and to top it off I found out I’m ovulating today. Fill my pussy with your cock, cum deep inside of me and give me our baby,” she pleaded as she tightened her legs around his waist.

Holding her tight, JP moved lower and latched onto her nipple, sucking it into his mouth before pulling away and then releasing it to pop back against her tit.

“AAAaarrgghhhh … going to cum, JP. Gonna cum around your cock. Do me … fuck me … so close … so fucking close already … so fast … needed this so bad,” she sighed as the first tremors of her orgasm coursed through her body.

JP felt the walls of her pussy tighten around his cock triggering his own orgasm. “CCCuummiinnggg,” he slurred.

“Me tooooooooo … AAAAAAGGGHHHHHHHHHH!” Vicki screamed as she felt bolt after bolt of hot cum sear the inside of her pussy, coating its walls and seeking the entrance to her womb.

Overcome by the sensations they clung to each other as they spiraled into oblivion. Time seemed to stand still until JP’s dwindling cock slid from her pussy.

Quickly, Vicki grabbed her diaphragm and slid it into place, laughing. “Every bit helps.”

An hour later left the room hand-in-hand.

Once again, JP noticed the ‘UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT’ sign. “I wonder what’s going to happen to this place? Maybe we’ll have to come back in a few years and find out.

Vicki stopped and waited for JP to turn towards her. “We won’t have to wait that long and I can guarantee you that the new management will do everything in its power to make this the perfect place for a get-away.”

Curious JP asked, “And just how do you know all of this?”

“Because I’m buying it.”


Nodding her head she continued. “When I called to make the reservation they told me the place was for sale. I called my accountant and talked to him about it and put in a bit. As of yesterday I’m buying it. I plan on using some of the money I earned in the Industry to pay for it so that’s not too big a deal. We’ve had several meetings about what to do with the place but I want you to be involved in it too. I’ve even made some calls and have a pretty good idea as to who I’m going to market it to.”

“Yes, who?”

“Well …,” she started hesitantly, “I’m going to open this hotel as a special get-away for the stars in the Adult Film Industry. A lot of them want and need a place to get away to be ordinary people just like I did. I was also thinking …,” she paused, “that maybe …?”

“Maybe what?”

“… that maybe you’d like to offer it to the officers and employees from your company as a get-away. We could offer it as part of an incentive plan or just make it available to them at a discounted rate.”

“You mean your stars and my employees at the same hotel?” he mused, “I’m not sure about that.”

“Why not? It worked for us.”

Wrapping her in his arms, JP kissed her. “Yes it did.”


Their trip home was filled with talk about the hotel and the renovations they’d need to make. They also developed a set of rules, spoken and unspoken, that would need to be in place for the visitors from both industries. The first was: “Everyone is to be treated with respect no matter where they work or what they do for a living.”

Three months later the hotel was ready for its ‘Grand Opening’. JP and Vicki stood in front of it with a mixed group of people from both businesses who would be their first guests as they cut the ribbon and welcomed them to the ‘GET-AWAY HOTEL and SPA.”

Afterwards, they sat on the new veranda that surrounded the hotel. “Well, it looks like a great start to your project. We’re already booked up for the next six months,” JP said.

“That’s great,” Vicki sighed. “In fact, that will work out just perfect … daddy.”

JP sat there for a moment not comprehending what she had just said until suddenly, “What did you just say?”

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