A Cuckold Story

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I have been happily married to my wife Nicola for 20 years, we met as teenagers and now, in our late 30’s we thought of ourselves as happy and content. We have a lovely home, both work full time and by any standards are living a good life.

Nicola is a beautiful blonde with perfect natural breasts, she has long toned legs and a nice slim waist and shapely hips. Her face is simply beautiful and our sex life great, what more could a man want and yet…I was frustrated.

I have a secret urge, a fetish really, one that I had been too embarrassed to tell her about yet it took up so much of my mind it had started effecting me in the bedroom. I explored it on the internet and no matter how popular I read that it was becoming I was still too scared to tell the woman I loved about it.

I was desperate to be a cuckold.

I am 38 and reasonably fit, I look after myself yet I do have a smallish penis, its about 3 inches soft and only 5 inches when hard. However as Nicola and I met as teenagers I am the only man she’d ever been with so to her its fine. Of course she’s seen porn movies but naturally assumed male porn stars are the exception and not the rule so she has always been satisfied with me when we fuck.

I don’t know when my interest in being a cuckold started but it had been going on for a few years, I started introducing porn on my laptop when we were in bed and tried to coax an admission from her that she’d like to fuck one of the huge blokes fucking on film. Then not long ago we’d been to a party and naturally she’d received a lot of attention from the other husbands and boyfriends there.

She’d gone in a tight white dress that fell just above her knee’s that showed her perfect figure off to all. Her long smooth legs were tanned and looked amazing in the 5 inch killer heels she’d chosen and had worn her hair up high on her head, she looked like a blonde goddess.

Once home we took ourselves up to bed. “Did you notice how the men there were constantly checking you out?” I said slipping the thin straps of her dress down over her shoulders.

“Yeah they can look but I’m all yours babes,” was her reply.

Damn it, I wanted her to respond and tell me it turned her on as much as me but as always she was being the good loyal wife.

As her dress fell to the floor I looked her up and down, my god I was lucky, stood before me in heels, lacy white bra and a scandalously small matching thong was a sexual fantasy come true…but I wanted more.

She ran her hands over my chest and pulled my shirt off over my head, she kissed my neck and ran her long red painted nails down my torso to my belt. As I kissed her neck and breathed in her perfume she unbuttoned my jeans and pulled them down to my ankles. Then, from her knee’s, she began to lick the outline of my throbbing cock through my boxers, my heavy breathing gave way to groans of delight, she loved to take her time and knew exactly how to use her tongue.

She pulled my boxers down and helped me step out of them as I almost frantically kicked of my shoes. She licked the underside of my cock until her ruby red lips were at its tip, she gently used her tongue to make me as hard as I could get but something was wrong, I still only had a semi.

She looked a little disappointed at this so instead of the usual teasing she took my semi hard 4 inches in her mouth in one go. It wasn’t difficult for her yet I still wasn’t getting hard. “What’s the matter babes?” she asked looking up at me with my cock soft in her hands.

“Nothing, its just, well I’d like to try something different tonight,” I replied as I eased her back to her feet. She stood up and looked me in the eyes, still stroking and massaging my cock trying to get me hard. “What do you have in mind?” she asked with a grin.

I laid her on the bed and joined her. “I’d like you to talk dirty to me while we, you know played around, something a bit different, a bit more…taboo.” She looked at me slightly puzzled, she wasn’t a prude by any means and has been open to anything sexual I’d ever suggested but it was always pretty normal. We’d bought vibrators, we’d dressed up, we would have anal sex once or twice a month and she was always happy to talk dirty but I’d always been rock hard the moment we’d start kissing. In fact she took great pride in knowing that’s all it took, but tonight it wasn’t working.

In a moment I made up my mind, she loved me and knew that I loved her, we’d gotten kinky before and she was always fine with it. “What did you think of those blokes eyeing you up tonight?” I asked as I ran my hand over her soft smooth hip and down her leg. As I said it butterflies exploded in my stomach, what if that was too much? what if she thinks I want to use her like a whore?, what if it works and she leaves me?, all these thoughts and a million more raced through my head in a second.

She looked deep into my eyes and for a moment there was a look, an almost knowing look, the sort that a couple can give each other when they’ve been together a long gaziemir escort time a look that said, “Oh I get it.”

“Well at the time not much but now that you mention it I kind of liked it.” she said softly.

“Liked what?” I pushed.

“Just the thought that they thought I was hot, its nice you know, a compliment.”

“Well as a bloke I can tell you that every one of them, even the ones with attractive wives themselves wanted to fuck you and the single guys will all be home now wanking over you.” I added eagerly.

She then reached out her hand and took my still semi cock in her hand and began to slowly wank me off, she understood exactly what I wanted.

“Well I have to admit that Sean was petty hot and he was looking at me most of the night, I’d like to think he’s probably cum a few times by now wanking over me but if I was single he wouldn’t have had to wank!”

“Why what would you have done?” I asked becoming more aroused.

“I’d have fucked him all night, he’s only 25 and I bet he has a massive cock!”

That last answer took me by surprise and I felt my cock harden the second she said it but more importantly so did she.

“I’d have taken him home, sucked his cock while he fingered me and then let him bend me over the couch and fucked me really hard from behind. Then I’d have straddled him and rode him until he was just about to cum and then sucked him off into my mouth until he shot his jizz down my throat!”

I was shocked at that, even during our dirty talk she’d never spoken like that, in fact she looked shocked herself but she knew i’d enjoyed it as i’d cum all over her stomach.

“Wow that really turned you on didn’t it!” she said looking down at the cum that was now sliding down her flat stomach on to the sheet.

I looked back at her, slightly embarrassed. Sensing this she quickly moved to make me feel better. “Its ok babes its just a bit of fun, but I am surprised that the thought of me fucking another man would turn you on so much.”

Seeing as she was being so understanding and open with me I felt confidant to go a little further. “Its not just that, I err I kind of like the idea of you being in control and…well this is a bit hard to say but I want you to humiliate me, make fun of me for having a small dick.”

I’d said it, i’d let her know that I was turned on at the thought of her fucking someone else, that I wanted to be dominated, humiliated, but how would she react?

She didn’t say anything for a moment, a moment that seemed to last forever until finally she smiled.

“You kinky bastard, I think I get it, I have to admit its a little unusual, we’ve been together for years and I didn’t know, how long has this turned you on?” she asked.

I told her that i’d seen some porn sites a few years ago and it got me thinking but the thoughts had stayed with me and i’d started fantasising about threesomes.

“Really, I thought blokes always wanted those with another woman not another man, I’m not sure if I could do that.”

At this point I decided I better not push it, she’d already responded better than I could have hoped for so I reassured her that I loved her deeply and I wouldn’t ever make her do something she didn’t want to do.

I think she was ok about it so I told her of some of the sites i’d been on if she wanted to get a better understanding, I even told her to search the word cuckold. She laughed at that as she’d never even heard of it. We then kissed for a few minutes and pretty soon I was hard again, turned on as the thought of her looking at cuckold sites and hopefully her being turned on by them too. I moved my hand to her hips to pull off her thong but she stopped me with her left hand.

“Not now sweetie, I’m pretty tired, I just wanna get some sleep.”

With that she sat up, used my boxers to wipe my hardening cum from her stomach rolled over and went to sleep. I was pretty nervous now, had I gone to far, did she think I was weird, a pervert, I turned and drifted off into an uneasy sleep. On the other side of the bed Nicola lay with her eyes wide open, not sure what to make of the confession her boyfriend and husband of years had just told her, the only man she’d ever slept with, the only cock she’d ever held or sucked. Thoughts of fucking someone else now invaded her mind, “Did he really want that?” and then she too drifted off into an uneasy sleep.


The next day I got up and went to work early, it was a Saturday and Nicola had the day off so I left her to enjoy a lie in. All day at work I wanted to call her and see if she was alright about last nights confession, I was worried i’d made a mistake but at the same time I felt almost relieved to have told her and I hoped beyond hope that she was on the internet checking the sites i’d mentioned to her.

Nicola climbed out of bed around 10am, she took a shower, pulled on her dressing gown and went downstairs. When on her own she often just wore that with no underwear, she too escort gaziemir had her own little sexy secrets and that was she liked to masturbate and especially use her rampant rabbit. She loved the vibrating head but didn’t often insert the shaft, you see as I was quite small her cunt was still fairly tight and unless she was really turned on or had some lube it would hurt her.

Anyway, after her 3rd cup of tea and some toast she opened up the laptop and logged in, in the moment it took to boot up she almost changed her mind about the search she was about to type into Google.

In the end her curiosity won and the first thing she typed was Cuckold, a wiki page was the first hit so she opened it up and read all about it, what made her feel a little more at ease was when she read how popular it was becoming. She then searched out some video’s and was re-directed to a porn site, she’d seen porn before and like I said she was no prude and the little thumb nails began to interest her.

She opened a video that was about 15 minutes long, she watched open mouthed as a man sat in a chair and encouraged his young wife to suck a huge black guys cock. “Fuckin hell is this what Dave wants me to do?” she thought, still slightly shocked by it all. As the video finished she changed searches, she knew that last video was scripted, she wanted to see something more real. After a while she found some homemade clips, the couples varied but the bloke fucking the wife always had a huge cock, it was then that she noticed her dressing gown was open and her hand had slipped inside it.

She once again watched a bloke with a cock twice the size of mine fuck a pretty and curvy woman in her late thirties, only this time Nicola found herself being turned on. She ran her finger tips down over her ample but still firm breast, down her stomach and in-between her legs. Her cunt was hot and sticky and her fingers slid in easy, she ran two of them from the clit all the way over her parted lips faster and faster, her fingers exploring her sodden hole with a wildness she hadn’t know before.

She pushed herself back on the chair as she rubbed her clit as fast and hard as she could, the sounds of the woman in the movie Cumming as she was fucked turned her on in a way she simply didn’t expect. The sight of a huge cock Cumming deep inside this stranger on the screen as she screwed her face up and dug her nails into the young studs back was to much for Nicola and she came harder than she’d ever been able to do using just her fingers.

After a few moments to regain her composure she realised that there was something in this that turned her on too, she couldn’t explain it and right there and then she didn’t want to.


A few days passed and we didn’t really talk about it until one night we were in bed and enjoying some foreplay when she surprised me. “I’ve been thinking sweetie if you want to try that cuckold thing i’d do it for you.” I was shocked and yet immediately turned on.

“I have to be honest I didn’t think you were interested?” I asked gingerly.

“Well I’ve been looking online and its becoming quite popular and to be honest I’ve only ever slept with you so maybe it would be quite nice to fuck someone else.”

“Wow that’s amazing I think it would be pretty cool too, do you want me to try and arrange something or do you want to do it?” I asked.

“Oh you’d have to do it i’d be too embarrassed but I don’t think it should be someone we know, that would be to awkward.” I agreed and promised her i’d make some arrangements.

About a week later on a normal Saturday I broke the news to her i’d found someone online. It was on a dating site that catered for couples as well as singles and his name was Jason. I showed her his picture and asked her what she thought.

“He’s pretty hot but how does it work?” she asked.

I told her that we could either meet up somewhere or just have him come to our house. She preferred the idea of meeting somewhere first just in case she changed her mind so I told her i’d contact him and we’d meet at a local bar for drinks first.

I arranged for us to meet Jason at a local bar the following weekend at 8pm, he was more than interested after I described Nicola to him but I did take care to mention that it was our first time doing something like this. He reassured me that he’d been a bull before and he knew what he was doing.

The whole week was agonising for me, Nicola, at my behest had continued looking into what being a cuckold meant, she also read about hotwives and decided that we wouldn’t have sex until the big night.


Finally Saturday arrived, I got up first and made us both breakfast in bed, I could tell that Nicola was nervous as was I and part of me thought one of us would change their minds.

“So tonight is the night then!” I said almost as if I was asking a question, “Are you still ok with it?” She looked at me trying to see if I was still 100% sure gaziemir escort bayan I wanted it but the rock hard cock that was poking out of my boxers probably answered for me.

“To be honest I’m terrified but at the same time I’m pretty horny so yeah I’m still up for meeting him.”

“Great, what are you planning on wearing tonight?” I asked as I became harder than I thought I was possible.

“Well I’ve been doing a fair bit of reading up on it and I think we should go shopping today for some new underwear, something a bit special.”

“Ok that sounds great what were you thinking of?” I asked.

“Well that’s just it I want you to pick it out for me and then tonight I want you to literally dress me for him.”

She really had been reading up on the cuckold lifestyle and I was now as impressed with my beautiful wife as I was horny.

A few hours later we were in the shopping centre in town and Nicola headed straight for Tiffanies, a very upmarket and expensive lingerie store. I was like a kid in a candy shop, I have always loved lingerie and having a wife with a body like Nicola’s I had always been amazed at how incredibly classy yet sexy she looked in it.

“C’mon then you’d better stop drooling and pick something, I want to shave my legs and other things before tonight and I want to take my time doing so.” she said.

“I tell you what then you go grab a coffee over the road and I’ll pick you something as a surprise, I promise it’ll be classy and not too slutty.”

“Ok but a little slutty is fine, after all I don’t want Jason to be disappointed.” she said with a giggle as she left.

I knew exactly how I wanted her dressed tonight, i’d played it out in my head a thousand times so I picked up my fantasy outfit for her and went to meet her at the coffee shop.

The next few hours flew by, maybe too quickly as I wanted to savour the nervous energy I was feeling, the butterflies were making it hard to eat or drink anything but Nicola had become rather quiet. I asked her several times if she was ok and all I got each time was “Yeah its ok.” or “I’m fine.” It was during this time that I was sure she was getting cold feet and she would change her mind.

When it got to 7pm she gave me a kiss and told me she was going for a bath and to shave her legs, my help would be needed. We went upstairs and then out of the blue Nicola took charge, she ran a bath and then took me into the bedroom.

“Ok then Dave take off my clothes but first I want you naked.”

I quickly undressed and then stood before her.

She looked me up and down and then for the first time in our lives she mentioned that I had a small cock.

“It is pretty small, i’d never really thought about it before, if this Jason has a big dick I probably wont feel you after him.”

“In fact I probably wont ever want that pathetic little thing again, my vibrator is much bigger anyway and that makes me cum pretty well, I’ll probably just use you for your tongue, now come here and undress me.”

I was glued to the spot, this was exactly what I wanted yet I couldn’t help feeling stung by her words, she’d obviously listened to me and was now giving me the humiliation that I had asked her for.

I moved closer and started to undress her, I slowly lifter her plain white t-shirt over her head, then unclasped her bra and for a second paused to admire her perfect tits. I then unbuttoned her jeans and pulled them down to her ankles, I slipped her heels off and then pulled each foot, as slowly as I could from her bunched up jeans. From my knee’s I ran my hands up her long legs, she didn’t need to shave them really, until I reached the thin sides to her crisp white thong. I put a finger under each side and then pulled it down, all the time never taking my eyes off her beautiful smiling face.

The sight of her shaved cunt only inches now from my face gave me an instant erection. “Ok stand up.” she said commandingly before looking down at my rock hard cock.

“Fuckin hell is that it, is that what I’ve been letting fuck me all these years, its so small even hard!” she said laughing out loud.

She then grabbed me by the end of my dick quite roughly and led me into the bathroom. She hopped in the bath where she instructed me to wash her back, run the sponge up and down her legs and slowly lather up her chest.

“Very good Dave now put the sponge between my legs and wash me.”

As instructed I slowly soaped up the sponge and began cleaning her in a circular motion, I was straining to grab my cock with my other hand and when she closed her eyes and began to let quit little moans of pleasure escape her lips I thought I would burst.

“Ok that’s enough.” she said sharply, “Go sit on the bed and get the underwear you bought ready, I’ll be done soon.”

I sat on the bed, her new expensive underwear was besides me and all I wanted to do was drink it all in and have a wank. She was doing everything I wanted, she was using me, taking charge and humiliating me and laughing at my little dick, she’d obviously done a lot more research than I thought and I loved her even more for it.

After a good thirty minutes she came into the bedroom, make up done and completely naked. “Now lets see what you chose for me and Jason.” she said as she planted a sweet soft kiss on my lips.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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