A Course in Perspective Ch. 02

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Alex had called me to her studio. I had been utterly busy with work, the last time I had seen her had been months ago in one of the expositions. I rang on the doorbell and the lock clicked open a few seconds later with nobody asking through the intercom about the ringer’s identity.

I walked in to the lower floor of the duplex that doubled as her studio. There were various drawings in different stages of progress. All of them, though, contained at least a girl about to have, judging by her expression, a tremendous orgasm. I was hard just walking by the hallway.

“Alex?” I called out.

Nobody answered. I kept on walking and saw sinful depictions, the kind that had made her a well-known artist. The unabashed kind. How she managed to create erotic, openly sexual images that didn’t seem in poor taste in spite of the obvious pornographic nature was Alex’s gift.

Two girls fighting over who would suck a particular cock first, a man bound to a chair as a girl rode him, a blindfolded girl being fucked by two guys… I was even harder because I had been a model for more than one of those drawings. Even critics loved Alex, and while she wasn’t a huge success in the local gallery that supported her when it came to selling prints in person, online she was nothing short of an erotic illustration goddess.

A buzzing sound made it to my ears and I followed it. I assumed she had to be working on something really fervently to be so zoned out she didn’t even bothered to pay attention to someone calling out to her.

When I entered the room from where the noise emanated, I did a double take. It looked like a professional porn studio (or how I pictured them, anyway): a space lit with professional equipment, a camera on a tripod and assorted furniture to be placed on the recording area.

Starring in her own production, Alex waited for me on the bed. Childbirth had only made her hotter. Her breasts had become even more bountiful, I think she was even in better shape than before her (our?) child had been born. Her hair was still long and her eyes expressive enough as always. She had been, every time, bashful. I couldn’t bursa escort help feeling this allure of wrongness, I felt as if I were defiling a grown-up innocent every time I made her mine.

This time she had difficulties looking at me. She had a dildo deep inside her. She had partially stepped out of her panties, only one leg inside. Her bra was discarded right next to her. As she whimpered, she didn’t dare to look at me.

“…am I… am I turning you on?”

It looked as if she had been asking a wall. She still avoided eye contact and stared out to focus on nothing instead of on me.

“Alex. Look at me,” I didn’t bark orders.

I softly asked her, as if appeasing her. With difficulties, she turned around to obey.

I still spoke slowly, “I get to fuck you. You turn me on. Every time.”

She smiled before moaning out loud. I saw the camera pointing towards her. With a quick inspection, it was obvious the camera was on and ready to take pictures within the well-lit area. I pressed the biggest button. A flash of light and on the camera’s little screen I saw Alex with her mouth opened as she worked the dildo in and out of her… did she have another toy in her butt? Whoa. Maybe in the future…

I took full control of the camera and began taking snapshots of my once-student pleasuring herself. I was hard, I wanted to jump on top of her and fuck her as if I had never done such a thing… but the curiosity was greater still.

Alex had begun to moan and touch herself while staring directly into the camera and it was far better. I came in closer and took detailed snapshots of her fingers tweaking her nipples, of her hands working the wand in and out, of her quivering lips as she moaned out my name while looking at me.

“Leave the camera there,” she asked of me. I did so carelessly, but she motioned me to leave it punting towards the bed.

I obeyed and she opened her arms for me. I basically jumped out of my clothes. I was getting on the bed when she patted the center of the mattress and told me to bring my phone. I played her game.

She straddled me in a reverse cowgirl and after playing bursa escort bayan just a little with my dick, she sat herself on my hardness. I groaned. No matter who I fucked and how close or brutal sex was with anyone else, being inside Alex just felt like home. As usual, she took a few seconds to get used to feeling all of my length inside of her. Her back trembled a little.

“I have a surprise for you… let’s swap phones.”

I handed her my god-awful green device and she gave me her iPhone. I was trying real hard to focus my attention on her and not on the wonderful sensation of her unprotected pussy hugging my naked cock. I couldn’t hold back a sigh of pleasure.

“Now, take a selfie.”

I didn’t have to tell her that I was going to honor our privacy. I wouldn’t ever upload a nude of us unless she was perfectly OK with it. It’s just what dignity demands…and a smart man will get far more of a girl if he respects her privacy. If you receive a nude pic, don’t ever publish it. Who knows? You might be soon taking a selfie of your dick inside her mouth, if not even more.

I took the phone and focused it on our faces. Only down to our necks, the proximity between us would be suspicious, but it wasn’t terribly obvious I was inside her… To contrast the way we had been together, I swapped techniques: I pulled out slowly. Carefully so, as I kept her inside the frame. Without a warning, I slammed every inch of my cock in a vicious stroke. The moment she threw her head back in ecstasy, I snapped the pic.

Flash. I heard the camera in front of us take the picture at the same time. Which meant she had somehow linked her phone’s camera to the professional one in front of us. I looked at the portrait. I was saving that one.

“You make me cum so good, I had to document it,” she smiled sheepishly.

My thrusts didn’t wait for a second. I slid in and out, emphasizing the movement so she’d feel my length almost traveling in and out of her. I knew I was the biggest of all her previous lovers and I fucked her with movements that would allow her to feel every unprotected inch of thick cock going inside of her, reaching escort bursa places only I had touched.

As I made her mine, she began to take pics left and right. I felt her pussy squeezing me and her breathing signaled an orgasm. Alex had the strange ability to have orgasms of varied intensities. Some were quiet and relaxed her enough, others I could manipulate into a crescendo of pleasure, yet others were intense… I kept fucking her and she began getting tighter and tighter. I grabbed one of her legs and lifted it. I took another pic of our torsos.

She began cumming harder and I moved faster, panting. Her body gave me incredible sensations of pleasure and I felt like I had to compensate for it. I felt my cock head knocking softly against her cervix. She whimpered as her second orgasm blended with the third, I was sure this one would even weaken her, so I tried cumming with her before it ended.

“I’m gonna take a pic of how I’m filling you, Alex,” I softly said against her ear. She moaned real loud and her orgasm took new heights. I felt her squirming on top of me and I was about to release my seed deep in her when she recovered, panting, right before I was done. She aimed my phone towards our faces and put her other hand in a V sign.

“Fill me. Take that pic. I’m not on the pill any more…”

She winked as she heard my animal growl of lust. She took a pic and I lost control of my hand. I felt an all-encompassing bliss taking over me as my thick cock twitched and filled Alex with hot cum. My finger trembled and I saw a flash of light as I moaned, emptying my balls yet again deep inside Alex’s fertile pussy, both of us moaning in unison.

She looked at me and handed me my phone, “keep these. You’ll see one of the pics you took on my next expo, though.”

“I’m game,” I said.

But what she had said to make me cum had me too pent up.

I began caressing her without a pause, “I have to have you again. You know. Just to make sure you have enough pictures, of course.”

She laid on the bed and motioned me to get on top of her. Of course she knew I wanted to fill her over and over and be almost sure of the identity of her next baby’s father. If she was saying the truth. One could never know with her.

She gave me the same enigmatic smile I had grown fond of and I got myself ready for a long night.

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