A Dream Cums True?

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So there you are, sitting on the edge of the bed wearing nothing but that sexy scarf. You’re looking down at the floor so I can’t see those beautiful eyes.

I crawl up slowly. Staying on my knees, I raise my torso to be at your level. I gently take a finger and lift your chin so that our eyes meet.

I lean in slowly and gently kiss those loving lips. We hold there for a few moments not sure whether to savor the moment or lose ourselves in a passionate embrace.

But this is THE moment I’ve waited for and I will not rush it. Whether real or fantasized, this will be slow and sensual.

I go down to your ankles and begin to trace your sexy legs gently with my finger tips. I slowly make my way up the left leg until I reach your womanhood.

But, I don’t stop there, I ever so slightly brush your lips with the back of my knuckle and start down the right leg. You shudder ever so slightly at my touch.

I was there once for just the briefest of moments. Or was I? Am I now?

I cannot believe that these sexy legs are really mine for the time being. Up and down I go, over and over. Both of us feeling the warmth building up on the inside.

I want this moment to last forever for that’s how long I’ve dreamt about it. But, my penis is rock hard and telling the rest of me that it can’t wait. It’s not romantic as I am. It’s just a fucking machine.

And yet even he somehow realizes that you are different. That once he’s inside of you, he will have achieved the ultimate penetration. tuzla escort He urges me to make it happen. Both he and I know that neither of us have the stamina to hold on for too long.

So I stand up to delicately move you back on the bed. Your bed. The place where my deepest dream is about to come true.

Before I move you, you lean forward and tease the beast with a gentle kiss on the tip. My hips buckle wanting me to press forward and force myself all the way in your wainting mouth.

But you’ll have none of that and lay on your back.

You whole beautiful body is on the bed now. Legs slightly open revealing just a little of your honey pot. With only baby like skin surrounding it, there is nothing to prevent me from seeing the glistening dew that has formed. I guess my caressing of your legs has achieved it’s goal.

I look down at myself to find that I have a little pre-dawn glistening of my own.

Your scarf is still there although it has shifted slightly during the move. Now the insides of your amazing breasts are visible.

Perfection! All natural and milky white. Your nipples standing at attention.

I would love to spend some time with them. Kissing them. Looking deeply into your sparkling eyes before taking your lips in mine.

But there will be none of that. I will not be able to hold out for much longer. I’ve had those lips and those nipples before. They are what’s driven me to this point.

Instead, my tongue is like a magnet drawn to your wetness. But tuzla escort bayan unlike a hungry cat licking a bowl of milk unitl it’s dry, my goal is the oppopsite. The more I lick, the more wetness there is.

And it’s so wonderful. Wet. Slippery. Warm. With a fragrance that will stay etched in my memory for all eternity.

For your’s is like an elixir of the Gods. Nothing else will ever compare. No sense is so closely related to memory as the sense of smell. I know this from experience. For my one brief moment near the golden treasure has stayed with me and always will. When I close my eyes and let it fill my brain, my loins immediately begin to stir.

That, of course, is what’s happening now. Like most dreams come true, there is a very thin line between reality and fantasy.

I quietly raise up on to my knees, taking one of your ankles in each hand.

I lift them up toward the sky. Gently spreading your legs as well. The scarf slips down revealing those magnificent breasts in their entirety.

This causes just a hint of a moan to pass from your lips. Or was it from mine? My head is swimming as fantasy and reality compete. The line between them is blurred. I know the sound was real but will never know where it came from.

What side of the line am I on now?

With your legs in the air, I prepare to enter you. My self discipline is almost gone so this will not be the gentle, long and slow love making that my heart wants.

This will be the fast and hard fucking that escort tuzla my dick wants.

Still, with the all of my effort, I am able to put just my head in.

Again, a moan. Again the wonder of it’s origin.

I am able to maintain enough control to use very short strokes. Just that smiling little face in and out and in and out.

But, time is running short. The strokes get longer and harder. I’m lifting your legs higher now so that your sexy little ass is no longer on the bed. This allows me to enter you even farther.

Your breasts are bouncing with each thrust. Do I watch them or look into the most stunning eyes to ever grace this earth?

No matter. i go back and forth between them. Two heavenly sights happening at once.

I cannot take it any longer. My eyes close tightly in anticipation.

I said I can’t take it any longer.


I…. cccccaaaaaannnn’ttt ttaakkkkkkeee itttttttttt…………


The explosion is like I’ve never known. It’s a 9.9 on the richter scale! The aftershocks are many and almost as powerful.

I’ve never cum like this before. More and more and more and more just keep coming out of me.

Then, finally, it’s done.

With my eyes still closed, I imagine that it’s all leaking out of you. It has to be. Nothing could hold all of that inside.

I slowly open my eyes and yes, there is a mess.

I hear your voice, purring slightly, sounding satisfied.

I look up at you with that sexy scarf still draped over you. You’re looking down at the floor so I can’t see those beautiful eyes.

I guess that’s to be expected though.

Ahhh, dreams. Do they really cum true?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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