A Day in the Sun

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Gracie Reed decided to go and relax by the pool one Saturday afternoon, just to lounge around and catch up on some reading. Before she put her two-piece on she looks at herself in the mirror, she liked her reflection; she thought that she was good-looking woman. Long black hair, blue hues in it making it almost raven like black. Dark blue eyes, like the deepest blue of the ocean. Her face was almost flawless in color and tone, save the little scar on her chin from the dog bite she received as a young girl. With a body that’s nice and curvy, flat stomach, shapely legs, smooth skin, and her breast were a beautiful shape at a size C. They curve a bit allowing her large firm nipples to point upward. The color of her nipples and areola’s, she noticed are a perfect light brown, she contributes the color to having had two kids.

Jonathan Reed her husband, loves her size C’s, and tells her how beautiful they are every chance he gets. He loves to touch and fondle them as well, rubbing her nipples between his fingers and squeezing gently, he does this as often as he can too. Gracie turned a bit to look at her ass, Jonathan always says it looks like a heart, but she can’t see it, she decides that Jonathan sees it from the vantage point of fucking her from behind or when she is on her hands and knees giving him a wonderful head job, and does not dispute his comments. She bends over a little to see more of her womanly beauty, she likes what she sees, and it turns her on to look at her pussy. She slides on her bottoms and then her top, a dark blue suit that enhances her body very nicely.

On her way into the kitchen now, she grabs her favorite towel. Once in the kitchen she fixes herself some ice water in a thermal container and finds her book and the lip balm with sunscreen in it, her body oil as well. She looks around the kitchen for her sunglasses and clock, finding them and her sandals, with all her pool paraphernalia in hand she heads out the back door of her country home and to the pool. Gracie is really looking forward to this time of relaxing in the sun.

Out at the pool she got her mat and spread her towel out on it. Placing everything within her reach, the putting on her oil, taking care to hit all her exposed skin, rubbing up and down her legs, taking a little touch of her mound on her way up to her tummy, then her breasts feeling the beginnings of erect nipples and then continuing on with the oil, she glistens like a diamond now in the sun.

With that done, she looks around at the grounds and sees that they are shaping up really well. A tall privacy fence, with flowers and plants placed around the deck, in the enclosed the pool area. There were several lounge chairs set out so that when they had guests they would feel all the comforts of a resort. To the right side of Gracie, in the corner was a glass-topped table with an umbrella in the middle of it, wrought iron chairs with flower print cushions surrounding it, a simply perfect place to have a quiet lunch. The table, chairs and lounge chairs all match.

Where Gracie lay, if you looked to the left, near the entrance of the pool area there stood a very full apple tree. This tree was used to give shading to the grassy area where the double swing stood. The swing was able to seat up to 4 adults, two on each side, and 2 small children. If the whole family was over and the kids just had to sit with you then there was plenty of room for them. On the other side of the fence, in the neighbors yard stood a tall dogwood tree and a magnolia tree. These added some shading where the table stood. This place was a great get away, especially if you didn’t want to go anywhere. One time, when Gracie was out reading, she gave herself a quickie while on the swing. Reflecting, she remembers that day well.

She sat on the swing reading one morning, one leg up in the seat and the other on the ground to push the swing. The feeling of the light breeze between her legs turned her on, and she began to massage herself. She puts the book down and with sexy ease, pushed her shorts off. She can feel the excitement building as she anticipates what she is about to do. She pulled her legs together and just ran her hands from her collarbone down her body, touching her nipples, now hard, then her tummy, to the top of her pussy lips. She barely touches it, teasing herself, thinking that maybe a neighbor is watching. With the middle finger of her right hand, she dips into her pussy, just a bit; a small moan escapes her lips.

She spreads her legs a bit now and exposes more of her beautiful womanhood. With the other hand she pinches her nipples and caresses her body. Working her way down to her pussy now she spreads her lips open with her left hand, this turns her on even more. Legs spread wider now and with the air hitting her wetness, she reaches in and gets some of her moisture and rubs her clit around with it. It’s really swollen now and she just rubs around the sides of her clit so as not to touch the tip of it, bursa escort as it is so sensitive she doesn’t want to come yet, she wants it to last as long as possible. She is so wet now and it just adds to her pleasure, feeling it all slick and soft, she brings her fingers to her mouth to taste.

“Oh,” she moans. By now she is totally engrossed into what she’s doing and her legs are up in the air, rubbing and now her pussy urges her to insert a finger in. In and out, faster and faster she fingers herself, out now and back to her very swollen clitoris she lightly touches it. “Oh, oh, god this feels so good, mm.” She moans in a low voice. Rubbing to one side then the other, to the tip of it then back to her vagina, playing this was for a few more minutes, until she feels her climax approaching, faster and faster it head towards her, like a fright train on an urgent trip.

Coming to its destination, she feels it, coming closer, closer, ‘oh,’ closer, rubbing it, feeling all the intensity coming to her and then, it happens, she is coming in wave after wave of delight, having been hit by the train. Spasm after spasm assails her, she fingers herself slowly, savoring the moment and then relaxes into a peaceful nap on the swing, not bothering to dress yet, just nap.

How nice she thinks to herself. She quite often indulges her sexual side while out side. Gracie loved to go out to her pool when the sun was high and just relax and enjoy her time there. There are times after swimming that she would take her suit off and lie in the water on her float and relieve her sexual tension, her legs spread wide, hands fondling her pussy, to her the excitement of coming out side was great. The orgasm’s she would have were always very intense.

Today she was in just one of those moods, but she didn’t know it yet. Her husband had some work to catch up on at work so she was a little down about that. A day in the sun would make it all better she thought to herself.

Lying down on her mat, on her stomach, she decided to tan her back first. Undoing the clasp of her top and pulling the straps off her shoulders, she had already begun to feel the tension leave her body and she was not even touching herself.

“Ah,” she said, as she retrieved her book from her bag that she used to carry her things. She looked at her clock; it was 11:30 AM. She decides to read for a half hour then flip over on to her back.

The book she was reading was about an eighteenth century prostitute that has fallen in love with one of her customers, the scene she was reading had been very hot.

“Oh Maurice, yes, yes, fuck me.” Angelica said as she pushed her ass back hard onto Maurice’s cock. He was fucking her from behind with such force that she thought she may pass out, but Angelica did not care, for she was falling in love with Maurice. She would do anything for him and has; her profession had called for it. He was massive in her, she could feel all of him, in and out of her he went, then reaching around her he began to massage her clitoris and send her flying with passion and desire, this causing her to want to pull herself off of him and turn to suck his cock. She does.

“Oh shit yes, you such it, suck it good.” Maurice said with his hands on her head and pushing himself into her mouth. He feels his balls constricting as the pressure builds, but he stops just shy of coming.

“Lay down my dear, I want to make love to you.” He says, while helping her gently on to the bed. He mounts her and enters her, and she moans into his neck, coming almost……….

“Damn, you look good,” said Jonathan, scaring her out of her wits and making her jump, bringing her down from her sex cloud. Gracie was so engrossed in the reading of it that she never heard Jonathan come up.

“Crap”, she said, breathless, her heart beat a mile a minute and she was mad for a moment. “You scared the crap out of me, crap”.

“I am so sorry,” Jonathan said, horse laughing uncontrollably. “Really,” he said, taking a breath, “I didn’t mean to scare you, but you really do look damn good you know all wet looking with that oil all over you.” Jonathan had reached her by now and was kissing her on her shoulder and Gracie’s anger turned to bliss with the sensation of his lips on her skin.

“Mm, that feels really good, but I’m all sweaty,” she said as he started to kiss the back of her neck and on down to her shoulder blades. “Isn’t that icky to you, salty?” she asked him as he continued down to the small of her back.

“Nope, not at all, I want you, I really do.” He said with a husky voice, and by that she knew that he did.

“I know you do and well, I want you too, but can I finish roasting first?” she said with a giggle.

“Sure, I’ll clean the pool and roast a bit myself.” With that he planted a very passionate kiss on her, his tongue parting her lips and she was unable to resist him. She let him explore her mouth like a spelologist explores a cave. By this time, Gracie has bursa escort bayan realized that her time is up and she turns over. Jonathan continues to kiss her wantonly, and then licks his way down to the swells of her very perky breasts, using his tongue to trace the edges of her top, tasting the salt and looking intently at her firm mountains. He truly loves them. Again she protests and he gets up with a smirk on his face and a wink in his eye that says, “Oh, I have got you under my spell now, my dear”. Gracie knows it too.

“I want you.” He says again, with that wink.

“I know, you have mentioned that already, and now you know that you shall have me, you bad, bad boy!” Gracie said as if reading from her novel, she tweaked her nipples and winking back at him, giggling again. “You just be ready for me honey, cause you got my motor running now. Your ass is mine tonight Reed.”She often called Jonathan by their last name.

“You got it.” Jonathan said as he started toward the pool vacuum and to get the other things needed to clean up the pool, which was not all that bad but he always wants it nice for Gracie.

When Gracie looks at Jonathan she sees a man devoted to her, he has loved her from the first time they met it seems. They both knew that they were made for each other. The way Jonathan looks now as opposed to when they met is not very different. He still had a head full of dark blond hair, which does get lighter during the summer months. His eyes are a light shade of green that at times may look darker, with yellow flecks in them, and he keeps a very nice goatee. He is a very handsome specimen of maleness. He has bulked up a bit in their 20-year marriage, but is still built very well, and is always able to maintain what is needed to keep Gracie happy. He takes pride in the fact that he can still fuck her like nobodies business. She takes pride in that too.

Getting into the pool with his pool vacuum he said, “the water is not as warm as it was the other night.” He had already removed his shorts.

“Then I’m not getting in,” said Gracie. So she lie there basking in the sun as Jonathan hooks everything up. As she lies there she is playing with her nipples, Jonathan started it, she thought to herself. She was feeling very turned on by this time and started to lightly touch and caress her skin with the tips of her finger nails. Her nipples were not firm when she started this but now she can feel them getting firmer and firmer with each passing second, she begins to let her legs sway back and forth as she lies on her back. She can feel the moisture in her pussy begin to increase as she continues. She wonders if Jonathan is looking at her, when she last looked up a moment ago he was vacuuming. She could feel gooseflesh rise up on her skin as she continued to roll her nipples in between her fingers. Gracie has one hand on her pussy rubbing gently and teasingly. The next sensation Gracie feels is a wet hand on her foot as Jonathan was starting to massage her foot and ankle. This sent more tingles all over her. She was positioned in such a way that he could see her covered pussy and how it moved in time to Gracie’s swaying leg.

Gracie wants more than just a massage, and she moans to let Jonathan know her desire. He pulls on her legs to let her know that he wants her to scoot down toward the edge of the pool.

“What are you thinking?” Jonathan asked her, as he was helping her get closer to the edge.

“I was just thinking that you might be hungry, and that I should let you eat me.” “You want?” she asked him; her pussy was aching to be touched.

“I think you’re right, I am hungry, and your sweetness needs attention.” He said.

Now with her legs in the water to her knees, he begins to seductively take her bottoms off and tosses them into the water. Gracie moans in delight. He kisses her knees and slides his tongue up her leg as he massages her mound and plays in her trimmed pubic hair, she is still playing with her nipples and tonguing her fingers at the same time. Her back arched and low guttural moans escape her mouth. Jonathan takes his hands and spreads her open for the world to see, she loves it. She is a bit of an exhibitionist. He steps back and admires the dish set before him, licking his lips and feeling his mouth water as he thinks about what he is about to partake of. His cock is starting to stiffen at the sight and thoughts of what he is about to do to her. He moans. She moans.

Placing his hands on her again, he bends a little and with his fingers, he spreads her pussy lips open and out shines her ready and waiting clit. She feels the sun’s heat on her pussy, and feels the need of his attention, he can see the juices flowing from her vagina, and he can wait no longer, he dives right in.

He rams his tongue into her with force and purpose, in and out, licking and sucking her juice into his mouth, while making slurping noises that one might make while eating a juicy peach. Her juice flowing escort bursa freely, Jonathan can feel it running down his chin. Waves of delight are running through Gracie. Her moans, the smell of her, causing is cock to twitch in the water. His fingers spreading her wider, her clit is swollen and hard. He tongues it and flicks it at the very tip with his tongue hard on it, causing Gracie to move her hips up and down uncontrollably. He slides two fingers into her hot pussy and finger fucks her, making her moan even louder, not realizing the neighbors are out. Neither one of them cares, she moves as he fingers her eager cunt, shaking at this point as her climax gets closer and more intense then ever thought possible. She pushes her pussy closer to his face. “Oh god that feels so good, I’m ready to come, uh, uh, now,” she said as she rises up a bit to watch him eat her.

“Oh god, oh god, I’m coming,” she screams, pulling his face into her pussy, grinding her hips against his face, up and down in a small sexy motion, as he licks and finger fucks her to the best orgasm she has ever had under the sun. Literally. As her orgasm subsides a bit she is still moving her hips and he continues to finger her. “Oh, baby, that still feels so good.” She said.

He can wait no longer, he has to fuck her now, pulling her with ease into the water, and he glides his stiff aching cock into her very wet pussy. He pins her to the wall of the pool to stabilize himself and begins to pump his cock into her with slow rhythmic thrusts at first. As he increases the force of his fucking, Gracie takes her top off and her breast’s float freely in the pool, they are in what you would call a fuck frenzy now. Like a shark while it’s feeding, unaware of what is going on around it. That’s the way Jonathan and Gracie felt, the frenzy of the best sex under the sun. He took her breasts into his hands and put her right nipple in his mouth. He circles around the sensitive part of her nipple with his tongue, and then bites it. Rolling her left nipple hard in his other hand, he sends ripples of ecstasy through Gracie.

“Damn this is good,” Jonathan said as he continued to fuck her, Gracie’s legs wrap around his waist, “fucking good, and good fucking. I love to fuck you.” He said in her ear. Almost cave man like.

She giggled at him and said, “Do me baby, fuck me hard, harder, make if feel so good baby.” Kissing him now, their mouths and tongues in as much of a hungry state as their bodies.

“I’m going to come inside you, going to fuck you until you come again, then my hot come is going to flood your pussy baby,” his face had and expression of what looked like a mingling of pain and pleasure. He buried his face in her neck.

“Fuck me, oh yes fuck me.” Gracie said, as she could feel the water gliding over her body with the rhythm of their movements. “Oh god, I’m going to come again.”

“Yes Gracie baby, yes come again, oh, yes that’s it,” he said as he was pushing slowly into her the way she liked it, making her orgasm more intense, and feeling her pussy tighten around his dick. “I can feel you coming baby, feels so good, doesn’t it?” he asked.

“Oh, Yes,” she said as her head fell back. “Oh god yes.”

Jonathan began to feel his own orgasm as her pussy contracted around his cock, tighter and tighter, causing him to fuck her in steady slow but hard thrusts. Pushing in and out, fucking her, pushing into her like he is made for her, harder and harder.

“I’m going to come baby, oh, uh. Damn this feels so good. I’m coming, I’m coming, oh, oh now.” He pushed himself deeper into her as his hot come spurt deeper and deeper into her, “I’m coming in you baby, and I love you. Oh, its so damn good.” He said as the last bit of come came out, Gracie seeming to drain him of it all.

“I love you too, baby.” She said as she kissed him tenderly. Jonathan wrapped his arms around her and squeezed her to him, kissing her back. They just floated there together for a long time just kissing and touching each other, as they always do after making love to each other.

Some moments later after they had held one another for a while, they swam a bit and laid out a little longer. Looking at one another from time to time, commenting on how good it felt to fuck in the pool and how exciting it was to know that someone could have heard them, and probably did. Gracie swam around, getting some exercise while Jonathan lie on his float, his vacuuming done he was very relaxed. Feeling a little froggy she swam up under him and pushed him over.

“Hey, what the heck?” he said to her as he started to chase her. “I’m going to get you.”

“You got to catch me first.” She said, swimming around naked.

Of course Jonathan got to her, and of course she surrendered to him. He slid his hand between her legs and then slid two fingers in her still wet pussy. She groaned and rolled her eyes in pleasure. She kissed him.

“You want to go and get a bit to eat?” He asked, whispering in her ear in a sexy voice.

“Mm, oh, yea oh yea, sure.” She said in her pleasure. “But you better remember, oh that’s nice, um one thing Reed, oh damn that’s good, um, your ass is still mine tonight.” Giving him another deep kiss.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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