A Cruising Life Ch. 02

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Thanks for the feedback from my first chapter, and first story to publish here. I know I’m spending a little time setting up these stories. As things move along, and I start spending more time in places, (I’ve moved more than most), there will be less, “setting the stage”, before each chapter.

As I ended the initial chapter, I had just received my first ever blow job from another man, and, my first through a glory hole.

The job that took me to South Florida didn’t really work out, so I was only there another few months. In that time, I checked out a few bookstores and wound up with a couple of favorites that had good holes and an agreeable clientele. Agreeable meaning, they liked to suck dicks and swallow cum.

I received a lot of good, and some not so good, blow jobs, but the giver never failed to make me cum. The one thing I never got up the nerve to do during this time was reciprocate. I left Florida without sucking my first cock.

My next stop, for another job, was Louisville, KY., where I was happy to discover many bookstores with arcades and even a few theaters. Some even had both, arcades and small theaters.

There is an area on the Southwest side of Louisville called Shively, which is its own city. In those days it was adult entertainment central. There was even a billboard along what was named Seventh Street Road advertising for an attorney working for the benefit of sexually oriented businesses and their customers. This was where I would finally lose my oral cherry.

I don’t recall the name of the bookstore, something generic like, “Adult Books”, but it became a favorite of mine for the three years I would spend there. The booths were roomy enough and had nice size, well done holes. They also had something that canlı bahis şirketleri turned out to be very cool. On the booth wall opposite the hole, was a large mirror, almost floor to ceiling. This made checking out your neighbor(s) easier.

After the first place in Florida, I also discovered that the, “nicer”, places had televisions in the booths and that you could switch channels to get different types of porn. Everything was video tape still, not digital, but at least you had a selection of a few different movies. This place was one of those.

On my first visit I entered a booth, inserted some tokens, selected a film, dropped my pants and sat down in the folding chair. I positioned the chair so that I could catch a glimpse of the crotch of whoever entered the booth next door.

I was there just long enough to get really hard when the door to the adjoining booth opened. When I say a glimpse, that was about all I got. This guy went straight to the coin slot and fed what I guessed was every token he bought into the machine.

I was leaning over, trying to get a better look. Something told me this could be the one. As he turned from the coin slot he unbuttoned and unzipped his jeans and pulled out a semi hard cock of what looked to be about six inches.

He turned to watch the movie, still standing, stroking his cock which got hard very quickly. I’m not sure why, but I noticed a wedding ring. The thought of married guys coming to these places never occurred to me.

I slid the chair closer to the hole to get a better look, unintentionally making some noise as I did. He leaned down and was trying to peek through the hole. I slid closer where he would at least be able to make out my facial features from my nose to my canlı kaçak iddaa chin. It was important to me that he see me as someone relatively young and clean.

When I was sure he could see me, I licked my lips. I remembered the guys that had sucked me using their finger to beckon me to the hole, but I wanted to try something I thought of as sexier.

Whatever, he got the message and slowly a very nice cut cock came easing through the hole. I just stared at it for a second. In that moment, it was the most beautiful thing I’d ever seen.

I reached up and lightly wrapped my fingers around it, giving it a little tug. I tried leaning down from my sitting position but was only able to lick the head. It was soft, smooth and felt good on my tongue.

I slid off the chair and onto my knees and prepared to put my first cock in my mouth. I used my tongue on the bottom near the head and then let my lips slide over the head. With just the head in my lips, I stopped for a second, enjoying the feeling.

I had removed my hand and was letting my mouth do the work. I’d had enough blow jobs by now to know that’s the way I liked them. If I wanted to be jerked off, I could do that myself.

I started easing more of him into my mouth, pulling back every now and then. As this went on, I realized something else. When you’re the cocksucker at a hole, it can be difficult to know how well you’re doing. This guy was giving zero feedback.

I figured that at least he wasn’t pulling away, so I kept up what I was doing. Pretty soon, I had him all the way in my mouth. I have no idea how large his dick was fully hard. It’s not like I carry a tape measure around. But it didn’t matter because it felt great and I wasn’t gagging.

I picked up canlı kaçak bahis the pace and started going up and down faster. After not very long, he started moving his hips, trying to fuck my mouth. I took this as positive reinforcement and tried going faster still.

Then he slowed his thrusting and I felt his cock swell a little more. Again, from being on the other side of the wall I knew what was about to happen, although I had no idea what it would feel like.

With no other warning, something very warm began flooding into my mouth. As my mouth continued to fill, I realized I wasn’t swallowing. I guess instinctively I wanted to savor what I was receiving.

I also realized that as soon as he started to cum, I stopped my up and down motion on his cock. I just held his cock in my mouth as it continued to deposit cum on my tongue.

When he stopped cumming, he immediately began to soften. He started to pull back, but I clamped down on the head when it got to my lips and he let out a moan I could hear over the sound of the movie.

As he removed his cock completely from my mouth I finally swallowed. I never gave any thought to whether I would or would not swallow. It was just the natural thing to do. And man, did it ever taste great.

As he wiped off, zipped up and left, (something I would learn married guys usually do with no offer of reciprocation), I sat back in my chair and just enjoyed the moment.

Pretty soon someone else entered the booth next door and right away the finger came through the hole. Since I had not cum, I slid my cock through the hole and tried to let him enjoy sucking me as much as I had enjoyed sucking the last guy. I didn’t last long. It was probably the best orgasm I’d had up until that time.

The guy on the other side must have wanted me to see my work, because he presented his open mouth full of my cum at the hole. As I was looking, he gulped and swallowed it all.

He wasn’t interested in being blown, so I cleaned up a left for the day.

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