A Demonstration

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Author’s Note: story requested by Blader17.


“You’re serious?” Monica stared blankly at the woman across from her.

“It’s just… too intimidating,” the woman, Janelle, lowered her gaze to the table between them. She was Monica’s fifth attempt at a girlfriend in as many weeks, and she came to the same conclusion as they all did; Monica was simply too big. They were curious about her at first, then turned tail and ran the moment they realised what would inevitably come to pass if they stayed with the futa, “It’d tear me apart.”

“Haven’t you read a single thing about Hypers?” Monica groaned and leaned back to rub at the obtuse bulge in her dress. She’d hoped someone like Janelle would have done her research, being a medical student majoring in Hypers.

“I-I have,” Janelle stammered, flushing slightly, “But… it’s so hard to believe.”

“Would a demonstration help?” Monica inquired dryly and stood up, showing off her hyper-endowed cock to the whole restaurant. She walked around to the student and helped her up, pulling her to the exit.

“You can’t be serious?” Janelle blanched at the offer, but she didn’t resist the insistent pull, stumbling after the graceful futa. Being born a Hyper, Monica was used to the cumbersome and often awkward weight of her body, and more than accustomed to flaunting it. She had to, anything she wore wrapped tight around her curves, and it was engraved in her physiology to attract. That was what Janelle had read.

The student soon found herself in her temporary girlfriend’s home. Each door was larger than average, widened for Monica’s broad hips and breasts. They stretched out several inches past her shoulders, the perfect frame for her cock and balls, which hung down to her shins. Even by Hyper standards, Monica was a spectacle to behold.

Janelle had only met a handful of them. Males, females and futanari alike, yet Monica was shrouded in something they lacked, something that Janelle couldn’t discern no matter how she tried to analyse the Hyper. They didn’t lack in confidence after puberty, regardless of upbringing, and were always shameless in their pursuit of partners. Perhaps it was because Monica wasn’t trying to find multiple mates?

“There’s no one else here,” Janelle noted and looked around at the spotless abode.

“Of course not, why would there be?” Monica led her up a flight of stairs, glancing back with a curious eye.

“Aren’t Hypers always having sex?”

“Maybe the others are,” Monica murmured, “But I don’t care for it.”

“Why not?” Janelle frowned, crinkling her brow.

“Old fashioned, I guess?” Monica shrugged and pushed open a door. A rush of air blew across the pair, the heady musk contained within finally escaping.

“So, what are you going to show me?” Janelle restrained the urge to cover her nose, and to moan.

“That there’s nothing to be afraid of,” the hyper stated and unzipped her dress, the silk falling from her boulder-like breasts. She turned to face Janelle, curves and immense cock on full display, then grunted as she hefted the huge weight to reveal her puffy snatch, “Does mine look much different from yours?”

“N-no,” Janelle stuttered, eyes flickering between Monica’s figure.

“Then if I can handle myself, it stands to reason that you could too.

“I suppose s… wait, what?!” Janelle yelped as the gorgeous, overly endowed futa began to stroke her mammoth prick.

“I am going to fuck myself in front of you, and then you can make up your mind,” Monica clarified and sat down on the bed, “You’re welcome to help me if you’d like.” Janelle merely shook her head and lowered herself into a nearby chair, eyes following every movement of the elephantine member as it lifted from its throne bahis firmaları made of her balls. The hyper shrugged, then turned around on all-fours to present her frame-dominant hips.

Monica bent her semi-erect shaft around her sack. Her veins throbbed against her balls, each responding to one another as if conversing through her heartbeat. Pleasure pulsed in tandem with them as moisture ran down her egregiously oversized testes, while her snatch undulated around thin air, juices flowing with abandon. As much as this was to demonstrate the safety of sex with a Hyper, Monica adored this self-indulgence. She peeked at Janelle and moved a hand to her ass, pulling the monumental cheeks apart.

The hyper-endowed futa brought her cock up and around until the bulbous head pressed into her engorged cunt. Monica beamed and moaned, rubbing her pre spewing tip against her drooling snatch. She savoured the heat and wetness, cooing as it washed over her glans and down her shaft, mixing with her pre-cum. Her hips began to rock and slide against her prick. She was almost tempted to hotdog herself, however it would defeat the purpose.

“There’s no way,” Janelle whispered, though she leaned forward in anticipation, “It can’t fit.”

“Seeing is believing,” Monica sighed and gripped her cock, holding it steadfast as she pushed her leaking crotch against it. Her breath caught in her throat, followed by a husky moan. The lips stretched with a painful slowness, widening around her massive tip. She smirked as the tip was caught in her opening, “And you’re about to see something, hmm… amazing.”

“It’s going in,” Janelle’s voice barely travelled, yet her awe was no less powerful. The hyper knew that the sight was captivating, watching something as large a small oak enter something no bigger than a peach, and that this was the literal, and proverbial, tip. Monica breathed low as she steadied her cock against the bed, bending it to give a clear pillar for her cunt to devour. She had to bite her lip to keep her anticipation under control.

The way her pussy steamed with need and how her prick exuded an equally ripe desire. Monica’s musk wafted around her form, hugging her flesh like a veil of sex, before beginning its intrepid venture toward the doubtful student. It thickened in the atmosphere and shoved aside any other scent in the vicinity, such was a Hyper’s usual act. They were dominant in sex, unmatched by any other. It only made sense that even their odour would resemble this description.

Monica groaned deep in her throat and pushed another inch inside. Her walls stretched with practised ease, gripping the invader in a lover’s embrace. More sank inside and collided with her cervix, almost bending the resilient barrier. Pre-cum poured and drooled from her opening like a broken faucet, even as it leaked into every facet of her snatch. She would go so far as to say that she felt the sperm wriggling around.

“Why’d you stop?” Janelle whined.

“Cervical penetration is one of the most painful things a woman can go through, isn’t it?” Monica groaned, squatting against her unmoving cock. She couldn’t say if it was a by-product of her physiology, but her cock would harden regardless of its position. Even with it curled around her soccer ball sized cum-tanks, it would turn rigid and hold the pose.

“It is. Even Hypers aren’t immune to it.”

Monica grinned at the affirmation and slammed her hips down. In the exact opposite to Janelle’s statement, her face stretched into a gleaming beacon of ecstasy while her lower-body was moulded around her cock like a condom. It was obvious how deep her dick was, as it stretched her belly into an ostentatious bulge. The shape quickly rounded out as pre also flooded her womb.

“So kaçak iddaa hot…” Janelle whispered.

The hyper ignored her statement and simply smirked at the dark-skinned girl. She lowered herself deeper, forcing her stomach to reach between her monumental tits, until her condom-belly bumped into her chin and her mammoth rear came to rest against her haunches. Monica sighed and pressed harder to shove her length between her balls.

“Here’s the best part,” she moaned to herself and began to undulate her hips. The motion ground her tender lips against her rigid veins and her swollen clit into her heaving sack, in which Monica’s balls gurgled voraciously with unspent seed. As she worked, the tumescent bulge of her shaft sank into the depths of her cleavage, then ascended from the soft mountains. Each rise brought her spire against her galloping heart.

Her pussy rippled around the giant mast of futa cock, while her veins pounded against the walls. Every beat of her heart pulsated against her sensitive head. The bell-like glans spewed pre-cum in response, inundating every inch of her pliant womb in seed. She tilted her head and opened her mouth wide.

Janelle was forgotten. The intent behind this moment was forgotten. Only her pleasure remained. She moaned like an animal in heat, body thrumming with a similar energy.

Monica jerked down and forward, spreading her tits like two giant balls of jelly against her bed. Her lips spread, and her jaw unhinged, allowing the basketball sized head entry. It forced her cheeks out, then did the same to her throat. She clasped her hands together in an embrace around her tits and held them tight around her cock.

Monica’s arms rocked to and fro, pulling her breasts with them. Her hips rose and fell, fucking her cock into herself. More than three feet stretched her cunt taut, while the remainder throbbed against her testicles. The flesh of her sack had smoothed out as her body prepared for the inevitable climax, piling gallons upon gallons into her orbs.

If Monica had any regrets about her body, it was the cum production. The amount was incredible, no matter how little build-up there was to her orgasm, yet, matter how many barrels worth of cum she expulsed, it was never enough. Her cum baths were never enough, not even when she displaced the liquid in a water tower with her jizz. She couldn’t remain backed up for longer than a day, however.

The thoughts disappeared into the black void her pleasure created. It sucked in her consciousness, replacing it with the sole need to cum. Monica curled in on herself and coerced her gullet around her cock, taking her own body down her oesophagus, all while she gave herself a tit fuck. Her ass clenched in its own desire but went ignored. Monica rolled her head back and forth along her belly-turned-cock sleeve.

With each rise, a bubble would fall down her length. The tide of pre had only increased, feeding on her burgeoning pleasure and transforming into the viscous slime. With every full-length pulsation that ran along her Hyper cock, more than a cup spewed forth. It was thickening as well, overflowing with the quintillions of sperm swimming within her sack. Monica had never fallen pregnant with her own child, however there was a first-time for everything.

The mere idea was enough to swell her balls another inch. They spread her legs apart, tightening the already vice-like grip of her snatch. Her juices poured along her cock, making each movement easier than the last. Rivulets leaked onto her balls, casting a sheen across their mass.

Monica started at a sudden touch against her voluptuous ass. She turned with her cock still buried down her throat and saw Janelle behind her, bent forward with her face buried kaçak bahis between the hyper-endowed mounds. The student’s tongue pressed into Monica’s puckered anus, slipping inside and fluttering against the walls. It wasn’t surprising that the girl would do something so filthy. Hyper pheromones are potent enough to turn a nun into the local bicycle.

Monica couldn’t savour the added sensation for long, though. Her body jerked and locked into place. Her lower holes clamped around their respective invaders, pulling them in and holding tight. The hyper’s distended stomach shot down her throat, gaining inches with every second. She cried out around her self-imposed gag as her tits and ass also expanded, the latter devouring Janelle’s head between their plush valley.

It had been years since her last growth spurt, and longer since it happened during an orgasm. Hypers didn’t stop growing, not really. It simply slowed overtime or appeared to stop, during which the growth was simply storing up in a sense, ready to explode at any time. Monica’s balls joined the fun and steadily pushed her higher off the bed.

Then her orgasm finally came. Monica’s eyes bugged out and her body shuddered in one final burst of expansion, as a massive ball travelled through her cock. The orb, easily the size of her former testicle, pushed along foot after foot of dick, sending greater waves of ecstasy with every inch. She couldn’t even guess just how massive her dick was now.

The first explosion rocketed down into the pits of her stomach. Her belly turned into a rotund sphere, more than a match for a yoga ball, even as the second blast sprinted after the first. Monica’s flesh stretched like rubber, her abdomen exploding with each ball of cum into her belly, pushing it out further and further. It shoved against her rigid shaft, gradually pulling it from her mouth.

Monica’s belly poured from her mouth like the cum streaming from her cock. It fell against the bed and only continued to further extend, devouring the mattress and pushing her tits apart. Each burst of her climax was better than the last, sensations exploding in tandem with the tsunami waves of jizz. Monica laid her hands atop her gut and savoured the churning within.

“This is incredible!” Janelle yelled, standing beside the expanding flesh balloon. Its height came to her chin, though the mass far exceeded hers. She could still taste Monica’s ass on her tongue, the strangely delicious sour flavour dancing around her mouth. Her pussy had soaked through her panties and had never seemed so needy. Unbidden, her hand dipped into her skirt and underwear and rammed three fingers into her hole.

“Ah!” The student cried out as she came, disappointment plummeting into her gut as she squirted a pitiful amount compared to Monica. As if just to hammer the fact in, the hyper’s belly expanded several inches. Monica’s balls looked as huge as ever, despite the hundreds of gallons they’d already unleashed. How much more could there be?

All she could do was stand and watch. Monica owned a queen-sized double bed, more than big enough for the orgies Hypers were known for, yet it was rapidly losing surface. Janelle pressed her hands into it, amazed at how firm it was. Despite the insane elasticity Monica possessed, her womb was packed to the absolute brink, yet nothing leaked and still her bliss persisted. Janelle leaned against Monica’s stomach, moaning as she felt each new release of cum.

The hyper orgasm eventually calmed. Monica’s cock weakly released the remnants, swelling her belly further. It swam in her ejaculate, surrounded by its progeny and heat. She raised her head with a yawn and saw the ebony college girl gawking at her.

“So…” Monica began and rested her head upon the vast expanse of her stomach, “Still think people can’t handle Hypers?”

Janelle gulped and asked, “When will you be mobile again?”

“Depends on when you want to take my place,” Monica grinned and licked her full lips.

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