A Conversation with Tony

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Hi Sarah

I am a big fan of your mother-son conversations. I am 18 and as of right now I am pleasuring myself with my mother’s panties. I am without a doubt head over heels for her. I would love for you to give me advice on how to seduce her. I consider myself decently handsome, I am more of a “brainiac” as some people would call it. I recently just got accepted into University. Please Respond Sarah


Hi Tony

Mmm, so ejaculating into mom’s panties – does she know? I have given lots of suggestions to other young men, but maybe you feel none of them are appropriate. Everything depends on your mom’s feelings – are you close to her? Do you discuss sex? Has she found you masturbating? Does she still have sex with your father? You see, I guess she’ll be around 40, and that is an age where women feel extra sexy and want a lot of attention. And their husbands often are less interested. If mom teases you about your sexual activities, there might be a chance. Tell me more about her.


Hi Sarah,

I have to assume that my mom knows that I ejaculate into her panties. When I was around 14, I was always to nervous to “finish” on her panties but as I grew older I became bolder. A couple of weeks ago I had a ejaculated several times into my favorite pair (white satin, with a flowery lace) within that day. I then proceeded to put the cum soaked panties back into her drawer. I had checked the following day and all of her panties were re-arranged. I found the one I ejaculated into, and I found it to be all crusty from the layers of semen. She has never said a word to me about it. Also till this day whenever I visit her underwear drawer, those panties still have never been washed. Me and my mom are close but not to the extent of some other mothers and sons. We have never discussed sex. Your estimation was accurate my mom is 48. She has never caught me masturbating but I do believe that she sometimes listens in on me. For example a couple of nights ago, I was extremely horny and feeling extraordinarily bold so I left my bedroom door open and pleasured myself with another pair of my moms panties while she was washing dishes in the room adjacent to my bedroom. She clearly must have heard me, I was making quite the pleasurable moans. Her panties are so soft! My ultimate fantasy is for me to soak a fresh pair of her panties with cum and for her to wear it to work/around the house/ pretty much anywhere and everywhere. Then by the end of the day she will just ride my cock until I fill her beautiful pussy. Also one more question how successful are the sons who come to you for advice if it is ok to ask.


Well Tony,

I think your mom’s really alive to your sexual appetite! In fact, what you tell me about her panties suggests to me that she uses your sperm filled ones to masturbate herself with. I suspect she inhales the scent of your cum whilst playing with herself, and gets so turned on, she covers your stains with her own before putting them back in the drawer, hoping you’ll find them again. She might even wear them for work before returning them to the drawer. Try sniffing them yourself, to see if you can detect the scent of her pussy juices. She might even do this while listening to you masturbate and may even orgasm at the same time. That’s why you don’t hear her – you’re too busy enjoying your own pleasure! But it’s clear to me that she wants you to know that she uses them – otherwise why leave then unwashed?!

But mum’s are very worried about losing the respect of their sons. She’ll probably think you’d find her a bit weird if she admitted to being illegal bahis so horny thinking about you. So, the first thing is to try to find a way of admitting to your mom that you are aware of her interest and find it exciting and exhilarating.

But how?? It needs to be taken a step at a time, being ready to back away if I’m proved wrong. But I doubt it. If it can be arranged without embarrassment to her, I’m sure she’d love to play with your cock and, eventually, have you fuck her.

Can you think of a way of opening the subject. A good way would be to direct her to my Literotica site and encourage her to write to me. That always works if it can be achieved! So that answers your question. Yes! The young men end up fucking mom – or her fucking them!!

Let me know what you think – when you’ve finished ejaculating!!

Sarah x

Hi again Tony.

I’ve been thinking about your problem, but I really don’t know much about your mom. You tell me that you’re close, but don’t talk about sex. However, seducing her should be done in several steps, each one depending on how your mom responds to the previous one.

The first is flatter her and to reassure her that you think the world of her! When you’re close together, doing something, standing or sitting together on a settee, say something like “Have I ever told you what a very attractive lady I’ve got for a mom? I’m a very lucky guy.” She’ll probably look at you and say something like “What brought that on?” Then you can tell her how you think she’s a wonderful mom. Then she’ll possibly say “Thank you Tony,” and give you a hug and kiss. Let the kiss linger as long as you can and hold her close.

Step two is to try to hug and kiss her more, flattering her figure, a holding her bottom in both hands, pressing close. If she can feel your erection against her belly all the better. She’ll either break away, or stay there and say something like “Someone likes me.” She might put her palm over the cock with a murmur of praise. Not maybe the first time.

The third step, once you’re both comfortable with fondling, is to ask if she’d like to see it in action, telling her that you are aware that she knows you masturbate. Bring up the subject of her panties if you can. She might feel a bit embarrassed at first, but curiosity will win the day. Mom will be fascinated watching you. When you think the time is right, invite her to do it for you.

The fourth step is mutual masturbation, which will almost certainly lead to fucking.

Tell me what you think.


Hi Sarah,

Sorry I have been very preoccupied lately with school and deciding which college I will be attending this fall. I have taken you advice and given her extra long hugs and tell her how beautiful she is. Also when I was in my bathroom pleasuring myself with her underwear, when I finished and exited the bathroom she comment “Wow Tony you have been in there for quite a while”. She would then give me a hug while my erection pushed against her tummy and she would smile.

Lately her underwear seems to be laying around the house and I have been happy to fill them. I will hopefully update you soon.


You’re nearly there Tony.

Mom is giving you all the encouragement. When your erection preses against her, try rubbing it around to see what she says. I guess Mom will want to hold it and stroke it – and take a good look at it. Do please keep me posted!


Hi Sarah,

Exciting News! While I was at home yesterday, my mom walked out in nothing but her underwear and a very small loose top. She “accidentally” illegal bahis siteleri dropped her book and when she bent over her beautiful ass was revealed to me. Oh my, Sarah, it was so perfectly round and voluptuous. What was even hotter was the panties were the ones I cummed in that very morning! My cum was clinging to her ass! My cock immediately became erect and throbbed for her beautiful pussy. I just wanted to bend her over my dining room table and slide my cock in and out of her until we both came in pure ecstasy. Well then I immediately walked over to her and squeezed her pretty little ass and she squealed with joy. She told me her “little boy” is in for a surprise tomorrow because she had to go to work. Oh Sarah she wore the panties to work! Sarah I can just imagine her siting at her office desk, with my cum and her juices mixing together. OOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHH GOOOOOODDDDDD!!!! I just filled another one of her panties for her to wear tomorrow.

Love Tony

Ah yes Tony!

You’ve got there! OMG! So mom wants it – your cock! That must have been very exciting and gob-smacking for you! So Mom does actually wear her sperm filled panties for work. I thought maybe she would – too tempting not to in her position! She is a very horny lady, but at her age they usually are – like me!! But now she’s overcome her worries about what you think of her, you’re in for a wonderful time. One of the most delicious moments in life is when your fingers cup her pussy for the very first time – and feels the warm sticky juices. Savor it Tony!! You’ll probably cum in your pants! The next even more delicious moment is when your nose first touches her clitoris, rubbing it as you inhale the glorious sweet scent of her fantastic vagina, filling your lungs with the very essence of her. You tongue exploring the little cavities of her vulva, penetrating her fuck-ready vagina.

I can’t wait to hear what surprise she has in store, but mom will certainly want to take your erection in her hand, to admire it, before kissing and gently licking it. But I guess she’ll want to watch your sperm ejaculate over her pubic hair – which has so much enjoyed your sperm in her panties. Then, being a young sexy man, you’ll go for a second cum – which I hope she’ll take in her throat and swallow.

After that, mom will want you to discover her most secret part, and play with her until she has a violent orgasm.

I guess the first fuck will come later though. It doesn’t usually happen on the first event.

When you’re talking it over afterwards, perhaps you should mention reading my stories, and suggest she does likewise, to keep her happy while you’re at college. You might even encourage her to write to me, and I can play with her as well!

OMG I’m wet through here, just imagining you both together!

OMG Tony – I can’t wait to hear the details of your first encounter. Woweeeee!!!

Lots of love from a horny old lady!! (I’m going to masturbate now!!)

(I didn’t hear any more from Tony! Shame! I guess that’s maybe because he confessed my part in advising him on how to seduce his mom – and she made him swear never to email me any more, insisting that the secret had to be kept between the two of them -not shared with an older stranger! However, I have speculated on what his email would have said. Here goes…)

Wow Sarah!

It was out of this world. No sooner had she got in the house, taken off her coat and jacket, than she unhooked and dropped her skirt, and took off her panties. She pushed me onto the settee and pressed the crotch of her panties against my face. Mmmm … they were canlı bahis siteleri absolutely soaking. It was amazing Sarah. Absolutely amazing! I inhaled the strong musky aroma of her pussy, breathing it all in. Sheer heaven! Never in my wildest dreams had I believed this coulf happen.

” There’s a whole day’s pussy juice in there Tony. All for you to enjoy. I’ve been leaking all day thinking of this moment.” My cock rose in an instant as mom unzipped my pants and dragged them over my legs. Underpants as well. My erection was throbbing and very very erect! Still rubbing the panties across my nose and lips with one hand, she started to stroke my cock with the other, murmuring softly with pleasure. “That’s a very handsome cock, darling. To think, that I made that all by myself, so that I can now enjoy it. It’s all I could think of all day!” Her fingers were exploring every cm of it, peeling back the foreskin. “Beautiful,” she whispered to it, taking her time worshiping the solid erection. When I felt her lips kissing the pre-cum from the end, I nearly ejaculated there and then. But she got it into her mouth – the whole length just disappeared between her lips as she sucked on it. I could do nothing to stop it! As I felt it coming, mom straddled over me and pressed her hairy groin on the hard erection, watching it explode into the brown curls. My white sperm splattering on her dark hair. “Oh darling! So wonderful.” She was sighing with pleasure.

But she guessed I wouldn’t lose any hardness – I was already for the next one. She took off her blouse and bra, then reached over for her hand bag, and took out a small packet. It was a condom!! She took it out, placed the rolled end on top my cock, and eased it over the shaft. After dragging me onto the floor, she knelt over my hips, one knee either side, took my cock in her fingers and guided the tip to her drooling pussy lips. I watched in sheer delight and excitement as mom slid the end into the opening of her pussy. She held it there, with a smile of sheer bliss on her face, before slowly lowering herself on to me with a loud whimper of delight. Absolutely to the very base of it.

After a few moments of enjoying the feeling of my cock deep inside her, she began to move slowly up and down. My eyes were glued to her marvelous boobs with large dark brown nipples bouncing up and down before them. I was mermerised.

She opened her eyes to examine the sight of my cock filling her. Watching it slide in and out of her, fingers starting to rub her clit. She was groaning and gasping loudly. Her body really shook and jerked until she came with a violent spasmodic heave, shouting ‘Yes! Yes! Yes!’ OMG Sarah. I exploded! She collapsed over me, breasts squashed on mine. After I withdrew, mom peeled off the condom and emptied the contents into her mouth. I was astonished! Then she straddled her hips over my head, opening her thighs to give me a close up of her beautiful pussy. It was one of the most beautiful moments of my life Sarah. To gaze on the gorgeous pussy lips. All wet and droopy. Then she pressed it against my nose and mouth, rubbing her clit on the tip of my nose, as she took my cock in her hand, stroking it and licking it, until she got the whole into her mouth again.

You can guess the rest. After what seemed an eternity, we collapsed side by side, pretty exhausted. After some moments of silence, while we both took in the sublime moment, she asked me what had started me wanting her. Then I confessed your part in it. She was rather cross, until I said that without your advice I would never have plucked up the courage. That quietened her down but she made me promise never to email you again!

“You don’t need her any more, Tony,” she said. Then we went upstairs and fucked for hours. We never did get to eat our meal that evening!

Thanks Sarah. You’re the greatest!


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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