A Daughters Needs

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A Daughters Needs

I am a divorced man in my mid-fifties, and I have a 32 year old daughter, Jayne. Jayne is married to a decent guy, Phil, and they have a boy of their own who has just had his sixth birthday. Jayne and I have always been very close and she regularly pops in to see me at home on evenings and at weekends. One such visit a few weeks ago ended up changing our relationship and placing it on another level.

Jayne called round to see me one Saturday morning and I could immediately tell from her expression that something was wrong. She came into the kitchen and I set about making us some tea. She said that her husband and son had gone to the cinema and she had something she needed to share with me. All sorts of things went through my mind in that instant, serious illness, the breakdown of their relationship etcetera. I indicated that we should take our tea through to the lounge and sit down.

We sat next to each other on the settee and she suddenly burst into tears. I put my arm around her shoulders to comfort her and through her tears she said, “Dad, I don’t know if I can tell you this but it’s been driving me mad. I am not sure how you will react but I don’t want you to hate me and ….”.

“Stop right there Jayne. I love you more than anything else and you know you can tell me anything. If I can help then you know I will and at the very least we can talk about whatever is bothering you.”

“I know dad but when you hear this you might change your mind.”

“Whatever it is, I will not stop loving you.”

“Okay dad but please let me finish before you react. I need to tell you everything first and please, please, it must remain just between you and me. Promise you won’t tell anyone, ever.”

I gave her my assurance and she took a deep breath and started. Her initial announcement was just blurted out and it took me completely by surprize.

“Dad, I want to have sex with you!”

“What!” I exclaimed.

“You promised you wouldn’t interrupt.”

“I know but I wasn’t …; okay carry on.” I stammered.

Jayne took another deep breath and continued. She wasn’t crying anymore as I think the fact that she had got the main revelation out of the way now made the rest a bit easier for her. I sat and listened as she revealed the whole story to me. This is the gist of what she said.

“Dad, I really enjoy sex but Phil just doesn’t satisfy me. We have sex a couple of times a week but it just consists of him lying on top of me and banging away until he finishes and rolls off. I never cum and when I try to tell him about it he just says it seems alright to him.

I love him very much and there isn’t anything else about our relationship that needs fixing, it’s just the sex side of things.”

At this point I did interrupt and mention about the availability of books and sex therapists. Jayne said she had spoke to Phil about these but he was insistent that they didn’t need any of that kind of thing.

I was mindful of the fact that she had started the conversation with the revelation that she wanted to have sex with me and I was waiting to hear the connection. She continued and now it turned a little more intimate.

“I know I can talk openly with you about things so let me carry on and finish the whole story. I have tried masturbating, many times actually, but it just doesn’t work for me. I orgasm, but I don’t find it satisfying. I then thought about finding someone for some casual sex but I just can’t do that. I can’t do that to Phil as I love him so much and in any case it would come with complications. I don’t want to hurt anyone, I don’t want to risk anyone finding out and I certainly don’t want to catch anything. So using my fingers or a strangers cock are out.”

Jayne continued. “It was then that I realised the solution was obvious. I love you as much as I love Phil. I know this is in a different way as you are my dad, but I do find you sexy and I have noticed you looking at me when I bend over sometimes.”

I started to defend myself but Jayne stopped me saying, “Dad, I like it when you look down my top or at my bum, and in fact I sometimes make a point of bending down in front of you so that you get a good view of my cleavage and tits.”

“Well you have a nice body and I like to look.” I replied. “But I thought I was being discreet.”

“Dad, I notice things, but I do like the fact that you sometimes see me sexually. Anyway, let me finish.”

She went on with her confession, if I can call it that.

“As I was saying, playing with myself or casual sex with a stranger don’t work for me and then I thought about you. You are on your own, you don’t have a girlfriend and sometime ago you mentioned to me that the only thing you miss about mum these days is sex. I guess that you have a high sex drive like me and that you probably wank to satisfy it. Am I right?”

“Yes Jayne. I watch porn and wank myself off to it quite often if you must know. It’s not ideal but I do enjoy it and it’s ataşehir escort bayan all I’ve got.”

“Do you ever fantasize about me?”

“Jayne, if I said yes it would make me sound like a pervert.”

“Dad, I thought we could be completely honest with each other. I am revealing much more here than you are.”

“Okay, okay. Yes I sometimes think about you when I masturbate.”

“Do I make you cum?”

“Yes, you make me cum. Satisfied?”

“Yes, good. Anyway stop interrupting. So the facts as I see it are that we both don’t have a sexually fulfilling life, we both love each other already, neither of us is promiscuous and so don’t have any STD’s, and finally, I do not consider it a proper affair and no one will suspect anything other than I am visiting my dad, which I do regularly anyway. I rest my case!”

“You really have thought a lot about this haven’t you!” I stated.

“I have and it’s a perfect solution that satisfies both of us. And I should mention that on occasion I have noticed what looks like a nice big cock inside your trousers.”

I couldn’t argue with her logic and the thoughts of playing with such a lovely young and sexy body did appeal to me. As her dad I should have felt repelled by the idea, but my hardening cock thought otherwise. To help appease my conscience I said; “Jayne, what you are proposing is not only immoral, but also against the law. If anyone found out it would mean the end of your marriage, you would probably be deemed an unfit mother and have your son taken off you, and as for me, well if I escaped prison I would certainly be deemed a sex offender. I would lose my job and be branded a paedophile or something.”

“Dad you can’t be a paedophile, I am 32 years old. We are both consenting adults and in any case it’s me seducing you here.”

At this stage I was getting so turned on by the idea of a good shag that I really just wanted to grab my daughter and have a good feel of those tits. Instead I said; “Okay supposing we did mess with each other a bit, the rules are that we must be ultra-careful not to give away our secret and if at any time either of us wants to stop we say the word and walk away.”

“Agreed.” She replied.

I thought it would be a good idea for us both to reflect on the situation for a few days and if we still both want to try it we could talk about it again. Jayne agreed and stood up to leave. Before leaving she put her arms around my neck and pressed her lips to mine. I felt her open her mouth and she eased her tongue between my lips. This was no father daughter type of kiss and it lasted a good minute during which time I felt her hand on the front of my jeans. She rubbed my fully hard cock through my jeans and then left. I went upstairs to the bedroom and wanked myself to a fantastic orgasm.

A couple of days later Jayne invited me round to her house for a family Sunday dinner. When I arrived Jayne greeted me with a bright smile and told me that Phil and the boy were playing in the garden. I popped out to see them both and then returned to the kitchen to help with the dinner preparations.

Jayne set me about peeling potatoes and as I worked I stood at the sink watching the lads through the kitchen window. Jayne stood behind me, slightly to my right, and I suddenly felt her hand on the front of my trousers. As she rubbed my cock she said in a low voice, “Have you thought about it?” I replied that I had done little else but think about it and by now the attention she was giving to my cock had me fully hard. “Dad I can’t wait much longer. I really need to feel you inside me,” she whispered, adding, “I brought myself off yesterday and actually managed to cum, imagining my fingers were your cock.” I suggested she call around to my house on her way home from work one day the following week. She said she would call around at 5:30 on Tuesday evening. She gave one last squeeze of my cock, let go of me and went back to preparing the dinner. I had to stand at the sink concentrating on the veg until my cock had deflated.

Sunday dinner had gone very well with excellent food, family conversation and afterwards playing in the garden. When it became time for me to leave I made my farewells and Jayne showed me to the front door. As usual she hugged me and kissed my cheek. However, while kissing my cheek she whispered in my ear, “See you on Tuesday dad and don’t have a wank. I want you to save it for me.” I left with another semi-hardon in my trousers.

It was very hard not to have a wank but I managed to resist and save myself for Jayne on Tuesday. I drank plenty of water as well as I had discovered in the past that if you are well hydrated you seem to ejaculate more. On Tuesday afternoon I had a long shower, trimmed my pubic hair to tidy it up and generally prepared myself to be at my best for Jayne’s visit. I dressed in jeans and a T-shirt. I didn’t bother with underwear or socks as I didn’t want any sexless garments to get in the way. Then I waited for Jayne escort kadıöy to arrive. My phone bleeped and the text told me she was just leaving work and would be with me in 15 minutes. The naughty girl added that her pussy had been wet all day and I made a mental note to tell her not to send such texts and to make sure she deleted it. We needed to be very careful.

When she knocked on the door I felt I surge of excitement in my chest. I opened the door, Jayne came in and when we were safely behind the closed door in the hall we held each other and kissed. The kiss started as a soft touching of lips but then she opened her mouth slightly and our tongues met. We shared a long passionate kiss during which I felt her hand on the front of my jeans yet again. She gently rubbed my hard cock through my clothing and when our kiss broke she whispered in my ear; “I really want you.”

I lead her into the lounge, we locked into another kiss and this time I started to unbutton her blouse. Having completely opened her blouse I broke off our kiss and looking down I feasted me eyes on my daughters fabulous large breasts contained within her lacy white bra. I have noticed when she wears tight clothing, or when I see holiday photos of her on the beach wearing a bikini, that she has nice rounded breasts which I would guess are about 36C. As this was also the size of her mothers’ breasts, I had often imagined that their breasts were similar in size and with the same colour nipples. I hoped to confirm this very soon.

Jayne looked in my eyes and said, “Play with my tits dad.”

I moved my hands around her back inside her clothing and used my fingers to un-fastened the clasp. Jayne was still rubbing my contained cock as I gently slid my hands around under the sides of her now released bra and there I was, cupping my daughters perfect breasts. They felt beautifully soft and smooth in my hands and I could feel her nard nipples pocking into my palms.

I continued feeling her breasts and she broke our kiss to say that she needed to feel my cock properly. She went to work undoing my belt and jeans. With the zipper all the way down she slid her small delicate hand inside. I wasn’t wearing underwear and it was easy for her to bring my cock out into the open. My cock is slightly more than six inches long and quite thick. I have a full foreskin and when rolled back, my large purple knob is revealed. Jayne clearly delighted in stroking my cock and smiled very naughtily as she moved my foreskin back and forth with her fingers.

I stopped playing with her tits while she stroked me and things got even better when she somewhat mischievously announced that as my cock is thicker than Phil’s she needed to make sure it would fit in her mouth. She bent down and slide her warm mouth over my cock, licking and sucking all around my engorged knob. God it felt good.

I had to stop her from doing what she was doing as I knew I was getting close to blowing my load. In view of the reason for this sexual contact it was important that Jayne felt fully satisfied, and me cumming too soon would have put pay to any future incestuous activity. I wanted to see her naked in any case so I asked if she would undress for me. She said; “So you want to see your little girl naked do you?”

“Yes please.” I replied.

She stood up and shrugged off her blouse. As I had already unfastened her bra and this was now above her breasts, I saw her gorgeous tits displayed before me. They were perfectly rounded pale orbs of fun, with a slight hang to them. Her nipples were just as I imagined, dark pink and about the size of two-pence coins. Her nipples were hard and stood out about a centimetre. She removed her bra completely and it joined her blouse on the floor.

Jayne smiled at me, clearly delighting in the fact that I was watching her undress for me. Her black trousers were next to go. These she slowly slid down her legs and off. She now stood there in white lacy knickers which matched the bra she was once wearing. Her body looked so sexy. She was quite curvy, not chunky but not slim either. Just right. She had a nice waist which flared out to form lovely shapely hips. Her skin was flawless and pale, not tanned. A proper English rose.

She smiled at me and asked what I was thinking. I was so caught up in the moment that I replied without really thinking, and as such spoke what was in my mind.

“Jayne you are gorgeous. I can’t wait to find out if you are hairy or shaved!”

“Well I might show you, in a minute or two.” She teased.

I of course knew she was a natural blond, but I didn’t know if she preferred to keep her pussy bald or not. I like the thought of both equally, although as most of the porn I watch seems to favour the completely shaved variety, I was hoping for a nice blond bush.

I just sat there gently stroking my cock as she turned slowly around. With her back to me I saw that her knickers were the lacy thong type and so her bum cheeks were on full view. Oh maltepe escort my word her bum was so beautifully round and shapely. She bent slightly forward, hooked her thumbs into the waistband of her knickers and slowly slid them down her legs. She did this in such a way that I was unable to even get a glimpse of her pussy between her legs. However, I didn’t have to wait long for that.

I could tell she was enjoying this as much as me. I think the idea of seductively stripping off in front of someone was a real turn on for her. Maybe even one of her own masturbation fantasies.

She gradually turned back towards me and stood there with her hands on her hips, now totally naked. Of course, I immediately focused on her pussy and my question was answered. There in front of my very eyes was a beautiful triangle of straw-coloured pubic hair. She clearly kept it neat as it was not an overgrown bush, but rather a nicely trimmed womanly carpet of hair, through which I could just make out the delicate folds of her pussy lips. “Well, what do you think?” She said.

“Jayne, you are stunning and I want to fuck you so much.”

“I not only want you to fuck me, but I need you to fuck me.” She responded.

I stood up, took her in my arms, and we kissed deeply again. Apart from the fact that my hard cock was exposed, I was still fully clothed ~ for about 20 seconds. I quickly shed all my clothes and we kissed again, this time pressing our completely nude bodies together. Jayne clearly has a talent for saying the sexiest things and when we broke our kiss she asked me;

“What are you going to do to me dad? You can’t just fuck me. I need satisfying. You need to make me cum more than once before you put that big cock inside my pussy.”

My reply was genuine when I said; “You are going to cum at least three times. First on my fingers, then on my tongue, and eventually on my cock. Would that be okay with you?”

“Sounds fantastic. Where do we do it?”

“Right here.” I said, and gradually encouraged her down to the soft rug covering the floor.

Laying side by side we carried on kissing and fondling. Jayne stroking my cock and me massaging her fabulous breasts. I kissed my way down to her tits whilst transferring my hand to her lower regions. I ran my fingers through her pubic hair and slid my middle finger between her pussy lips. She was incredibly wet and with a slight inward pressure I felt my fingertip slide easily inside her pussy.

While sucking on her nipples I gently slid my finger in and out of her pussy. Her hand stopped stroking me and she just laid still, breathing shallow with her eyes closed. I withdraw my now very wet finger from inside her and used it to gently rub her clit with a soft circular motion. Her breathing became more heavy and encouraged by this I continued. Every so often I would dip into her pussy to re-moisten my finger to lubricate it and then returned to gently rub her clit. By now she was simply laid on her back, holding but not stroking my cock, and totally relaxed into what I was doing to her pussy.

Suddenly she gasped, her eyes opened wide and she announced; “I cumming! Oh god dad I’m cumming!” Her back arched and she let out an audible sigh as her orgasm spread through her. She clamped her thighs against my hand and I was rewarded with a small flood of pussy juice. I just held her until her orgasm subsided and then she grabbed my head and forced a powerful kiss upon my mouth.

In any other context, Jayne’s next comment would have floored me. “Fucking hell dad I knew you would be good but that was unbelievable.” I smiled conceitedly.

I was keen to carry on the sexual exploration of this exceptional young lady’s body and so I asked her if it was alright if I tasted her. “Oh god yes.” Was her reply.

I moved down and positioned myself between her legs. Gently moving her knees apart I had my first perfect view of her pussy. Her lips were bright pink from her recent orgasm and glistened with moisture. I was tempted to just dive straight in, but I wanted to savour this moment as well as wanting to properly taste my daughter and bring her to another orgasm.

I started by slowly running my tongue up from the base of her pussy to her clit, and back again. I did this several times and was thrilled by the taste of the copious amount of pussy juice she gave me. I slid my tongue as deep as I could into her pussy and followed this up by clamping my mouth over her lips and sucking on them. After repeating this ‘routine’ for a few minutes I became aware that she was close to cumming again, and sure enough she whispered: “Don’t stop. That feels so good. I’m going to cum again. Oh fuck dad lick me, lick your daughters cunt!”

The expletive both shocked and excited me. I nearly came myself as my little Jayne clamped her thighs around my head and orgasmed on my mouth. Two down, one to go flashed through my mind.

I returned to laying next to her and we kissed. She licked my chin obviously enjoying her own taste. She had a satisfied and contented look on her face and I had a fleeting thought that I may have to content myself with a wank after she had left. This though was almost instantly dispelled when she said: “It’s the main event next. I’m going to be fucked by my dad.”

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