A Cow’s Cravings Ch. 04

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Rebecca was sitting next to Chris who was still dizzy from his orgasm. Her eyes went up and down his body as her head tried to process the fact that she had just fucked him. Just two weeks ago she had mocked herself for hoping that she would meet a man like this someday. He was still on his back with his eyes closed and breathed heavily, almost as if he was sleeping. She would not have judged him if he was; she imagined that it must be exhausting to have orgasms like that.

His cock was flaccid now but his balls did not appear to have changed size at all. Big and heavy as before, the sight of them being covered in their own cum made it impossible for Rebecca to resist the urge. She leaned down and gave them a careful lick, and the taste of his cum incited her to lick them more. She did it again, and it only made her want grow. Soon her tongue leapt greedily in wide movements all across his large sack, trying to get as much of the thick, sticky liquid as possible.

She had seen Chris cum many times but even now, when she experienced it for real, she could not get a grasp of the immense amount. His cock and balls alone were covered in more cum than any load she had seen before she met him. That was only a small portion of it though as most of the bed was soaked. She had laid her tits in a puddle of it, and it made her feel like she could have gone for a second round right now. Her cravings for him was like nothing she had felt before.

As his balls were clean she let her tongue travel to his cock. Still flaccid, but she could not expect otherwise. She figured even Chris needed some time to recover before he could go again. His cock got the same treatment, she licked it thoroughly and in the process she noticed that he was actually getting harder, slowly. Though this was hardly surprising, considered how much a full blast contained he had probably built up what would be a normal load for any other man already.

Rebecca was really tempted to give him a blowjob to see if she could make him cum again. She did not do it however, for she wanted to give him as much time as possible to build up another flood. As much as she loved the thought of him shooting a decent load just a few minutes after the first one, nothing turned her on more than those unreal cumblasts.

When his cock had been licked clean Rebecca sat up again. Because of the puddle she laid her tits in, her areolas were covered in it instead. This instance she noticed that Chris was looking at her, and there was a hint of hopefulness in his eyes. Rebecca knew right away what he wanted. She grabbed her tits and lifted them to her mouth and hungrily she licked them the same way she had just licked him.

Chris grabbed his now fully hard cock and started to jerk off while he stared at her. The look on his face gave Rebecca flashbacks of their first video call, when he was jerking off to her as bornova escort she sucked her tits for him. Those serious eyes begging for her to keep going, that open mouth longing for her nipples. Because of this she began to suck her left breast. Chris had sucked out a lot of her milk but she still had plenty, she could easily get a mouthful, and the taste of it mixed with his cum was amazing.

She did not swallow any of it, only let it pour out of her mouth and down over her breast. There seemed to be no end to it, she sucked and it just kept gushing. Mouthful after mouthful kept flowing down her body to join the cum on the bed sheets. Seeing all that milk made Chris lose it.

“You’re such a fucking cow, Rebecca! Let me have some more of those fat udders!”

With those words he sat up, grabbed her right breast and sucked it as if his life depended on it. Rebecca almost stopped when she heard him say it. Cow, he had never called her that before, even though practically every girl on MooMoo had that title. He had often called her tits udders and it was always a turn on for her, but hearing him say she was a cow was something new. There was no need denying that she loved it.

“Yes, Chris! You need to help this cow empty her heavy udders. She has so much milk for you to drink.”

It felt so natural to say, for she genuinely wanted to be his cow. His personal cow. But if she was a cow, what did that make him? This instant she realized that she no longer cared about saving his load. It looked like he jerked off with the intention of cumming, and right now she desperately wanted him to. The amount did not matter, the only thing that mattered was that he came again. She was a cow, and he was her bull. Not just any bull, a cum factory of a bull.

“God, you make me so horny. I want to cum again.” Chris moaned.

“Cum whenever you are ready, honey.” Rebecca replied calmly, almost whispering. “Shoot another load for my huge udders.”

It was like she had pushed a button, she had barely finished the sentence before he came. He threw his head back with a loud groan and jerked his cock harder while most of his load hit her breast. It was not nearly as big as his previous load but it was still big by normal standards. The cumshot itself did not amaze her, but rather the small amount of time Chris had needed to build it up. In just a few minutes he made more than other men’s balls managed in a day.

She started to feel sorry for her younger self who thought this was just a unrealistic fantasy that would never happen. Here she was with a man who did not only produce cum like some kind of genetically manipulated breeding bull, but also loved drinking breast milk straight from her big swollen tits.

Chris insisted that he would clean up the mess, it was after all mostly his mess, so Rebecca took the opportunity to bornova escort bayan hit the shower. Considering the amount she reckoned it would take a while to get rid of it all. Her lower back, butt and the back of her legs were soaked in cum. Not to mention the second load on her right breast. She picked up her phone and took a picture of her chest, thinking a lot of the guys on MooMoo would love to see her boob covered in sperm. She was right. The picture had only been up for a few seconds when the first comment appeared. Fully aware of the risk of getting stuck Rebecca decided to take her shower before boosting her self confidence with the opinions of strangers.

As she had expected, it took her quite a while to wash away all the cum from her body. She did not mind though, she actually found it incredibly hot since it once again reminded her of the insane amounts Chris could give her. During the entire time she could think of nothing but him and his enormous ballsack. Those gigantic heavy balls, always ready to shoot another load. She was one lucky girl to get to play with them.

Just as she came out of the shower Chris entered the bathroom, supposedly done cleaning up in the bedroom. He was still completely naked. Rebecca froze; seeing his balls swing as he moved was hypnotizing. She felt a bit stupid for feeling so attracted to them, but she could not get enough. The more she saw them, the more she craved for them. There was no way Chris could not notice how she stared at his cum makers right now. She would not have been able to keep her eyes off them even if she wanted to, and he would not have come to her naked if he did not want her to look at them. She soon noticed that she was not the only one staring though; his eyes were fixed on her tits.

“You still haven’t had enough of them?” Rebecca asked.

Chris smiled. He slowly raised his hands to her chest and grabbed her heavy milkers. He let out a subtle sigh of relief before he started to fondle them.

“There is no way I could have enough of these. I could suck and cum on them forever.”

Rebecca giggled, more out of arousal than amusement, thinking that statement was not really an exaggeration. He was clearly as obsessed with her tits as she was with his balls. She loved the way he treated them too. Now that they were not nearly as full of milk as they were before his treatment was no longer slow and gentle, but rough and determined. He squeezed them hard, letting his fingers dig deep into her soft skin, and it was not long before milk once again started to drip from her nipples.

While Chris was busy playing with her breasts she reached out for his sack and, as she accidentally touched his cock, realized that he was getting hard again. Although a part of her had already expected it she was still amazed, for this could not be real.

“Oh my escort bornova god! Again?”

“Yes,” Chris sighed. “I want to cum again, just one more time.”

She could not refuse him this, the pleading in his eyes was irresistible. Besides, she wanted more. She craved for it.

“One more time, but after that we need to get some food. I’m starving.”

They both laughed at this before Rebecca got down on her knees and put his now fully erect cock in her mouth. Her lips carefully closed around the thick shaft, her tongue softly stroking the tip. It felt great, and even greater when it was followed by the delightful sound of his moaning. She found lots of excitement in the fact that this fat veiny dick could shoot a fresh load any second, and she would play with it until that happened.

She put her hands under Chris’ balls and lifted them gently, relieving him of their tremendous weight. Getting used to a pair this size was not done easily. Playing with a guy’s balls was not new to her, but she could not do anything with these the same way she would have done it with a pair of normal size. She definitely did not want to be too rough with them either; these big beauties were way too precious to get hurt. It appeared that the best she could do right now was to simply hold them, one in each hand.

Rebecca loved the way the big hard cock filled her up as she shoved it deep inside her mouth, very slowly. Although she could probably make Chris cum within a minute, and desperately wanted him to give her a third load, she wanted to fully enjoy this moment, and he seemed satisfied with her gentle treatment. His moaning was relaxed and kept an even pace with her tongue.

It carried on for a long while, with Rebecca on her knees holding his large balls and tenderly sucking his solid cock. Right now neither of them seemed to want it any other way. She looked up and her eyes met his. His deep, calm, brown eyes. They made Rebecca feel all warm and fuzzy inside and intensified her desire for him, but her pace remained slow and steady.

“Oh Rebecca, I’m gonna cum.” Chris said, obviously aroused but still serene.

Rebecca said nothing, but let out a few loving moans as to give him permission to unload. She kept going just as she had done up until now, and they maintained eye contact. His moans came more and more frequently and quickly grew louder.

“I’m cumming, baby. Oh fuck, I’m cumming.”

The salty taste of cum filled Rebecca’s mouth as Chris emptied his balls of another big load. His cock twitched as the thick liquid gushed out in strong spurts, and Rebecca swallowed it all. Nowhere near a full load but considerably larger than the last one, enough to make any cum hungry girl jealous, or any other man feel insecure about his own capacity. She would not let a drop of it go to waste.

After quite a few powerful spurts Chris finally pulled out and took a step back, panting. He seemed both surprised and contented when he looked at her. Rebecca figured that he was probably not used to girls who appreciated cum as much as she did.

“That’s your last one for now.” She said. “I wanna try that again when your balls are full.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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