A Conversation with Alwyn

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Hello Sarah,

I’m Alwyn and I am 19. I just wanted to say I loved the Online Conversation stories you’ve posted. I’ve known from a young age I was a lesbian, and I’d never thought that odd. I have a “fascination” with my mother though. And I’d always thought that was weird that I lust for my mom. That is, until I read your conversations you’ve posted. It’s nice to know that I’m not the only girl who has fantasies about her mom. So thank you for writing these.


Thank you Alwyn

It was kind of you to email. I’m glad my conversations have put your mind at ease about your feelings for your mum. Has she shown any interest in you at all? – how close are you? Do you hug – confide in each other? Do you climb into her bed? Where’s your father in all this? If you want to tell me more, I’m listening!


You’re quite welcome.

My mom and I are fairly close. We do hug and share things with one another. We share a few interests as well. I do not climb into her bed, though. I was never one to get easily scared by a bad dream, or a storm. My father died in a car accident when I was just over a year old. My mom hasn’t been with anyone since. She says I’m a lot like him in my personality and the way I act.


Well Alwyn

Oh dear! so sorry to hear about your father’s untimely death. It sounds as though your mum may need a bit of sex herself if she’s all alone – how does she satisfy herself I wonder? Rabbit – vibrator? Do you hear her masturbating at all? I think maybe your mum may be as interested in exploring other possibilities as you! Sex is for sharing at times! Do you have a regular girlfriend? If you think I could help, please let me know. I have several lady friends who have regular sex with their daughters – and some with sons, but daughters seem to be more common.



I’m not really sure how she satisfies herself. I’ve heard her masturbate maybe once or twice, but that was quite some time ago. And no, I don’t have a regular girlfriend. I’ve actually never had one. Help with this would be greatly appreciated. I’ve never actually seduced or successfully flirted with anyone, so I’m entirely nervous that I might screw up my relationship with my mom by being too forthcoming.


That is the big problem Alwyn.

How to avoid embarrassing your mom – or spoil a close relationship. The answer is to try to persuade mom to make the approaches, but you need to signal that you’d welcome her advances! If you read my other conversations you’ll see how other daughters tried different ways, but it needs patience and a light touch. A good start would be to flatter her, but not too gushing and not too many at once. The occasional ‘gosh mom, you look very attractive today’ – or ‘is that a new blouse – mmm – nice, shows off your assets.’ Or ‘ do you think this suits me?’ – just to engage in slightly evocative conversation.

I’ll think of other things I guess. Meantime, tell me more about you and mom – your figures, coloring, etc. Do you both shave for instance? How old is mom? 40ish? Is she well-shaped? Keep herself in trim, sort of thing? What interests do you share? Does mom go on the net?

Later Sarah

Thanks for the starting advice Sarah.

As for more about mom and myself. I’m nineteen, as I mentioned, 5’3″ brunette hair with blue eyes with a fairly fit body. My mom is thirty-nine and is roughly the same height. She looks like an older version of me, really. As for shaving, I don’t. I keep it trimmed a little. I’m not sure about my mom though. I don’t think she shaves either. As for interests we share, we both love watching movies. And yes she does go on the net.


Well Alwyn,

it seems that, unless your mum is just not interested in sex, she’s at the age when sex becomes even more enjoyable – and more demanding. Maybe it’s that her interest in sex is just dormant, needing some stimulation to make it surface. You say you’ve heard her masturbate once or twice, so mum clearly enjoys making herself cum. Could you try asking if she logs onto any ‘rude’ internet sites, and what she thinks about them – or would that be too direct? You could then suggest she looks at my stories. I’m trying to think of a way for the two of you to start talking about sex, and sharing thoughts about what stimulates you. Getting mum to tell you what turns her on. Pity I don’t know more about her – if she could be persuaded to email me, exchange thoughts, then I’d get a much clerarer picture of what makes her ‘tick’. What other fantasies do you use when masturbating? Besides your mum that is. What images help to bring you off?

Another possible way of opening the subject is to admire her underwear when she’s changing – ask if you might borrow some.

And, by the way, you could play with me anytime darling!!



I took your advice and complimented her about how she looked the other day. I noticed that she blushed a little after.

Me and mom have talked about sex before, so it’s an issue that neither of us is uncomfortable with. On the rare occasions güvenilir bahis when I come in from a party, the day after she asks me if I met some one and had some fun? That’s never the case though, and mom knows this, but she likes to tease.

In regards to fantasies I masturbate to, besides my mom. I have a small interest in being dominated. Not like hardcore bdsm type dominated, but like the other person being in control. I also have a thing for tribbing.

Playing with you sounds like a lot fun. 🙂


Hi Alwyn.

From what you tell me, I don’t think you and mum are very far apart really. She just needs a bit of nudging. What you might try is to join her in bed one morning ,saying that you’d had a nightmare and need a cuddle. Then you can put your head on her shoulder and your leg over her tummy. If you feel the slight tremor in her tum … mmm … a turn on. Then tell her she smells nice and feels soft and cuddly – give her a little kiss and say you should do this more often. And if she responds, give her another. Ask her if she has a boyfriend you don’t know about – or girl friend. Does she know you’re a lesbian?

I’d love to trib with you darling. I haven’t shaved either, so we can rub our hairy pussies together whilst I kiss your neck and ears, nibble your earlobes – and stroke your bottom. I love my bottom being stroked – then I might sit on your face and rub my wet pussy all over your mouth! Instruct you to lick me and finger my vagina.

I could send you some intimate photos if you think they might help your fantasies.

Sarah xxx

Hi Sarah,

Yes she does know I’m a lesbian. I came out to her when I was fourteen. She’s never had an issue with it that I’ve known about. I complimented her again today and she seems to be reacting very well to that so far. Me and her are watching some movies this weekend, so I might try being cuddly with her then.

Oh my god, Sarah, reading what you wrote turned me on so much. And in the middle of my class no less! I fingered myself to orgasm reading your email as soon as I got home. Can we perhaps play over YIM sometime?

If you want too, I won’t decline your pictures. I have one or two I can send in return.

xxx Alwyn

Hi Alwyn

That’s good – cuddle up. If you get into your night wear first even better. Lean on mom’s shoulder and nuzzle her neck – ‘mmm you smell good mom’ and give her a little kiss. Rest your hand on her thigh to see how she reacts. Don’t stroke it yet. Let it rest there for a while to see if mom leaves it there! Take your time. Then you can gently give it small strokes as you kiss her neck again. Hopefully, you’ll feel a slight flutter to say her body is responding. I think she might well get the message and be happy to let you fondle her. But if she seems embarrassed, pull back. The important thing about sending signals, is to withdraw if they seem uncomfortable for mom. Hopefully she might return the caress on your thigh. Then – leave it up to mom to set the pace. Once you’ve shown your interest in her, let mum take the initiative. And tell me what happens!

I might just creep up on you, squat beside you, while you’re stroking mom, and slide my hand up your skirt, trailing my fingers over your inner thighs. I love feeling muscles twitch and flutter, exploring the warm soft flesh, before I allow my fingers to reach the damp patch in your knickers. If I squat between you, I could have a hand under your mom’s skirt as well, feeling you both at the same time. As my fingers find their way into both your knickers, enjoying the feel of two strange pussy, leaking slippery juices, I can feel both of your beginning to squirm.

Your mom leans over to kiss your mouth. The kiss gets more passionate as my fingers arouse lust. You mom grapples at your breasts, feeling for the nipples as my fingers slip deep in both vaginas. The atmosphere is sizzling now – both you and mom desperate for sex. Four fingers in each vagina, fucking deep and hard has you both gasping. Thighs shaking. Bellies trembling. OMG you’re both ready to cum – together. Crying out in agonizing bliss as the orgasms slam into your groins. Only then will I push my face between your mom’s thighs and lick her clit, biting and chewing until she has a second loud climax, shouting Oh my God – Oh fuck, Oh fuck.

Then it’s your turn for a second cumming.

I’ll send an invite for chatting.

Sarah xxx

Mmm Sarah

I will most certainly be sure to tell you what happens.

Mmm these little quick fantasies you write up are always turning me on to no end. As I type this I have my hand in between my legs re-reading it, working myself towards an orgasm. imagining you touching mommy and me as she and I kiss. I just cannot get that image out of head, and it’s making my pussy wetter than I’ve ever felt it. Mmmm oh fuck Sarah I’m cumming!

btw I accepted your invite.

Alwyn xxx

‘Goodness – are you there Alwyn? Just got your email and saw that you’d accepted my invitiation to IM. So, I just logged in, and lo and behold!’

‘Yes. I’m here. How are you?’

‘Much better türkçe bahis now that you’re here. Glad you liked my little fantasy about you and mum.’

‘It got me so horny and wet. I orgasmed there and then.’

‘Oh, how lovely! I love it when my stories get ladies so horny. What are you wearing now?’

‘Nothing! Just woke up actually, and I sleep in the nude.’

‘Wow! In that case, shall I join you in the bed?’

‘I’d love that, yes.’

‘Lie beside you in the nude, rest my head on your shoulder. Inhaling your scent. Mm … you smell very nice.’

‘As do you’

‘That alluring, full-of-sleep scent. Warm and musky. Mmmm can kiss your neck and nibble your ear.’

‘Mm … moaning softly.’

‘And allow my hand to explore your breasts, nip the nipples. Mmmm nice and hard already.’

‘Gently kisses your ear.’

‘Lips kissing your neck and face and lips, your eyelids and lips, going into a French kiss.’

‘I’m all smiles, gently cuddling against you, kissing you back.’

‘Still caressing your boobs, pushing my leg over your thigh, rubbing it up and down your hip, my wet pussy smearing your thigh. My hands now exploring your inner thighs, warm and damp.’

‘Adjusting my leg so our pussies start to touch, slowly gyrating my hips against yours.

Fingers tracing a path over the groin through the hair, fingers eager to feel a new clitoris , always a great thrill feeling an unfamiliar pussy, such a privilege really, allowing me to touch your secret mystery’.

‘It’s all yours to touch’.

‘Mmmm … lump in throat as I make contact with your pussy lips, lovely and silky wet.’

‘Softly kissing your lips.’

‘Exploring the contours of your vulva, fingers delicately touching your every little crevice. Mmmm you’re gorgeous Alwyn.’

‘Moaning as you explore my body.’

‘You have such smooth beautiful skin. Fingers now finding the entrance to your jewel. OMG so wet and waiting, so patient … wanting fingers to penetrate its secret.’

‘Moaning softly spreading my legs for you, Sarah.’

‘I need to examine every inch of you with both hands, fingers rimming your rosebud smeared with your personal juices.’

‘Mmmm you’re making me so wet, Sarah.’

‘Such a superb bottom. Fingers running down the crack, pushing against the puckered entrance.’

‘Gasping as you push against the entrance.’

‘Now kissing your boobs, then down over your belly, my tongue anxious to touch your clit and pussy, my nose to inhale your scent. Mmmmm you smell delicious – oooh – and taste divine. Such a sweet virgin taste.’

‘Quivering, anticipating, feeling your warmth near me.’

‘And such a lot of juice for me darling.’

‘And that’s all because you get me like this sweety.’

‘My tongue exploring every little bit of your vulva, the little cluster of petals around the vagina, weeping with pleasure.’

‘Biting my lower lip, feeling these new sensations – such beauty.’

‘Tongue now dipping into the dark secret passage.’

‘I am reaching down and gently stroking your hair as your tongue explores me.’

‘Mmmm … so wonderful … and fingers lightly circling your clit, your belly shaking and trembling.’

‘Mmm Sarah. This feels so good.’

‘Reaching for a the wonderful sensations fluttering in there, moaning and purring, a finger prodding your rosebud, wanting to explore the passage, while my tongue fucks your pussy. Oooo, can’t resist swinging my hips over your head.’

‘Oh God Sarah, I’m so close …’

‘Wanting to feel your warm breath on my wet pussy, there … rubbing my pussy over your lips, your nose on my clit.’

‘Gently leaning up, licking your pussy with the tip of my tongue.’

‘Smelling my juices dripping into your mouth.’

‘My tongue pushing in deeper with each lick.’

‘I can feel your hips beginning to jerk – your muscles to clench.’

‘Mmmm you taste so wonderful, Sarah.’

‘I think I’m starting to cum as well. Fingers deep inside your vagina – my lips chewing your clit, finger now inside your bum.’

‘Oh God … that’s done it … I’m cumming.’

‘Getting that magical feeling.’

‘Omg omg omg …’

‘You’re shaking and moaning loud. Cum for Sarah. Cum cum cum. I’m cumming for you darling. I shall ejaculate all over your mouth. Omg. Wowwwwww.’

(A pause ro get our breath back.)

‘I’ve never cum that hard … ever!’

‘Ooooooooooooooo Cher – ist. That was great. So powerful. Gosh Alwyn – online sex is so fucking good – and different, and so fulfilling.’

‘That was my first online sex.’

‘Wonderful! How are you darling?? I’ve probably soaked you with my cum.’

‘I’m great … better than great even. Wow factor!’

‘All over your face – filling your mouth.’

‘Not that I mind. You taste so wonderful.’

‘Has that got you in the mood for your mum? You could tell her what great sex you had with me!!’


‘Gosh – need to change my knickers, and clean my chair seat!!’

‘I can imagine. Me too.’

‘We should do this more often … lol’

‘There’s güvenilir bahis siteleri a small puddle right under me. I’d like doing this more often. I’m sure you could teach me a lot.’

‘What will mum say when she sees the stain??’

‘She won’t – the chairs in my room. I’m almost tempted to lean down and lick it up.’

‘Oh yes – do! I’d love to do it for you. What colour is your hair??’


‘I need to visualise you darling! Me – I’m blonde – well, more mousey down there!! I’ll post you pics after I’ve cleaned up, unless you want another??’

‘Do you?’

‘A quick tribbing, before hubby gets back?’

‘I’d love that.’

‘C’mon. I’ll open my legs and slip them either side of yours. Oooo yes – our wet pussies meeting … squashing together.’

‘Spreading my legs wider pressing my pussy against yours.’

‘Yes yes – bumping – humping.’

‘Gyrating my hips against yours.’

‘My hands on your bottom. Yes – harder and harder.’

‘Leaning over, kissing your neck as I grind my pussy into yours.’

‘Mmmm … middle finger probing your bum. Probing deeper and deeper.’

‘Oo, I dreamed about this last night, gently massaging your breasts.’

‘As we grind together, finger fucking your bum, other hand grappling with your nipples.’

‘Gently grasp your bottom with my other hand.’

‘OMG Alwyn – I’ve never tribbed on line before. Our clits really are engaged.’

‘Mmm that makes two of us then.’

‘Our labia squashing together, juices mingling – gosh – you’re an exciting sexy young lady!!’

‘Your pussy feels so nice against mine.’

‘In fact, I can feel another orgasm bubbling up already.’

‘Oh my … me too.’

‘This is terrific! Omg … yes … omg! You are so soft and beautiful.’

‘Grinding my clit against yours fiercely. Oh fuck, Sarah this is amazing.’

‘I love young ladies – they’re so soft and fresh and clean. Your nectar so pure and delicious. Virginal nectar. Yes yes … can’t stop now. Fuck me Alwyn. FUCK ME … FUCK ME … CUMMING … CUMMING …’

‘Grinding my pussy into you harder. Oh my god. I’m cumming again …’


‘ohhh – fffuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck mmmmmmmmmmmm.’


(Another pause.)

‘Phewww! Are you there as well Alwyn?’

‘Mmmm … yeah.’

‘Well – it’s been so lovely meeting you!!! LOL’

‘Just revelling in one of the best orgasms of my life.’

‘Oh god Alwyn! We get on so well – fuck mum – come with me instead!!!’

‘Mm, you are quite a wonder Sarah.’



‘What a lovely exciting orgasm – or two.’

‘Indeed. I have to say I really enjoyed my first time with online sex.’

‘So glad it was with me.’

‘I was just about to say the same thing!’

‘Well – now to clean up – thinking of you. You will now monopolise my thoughts Alwyn.’

‘I’ll be thinking of you as well, dear.’

‘I shall think of nothing else for the rest of the day. Thinking of you with your mum, feeling jealous!’

(The next day was Saturday)

Wow Alwyn.

That was great! So glad you were there when I logged on, and able to come – and cum! Here are a few photos to masturbate over. I bought my girlfriend a digital camera for her birthday a couple of years ago – and she really enjoyed taking these – and I think I’m something of an exhibitionist. They keep her happy when I can’t be with her! Hope they keep you happy as well.

Sarah xxxx (Still reeling from our love making!)

Sarah, you’re amazingly beautiful.

These will definitely keep me happy when I’m thinking of you. I’m glad you were on-line as well. That was an amazing experience, and those were the two best orgasms of my life so far. I’ve been laying in bed since our conversation, just lightly touching my pussy, going over it in my head. I can’t wait til we can do that again!

I hope you enjoy these pictures as much as I’m enjoying yours. Alwyn xxx

Astonishing Alwyn!

You have a great figure – amazing breasts and suckable nipples. Thank you so much for them. I shall treasure the photos – and the boobs of course! I wish mine were as great as yours!! And I’m so very flattered to have shared the two best orgasms of your life so far. But Alwyn,’you aint seen nothin’ yet’. Wait until mom eats you out. Next time, be ready for three orgasms! One after the other, getting bigger and more intense – and have you ejaculating as well!! Good luck with mom tonight. I’ll be thinking of you both. And your exciting groans as you cum! Love you darling!

Sarah xxx


It worked! Me and mommy made love! Unbelievable! What happened was we were sitting on the couch watching the movie, and I had my head on her shoulder, as you suggested. She had one arm around me, and I started off just by placing my hand on her thigh. She had no reaction so I pressed on. After rubbing her thigh for a while, I pushed my hand farther and farther up. I eventually felt that she was wet from me rubbing her thigh. I stopped for a moment, to see if she might ask me to continue. Instead, she said she’d be right back and went up stairs.

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