A Day in the Mountains

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So… I think we need to find a quiet, secluded lake in the Adirondacks and plan a little canoe trip. A nice, relaxing drive through the mountains. Each of us wearing a pair of shorts, boots, a tank top and little else other than a smile.

When we find our serene and secluded lake, we’ll unpack our supplies and picnic lunch, toss it in the canoe and head to the lake. We’ll launch the canoe into the glass-like water under the perfect blue sky and start paddling toward an island out a little ways. There isn’t another soul on this lake, so as we start to get sweaty from paddling, I will, of course, decide to strip down. You won’t be surprised and will laugh at me as usual, but also feel a little intrigued and brave and take your shirt off. You will suddenly fall in love with the feel of the sun on your skin as the light mountain breeze cools the glistening droplets on your chest and forces your nipples to immediately stiffen.

When we reach the island, we’ll pull the canoe on shore and start gathering our supplies. The seclusion is incredible and we take a moment to take it all in. You put your arms around me and the moment I feel your skin on mine, your nipples on my chest, I feel a stir. We stand like that for a moment, taking everything in… the wind through the hemlocks and the echo of a loon out on the lake… all of it.

As we pull our packs out of bakırköy escort the canoe, you notice that familiar glimmer. That sparkle of light caused by the sunlight on that little globe of precum escaping my half hard cock. You lean down while looking directly up into my eyes and drag your tongue up my shaft until you reach that drop and slowly scoop it up before closing your lips around my cock and teasing my head for a moment with your tongue. As you stand up, we move together and kiss. Our tongues dance together and for a moment, I think I taste my own saltiness on your tongue. We slowly separate and take a few steps further into the island and you stop, look at me in that sexy, sideways way like only you can and hook your thumbs inside the waistband of your shorts at each hip and slide them down. I know this a big step for you and it excites me that you took that step. We walk around the island a little bit and find a small opening on the shore with soft mossy banks and an area of small, smooth pebbles leading into the water. We lay out a blanket, take off our boots and lay there. Naked in nature…

As we lay on the blanket, enjoying the peaceful tranquility of this small corner of paradise we’ve found, we also enjoy the sweet arousing feeling of one another’s hands exploring our bodies. Rolling over to get more comfortable and get beşiktaş escort a little closer, our lips and tongues get involved in the exploration. Both a little sweaty from the sun and paddling, the saline taste on my tongue as I trace your body with my mouth is becoming apparently arousing. My lips start at yours and then move to your ear, where I nibble on your lobe and then move to your neck where I kiss and lick a bit harder. I hear that gasp you do when you get that sudden shock of sexual excitement and I feel your hands starting to move down my sweat beaded torso and slow at my hips…

And then one… two… three of your fingers brush against my cock and it jumps. A little moan escapes my lips as my mouth moves down your chest and my kisses become more primal. Sucking harder and biting my way to your hardened and very sensitive nipples. I suck hard on your nipples. Hard enough that you ride that cusp of pleasurable pain that makes your breath shudder slightly, your heartbeat speed up and those sweet, slippery juices build up and glisten on your delicious pussy lips. While my mouth is sensuously devouring one nipple, one of my hands slides down your body, down your thigh and then back up your inner thigh until I feel the saturating arousal of your sweet honey pot. My fingers glide through the soaked dampness and trace along the edges beylikdüzü escort of your perfect pink lips, then slide slowly inside you. My thumb falls on your engorged clit and your hips instinctively thrust slightly forward to maximize that pleasurable pressure on your aroused love button.

As I move my kisses back up to your neck, my thumb orbits your clit with fervor and my fingers vigorously massage that bundle of sexual nerves inside of you. You still have one hand massaging and stroking my now fully engorged cock, but your other hand! Your other hand, in primal instinct, grabs my hand attending to your pussy and pulls it as tightly as possible into yourself, as if trying to activate every pleasurable nerve at once.

And then it happens. The symphony of your orgasm begins.

You slowly begin arching your back. Whimpering and gasping moans begin to leave your mouth, because you can no longer form words. And then, your hands stop moving… as if you’re trying to hold onto that apex of pleasure and pressure as long as possible before that release.

Then, I feel you tighten. Your hand on my cock, your other hand on mine and your pussy on my fingers.

And you explode.

An orgasmic cry you never knew was in you escapes your lips and echoes across the lake, as waves of your sexual nectar soak my hand, your hand and the blanket.

You lay there trying to catch your breath as I softly trace my fingers around your overly sensitive pussy. I kiss the salty sweat up your neck to your chin and lips, then raise my love soaked hand to my mouth to lick it clean before whispering to you, “And that was just the warm up…”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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