A Dirty Dog Does Germany Ch. 09

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Chuck and Petra lived in our leased housing building in Neckargartach, a suburb of Heilbronn, Germany. Chuck was a surveyor in an artillery unit, one of those “low density” jobs. That means he was the only person with that specialty in his unit. He was a small guy with an average build, and very meek, almost submissive.

He married a German girl named Petra, who was his personality opposite. She was a stone cold German bitch. She had a hair trigger temper, and a mouth to match. How Chuck ever married her was the subject of much speculation. Most of us wondered if she was the only person who he had ever had sex with.

Chuck bought Petra a toy poodle for companionship when he was in the field. She would take this poor dog outside to do its business. If the little guy didn’t go quickly enough for her, she would lean over and yell at the dog, “Shit, damn you! Shit.” Eventually he learned to bow up and crap. She was a serious ball breaker.

Chuck and Petra occasionally came to our apartment to play cards or just party with us. Petra spoke excellent, albeit heavily accented English, and we wondered if Chuck was her escape to America, since she was not close to any family and had no German friends that we could perceive. She played the German bitch to the hilt.

Petra, when she didn’t have her mouth screwed into a scowl, was cute, about 5’2″ with a very narrow waist, nice C-cup breasts which she didn’t strap down very often, a “just the right size to grab,” pleasantly rounded butt, and the obligatory natural blond hair. Her attitude just made her ugly though. She could piss a person off just by looking at them.

Several of our friends had commented to Mandi and I about what a bitch she was, and generally avoided talking to her lest she suddenly begin a 10-minute rant about whatever seemed to piss her off. Chuck would usually just sit there, casually smiling in his “Gosh Gee Whiz” sort of way. He never seemed to want to get into the mix and try to cool her out.

One evening though, when several of my subordinates were at our apartment partying, she got her first comeuppance. She burst into one of her typical rants, bitching about who knows what, generally making life miserable for anyone within earshot, when one of my guys came over to me and quietly asked, “What should we do with this bitch to pay her back?”

I wasn’t sure what he had in mind, and asked, “You got any ideas?”

He gave me a leering grin and said, “Let’s strip her naked and make her sit here with us until she stops her fucking bitching!”

I wasn’t sure how Chuck would handle this, but considering that he was a milk toast kind of guy, he probably wouldn’t do anything about it. It could also be advantageous because they might decide not to hang out with us so much.

I told my guy, “Let me talk to Chuck and see what he thinks.”

I eased over to Chuck, who didn’t appear to be feeling any pain after several Stuttgarter Hofbrau beers, and told him that some of my boys were pissed at Petra, and were wanting to shut her up for a few. I added that they intended to strip her naked, and not give her clothes back until she quit her incessant bitching. To my surprise, he just smiled and nodded his consent.

I looked over at my boy and nodded to him, and it was on. Four of the guys casually strolled over and around where Petra sat on the end of my Cleopatra lounger (a wonderful piece of furniture for sex, I might add). With little less than a wink, one guy grabbed her beer from her hand and they grabbed her arms and legs and proceeded to quickly but carefully strip her clothes off.

Petra screamed and cursed in English and German, cursed Chuck, but all to no avail. They had her naked within seconds, handing me her clothes. She was livid, and once they released her, she stood in the middle of the living room floor, screaming about her vile treatment. I took her beer and handed it back to her.

Petra snatched the beer from me and took a long swallow. As she finished, I began to talk to her quietly, saying, “Would you please listen to me for a minute.” She just looked me defiantly, and began cursing again. In the mean time, Mandi had casually ducked out of the room with one of the wives of another of my guys.

Petra demanded her clothes back. I have to say she looked fine naked. She had really nice breasts, with little sag. While they weren’t as big as I originally thought, more a large B-cup, they had small areole and cute, fully erect nipples. Her ass turned out to be well shaped, just right for grab and grip. She had blond, almost sparse pubic hair without any obvious signs of barbering. Typical of many German girls, she also had light blond armpit hair.

I tried somewhat futilely to not stare at her body, without much luck. I spoke to her quietly, though, and told her she wouldn’t get her clothes back until she shut up and didn’t bitch about anything or anyone for 10 minutes.

Petra glared at me with a look that had her ripping my cock and balls off. She swallowed pendik escort the last of her beer, started to speak, and then turned toward Chuck with a look that said his were the cock and balls that would soon be liberated. He cringed as she turned back toward me.

“So, you think you can just get away with this?”

I chuckled and replied, “I’m not sure what I am getting away with, but you have to understand this: You will not get your clothes back until you shut up and not say anything nasty, or bitchy, for 10 minutes. After that, you can put them back on.”

During all this, after the initial struggle, she didn’t seem the least bit perturbed about standing stark naked in the middle of a bunch of hard-boned, muscular military guys. Frankly, her nipples told another story. I noticed this but kept it to myself.

She sputtered a bit, and then told me, in an almost subdued voice, “I need another beer.”

I pointed toward the door to the balcony and told her, “You know where they are.”

“But I have to go outside,” she whined.

“Then you don’t drink more beer,” I whined back.

Considering that our apartment was at the very top of an 8-floor apartment building, there was little chance of anyone seeing her on the balcony, especially since there were no outside lights. She finally glared at me, shrugged, and casually strolled out onto the balcony and got another beer. She grabbed an opener, popped the cap and sat back down on the end of the Cleopatra lounger.

She sipped her beer, and I pointed at my watch and told her, “9 minutes now.”

Mandi and her friend came back in the room, chuckled about Petra sitting there naked but quiet, and started talking to some other people there. I put some more tunes on the stereo and sat in my single chair. The conversation picked back up, and no one was giving Petra any obvious undue attention.

Chuck got a refill, and sat back down. Petra followed him across the room and back but he refused to look at her. As she sat there, though, she finally caught my eye, and almost imperceptibly, spread her legs so I could see her pussy lips quite clearly. After glancing around, she casually slid her finger between her pussy lips, and pulled the finger back out and licked it.

No one else saw this, and I was quite interested, although I was also wary of a trap of some sort. While I was looking, she also rubbed one of her nipples with the beer bottle, and it responded by getting tautly erect. I couldn’t believe she was putting on this show for me.

Before I could react too much, she tapped her wrist to ask the time left on her punishment. Looking at my watch, I told her, “Three minutes.”

She smiled demurely, and nodded, quickly taking a long draw from her beer.

A couple of the guys had been ogling her for a while, but she ignored them. She sipped her beer casually and watched me. After time was up, I looked at my watch, got up and gave her clothes back to her.

“You can dress now, and we all thank you for your silence.”

Some of the guys saluted her with their beers, and she returned their salute. Petra sat her beer down and took her clothes, and began to sort them out on the end of the lounger. She separated her jeans and t-shirt, then her underwear. Her undies were plain white, generic.

I sat down and grabbed my beer, watching her begin to dress, or not quite start. She knocked her plain white panties onto the floor, and with a casual look over her shoulder to see if I was watching, bent over to pick them up. She was slow and methodical in her motion, and I caught a glimpse of her little anus as her butt cheeks spread from the motion.

She slowly dressed, taking her time with her underwear. I honestly thought she enjoyed the not so surreptitious ogling she got from some of the guys. Once she slipped the jeans and t-shirt on, she looked normal again. She had lost the perpetual scowl, and as she picked up her beer, she looked at Chuck, who studiously avoided her gaze.

She walked over to him and whispered in his ear. Chuck turned blood red in the face, but also lit up a leering grin on his face. I had no idea what she told him but I figured she had gotten turned on and planned on punishing him in some sexual way that he liked. I had a mental flash of Petra in boots and a whip, flogging poor Chuck until he screamed for mercy and then she would grind her pussy into his face until he almost smothered him while she spewed juice from a gut wrenching orgasm.

They had one more round of beer and then casually said goodbyes, never mentioning the stripping incident. Petra was calmly quiet the remainder of the evening until they casually strolled out to return to their apartment.

A couple of days later I ran into Petra outside, walking the poodle. She was extremely laid back, letting the poor little guy do his business at his leisure. She smiled at me as I approached, and I waved hello. She was wearing a thin t-shirt with no bra, and some thin pajama pants that maltepe escort left no doubt she wasn’t wearing underwear.

I asked how she was doing, and she casually put her hand on my arm, saying, “Very nice, thanks.”

I was stunned and taken aback by her attitude. I half expected to have her try to claw my eyes out. Her gentle touch was a pleasant surprise. She asked me if I would stop by her apartment for a minute. Not sure what to expect, I agreed with some trepidation.

She picked up the poodle, cradling him against her breasts, and we went in and grabbed the elevator. We rode the short trip up to her apartment in silence, with me casually petting the dog, scratching behind his ears. He licked my hand appreciatively.

Petra quickly opened the door and went in, leaving me to shut the door back. She sat the dog down and headed toward the living room. Her apartment floor plan was a duplicate of mine. As I entered the living room, she picked up an open beer and sipped it slowly. After a moment, she looked at me.

“I guess you think I am going to try to kill you or something.”

“The thought crossed my mind,” I quipped.

“I just wanted to tell you I was sorry for being so bitchy. I didn’t realize how many people were pissed at me. I can’t seem to help myself sometimes, and Chuck is no help at all. He is such a wimp,” she complained.

“It’s okay, and I hope you learned your lesson,” I told her.

With that, she smiled and said, “Yes, I did. But there was something else. I have never gotten so hot in all my life. Just sitting there naked while everyone was dressed, getting looked at, made me so hot I thought I would drip sweat.”

I found this extremely interesting, and decided to press the issue.

“What did you say to Chuck before you guys left?”

She blushed perceptibly, and then almost defiantly, replied, “I told him I was going to tie him to the bed and make him lick my arschloch and fotz and then tongue me until I came in his face, and maybe even piss in his mouth.”

“So did you?” I asked.

She gave me a leer of acknowledgement. So she was a domineering bitch, and little Chuckey-boy was a sub. Just as I thought!

“So why did you ask me here today?” I asked.

“Oh,” she said, “I wondered if you would help me punish Chuck.”

Somewhat surprised, I had to inquire, “What exactly did you have in mind?”

Her face went slightly red for a moment, and she turned away demurely. After another sip of beer, she remained turned away and said, “I want you to do me while Chuck is tied up, right over top of him.”

This was an interesting turn of events, but there was always a danger in doing something with another couple. I found that out the hard way once and had to back out of a bad situation behind the barrel of a gun. But after seeing her naked, teasing me, I gave it some careful consideration.

“I might consider it if Chuck agrees.”

She suddenly turned toward me and blurted, “You can’t say anything to him. I have already talked to him about the scene, and he is eager to do it. It just has to be a surprise. He can’t know it’s going to happen until it does.”

This made me somewhat leery, but curious as well.

“How can I know it’s really cool with him?” I asked.

She looked at me sharply, and continued, “You know how submissive he is. He pisses me off sometimes when I want to just be fucked by a real man and get my fun. He is so damn passive.”

It suddenly dawned on me that Mandi wouldn’t be home from exercise class for a while yet, so I figured I would see if I could get a preliminary sample.

“Okay, I’ll consider it. But why don’t you give me an example of some things you might want to do while he is tied up.”

She looked me curiously and asked, “Show you, or tell you?”

“You have to show me. Let’s just say I want to practice first.”

This elicited a shy smile, and then a soft query, “Right now?”

“Yes, right now. And let’s not waste any time.”

Petra finished the last of her beer, and moved up to me and began to unbutton my uniform shirt. I let her finish slipping it off my shoulders, and reached out and took her t-shirt by the hem and lifted it over her head, tossing it to the floor behind me.

She did likewise to my t-shirt, and then whispered in my ear, “Can you take off your boots?”

I went over to her couch and sat down, quickly ripping the laces from my jump boots. I slid them off and removed the socks. Petra had followed me, and suddenly knelt between my legs, pulling at my belt. I watched as she removed it and quickly unbuttoned the fly of my uniform pants. My cock had just started to rise when she fished it out and quickly swallowed me whole. In a few seconds, I began to rise toward full hardness.

Petra found herself struggling to take all of it in her mouth once I got harder. She finally pulled away, spit dripping from her chin, looked at my cock, and moaned, “Mein Gott!”

“Something kartal escort wrong?” I asked.

She smiled, and rolled her tongue around the head. After a couple of more licks up and down the length, and a dip into her mouth, she looked at her handiwork.

“Grosser,” she quipped with a smile.

She obviously liked the size. She began to tug at my pants, so I stood up and let her pull them down, stepping out of them slowly. She took my cock in her mouth again, still kneeling on the floor. I let her take what she could, and she worked hard, gagging occasionally as she tried in vain to swallow it all.

She looked up at me with shining eyes and said, “I can take Chuck in my throat, but you’re too big. It chokes me. Believe me he will get his thrill watching this thing going in me.”

I chuckled and smiled, lifting her to her feet. I slid her little pajama pants over her hips and quickly pushed them to the floor. She stepped out of them quickly and rubbed against me. I grabbed her ass and squeezed gently. She moaned and melted into me.

After grabbing her shoulders, I turned and pushed her down onto the couch, pulling her legs to me so she had her ass resting on the edge of the seat. I forcefully threw her legs back, pushing her knees into her breasts, and dived straight into her pussy.

She was slightly sweaty, but also sweet tasting, already running juice. I lingered at her pussy lips, teasing the opening with my tongue, until finally seizing her clit with my lips. She gasped and writhed under my lip and tongue action, moaning out loud. Petra grabbed my head to guide me but I teased her a bit by holding her hips and not moving.

Petra moaned in protest until I relented, letting her move around some. I felt her tighten up some and knew an orgasm was close, so I played with her wet pussy with my fingers, getting them nice and juicy. As she neared her orgasm, I placed my fingers at her pussy and asshole and just as I began to feel her orgasm launch, I plunged my fingers into her vagina and little back hole simultaneously. She screamed and arched off the couch cushion, rocking her pussy up and down and holding my head in a death grip.

I let her ride through what must have been a dozen spasms or so, until she finally collapsed back on the couch, panting and moaning.

“Oh Mein Gott!” she exclaimed.

I chuckled and smiled, saying, “Something wrong?”

She looked at me lazily and started to push my head away. I grabbed her wrist tightly and pulled her arm down to her side. She tried the same move with the other arm and got the same treatment. I had her pinned to the couch. When she tried to move her legs, I maneuvered my body so she couldn’t move them either.

“You don’t move until I’m ready,” I said with a mean voice. That lit a fire in her eyes, but seconds later she quit resisting. Once she quit, I pulled her ass further out from the couch to a point where I could slide into her pussy. With little time to protest, I put a hand on her shoulder, pushing her deep into the couch cushion, and slammed my cock to the hilt in her dripping wet hole.

She gasped and sputtered for a moment until I settled into a good, hard slam fuck. I pressed her legs back toward her ears hard, opening her wide as I continue to pound her pussy unmercifully. She clenched my forearms tightly and began making strangling noises.

It took just moments before she launched into another orgasm, shrieking loudly in little yips. For some reason, I looked over and saw her toy poodle almost next to me, with what appeared to be a smile on his face. This was enough distraction to ease the pressure in my cock to prevent me from losing my load.

As soon as she rocked through her orgasm, I quickly, almost violently grabbed her legs and flipped her over on the couch, shoving her head down in the cushion and after raising her hips, smashed back into her. She gasped and yelped as I hit bottom forcefully, but was almost as quickly pushing back into me.

I slammed into her doggy style for a while, until I began to collect the free flowing pussy juice and smeared it around her cute little asshole. She had some sparse blond hair around a smooth but lightly puckered hole that within seconds began to relax from the finger play. After collecting some more pussy juice, I began to slide my middle finger into her ass, probing quickly but gently, feeling my cock through the thin wall of her pussy.

Petra began to rock her ass around and I felt encouraged to add another finger. She began to shriek again, and I felt her tighten against my fingers. She must have been greedy, or needy, because she yipped through yet another orgasm. Her asshole felt nice and tight, so with little notice, I pulled out of her pussy and began to gently press my cock against her anus.

This was one serious bitch and one time I wasn’t about to be a gentleman with her. She moved forward a bit but I had an iron grip on her hips.

She gasped, and said something in German into the couch. But I persisted and slowly pulled her backward. She relented without much resistance, and my cock slowly slid into her tight little butthole. She gasped and mumbled incoherently, but offered no more resistance as I eased her back onto my cock.

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