A Cure for Depression

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I was suffering a lot from depression since the bout of a drug obsession and all the time, I was being falsely advised to keep on taking Ecstasy and I would feel on top- of the world, but of course when I ran out of money and could not afford anymore I was really in the doldrums and next to suicide.

It was like a guardian Angel turned up out of nowhere in the form of a guy I had known at high school, who remembered me quite well but I had forgotten him.

He took me in after seeing me perched hopelessly in a shop front and let me have my own room in which I could slowly recover given the heed of this guy called Stefan.

When we spoke more it suddenly dawned on me who he was, I remember the other scholars teasing him because of his sexual leaning, but I befriended him because I sincerely liked him as a buddy and never more.

He told me he had never forgotten that and thought of us as still good buddies and that is why he wanted to help me regain my confidence and everything..

Somehow, during our deep meaningful conversations I got to lay my head upon his chest and when he started to gently stroke my cheek I felt warm and right. illegal bahis

One thing led to another and just the simple touch of his fingers rimming my lips aroused something in me that had been dormant for so very long. But I realised then my feeling for Stefan were much more than just friendly because I was enjoying his touch and so, after wiping my tears away, consoling me after he had got me to get all the nasty things in my life out of my mind I felt the warmth of his hand teasing my chest. It was lovely and warm and I felt so close to him, that when he gently pulled off my polo necked shirt and my chino’s I felt so benevolent towards him.

There was no need for more words, the words had been spoken and now it was time for quietness as we both sensed the new joy of each other’s touch, and the swell of his arousal like it was the most natural thing in the world, even when he went down to me, pacifying me all the time with kisses.

I closed my eyes and simply let what happened happen. . His grasp on my hand prompted me there, to feel him over those skin tight blue briefs in which he looked so alluring. I so loved feel of him through the soft silky illegal bahis siteleri material and felt him grow.

“It is all for you. Peter,” he whispered and that set me off to go the whole hog and tease the seam aside to watch his cock pop out like a Jack in the Box and it was divine, we both chuckled at that but not for long because the taste of him in my mouth was automatic and for the forstti8me ever I was instinctively sucking cock like there was no tomorrow and there was Stefan feeling me two, over and under my briefs until we were both enraptured in a so wonderful oral escapade of sheer delight, him sucking me and me him, the sucking, the balling and everything combined to make it so beautiful and lovely.

Now all may tears had gone, and that was thanks to Stefan who had introduced me to my new self, a self of which I was unaware until I met Stefan again and when I felt his hands stretching me wide open it was so good to feel his mouth sink into me there, giving me all sorts of wonderful and thrilling feelings I had never known before, feeling I never thought would have given me so much pleasure and joy, as much as did the new experience of canlı bahis siteleri being like that for Stefan with no inhibitions at all, I looked down to watch him there, the taste of his earthy cock embellished in my mouth as I balled him, the sheer wonder of it all, seeing the way he was licking my all over and sucking my asshole like he was so hungry. I heard myself whimpering with pleasure and his sucks were so divine. He’d got me do worked up I wanted to feel that gorgeous cock of his stuffed deep up my asshole and no seeing, that was what he was doing to me, all that licking and sucking and teasing with his fingers, rimming and stretching me wide open.

He knew the need for him was urgent, his passion was mine also, I sucked him some more, balled him too as he well rubbed into me some lubrication which felt smooth and wonderful; I so wanted the feel of his fuck. I yelled out that I wanted him now!!

He showed me how to present myself for him. On all fours he kneeled up behind and I felt the first insertion penetrate me . He worked it into me until he pot a full penetration and I knew he was all inside feeling his balls bunched against my inner thighs as he began to fuck me.

He did it to me and it was all so wonderfully gratifying, that I felt more on top of the world than ever I did with ecstasy, although being with Stefan and feeling his fuck was equally as addictive.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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