A Conspiracy of Circumstances

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On the one hand, Annie Hughes hated the first ninety minutes of every day because it was very frantic and so very routine. Getting three people up and off to work and school was always annoying, and weird, and boring, and necessary; but she loved her family immensely! Every day her husband Chris left last, but when he finally did, she always let out a great sigh of relief! The best part of the routine was next…morning coffee!

Little did she know that on this particular day, the circumstances of her life were going to shift dramatically. Per usual she looked around before sitting down; the house was kind of messy. “Should I straighten up first? Should I clean first?” She wasn’t even out of her pajamas yet, so she opted for coffee and a check of her emails. Most of those were of the junkie variety and she disposed of them post-haste; but lately she had learned to examine her spammie mail a little more closely. Why? About a year ago she had stumbled across a website called “Literotica,” and this little happenstance had done a complete number on her morning routine.

The Literotica website was dedicated to erotic stories, all of them written by amateurs. Since sex just happened to be very high on her list of priorities (read between the lines, she was horny…a lot!) she signed up to receive notifications from the site; these were always dumped into her junk mail. Today there were three new stories, and in one of them, her favorite author had just completed a submission for one about lesbians. “Wow, this should be interesting!” she said out loud.

After pouring herself a second cup, she clicked on the link and began reading. It was a sexy tale about a senior in high school who loved boys but was finding herself more and more drawn to some of the girls in her class. When Annie read that, her sexual radar began that familiar buzzy sound/feeling in her pussy which always preceded a need for release. “Oh God,” she thought when she felt it, “Uhh, maybe I don’t have time for this?” She read a few more paragraphs, and soon it was too late; the fire had been lit, and it wasn’t going to extinguish itself without an orgasm.

In the story the senior girl named Andrea had been invited to an overnight at her best friend’s house; two other girls were there as well. All four of them were dressed in just t-shirts and panties; and in the course of the evening, they decided to sit in a circle and play “Truth or Dare.” It was quite exciting to see this story develop, but where Annie lost control was when Andrea was “dared” to French kiss another girl named Patti; one thing led to another and the two of them ended up having sex together when everyone else had finally fallen asleep.

When she read the part where Andrea began licking Pattie’s clit, Annie moaned, “No way I’m going to get through this now, fucking oh my!” She opened her pajama top slightly and slipped a hand inside to feel one of her straining, rigid nipples! Lately, her nips seemed to be in a constant state of arousal, and the first touch on the left one made her head spin with desire. She immediately opened the whole top and cupped her breasts fully, thumbing both teats and groaning, “Holy FUCK! Oh my Goddd!” It all felt so damn good!

All her life Annie had experienced this same attraction to girls that Andrea had felt; but for whatever reason she lacked the courage to pursue it, and no opportunity ever presented itself. Right here today she was confronted with those feelings again by this story and it dawned on her that they probably would never fade away by themselves. The horny mother of two tried to refocus; but when she read the next paragraph, where Patti was shaking her tits with both hands and cumming hard into Andrea’s sucking mouth, that was it! Annie shoved a hand down her pajama bottom and frigged at her slit frantically! Her pussy was dripping and she circled her clit repeatedly as the blinding waves of arousal tore through her. It didn’t take long at all; when she pushed two fingers into her wet hole, her body stiffened in the chair and two thrusts of those fingers later, she came with a shuddering groan!

She couldn’t think for a full two minutes, but gradually the wet, sexual fog began to lift and she sat up straighter in the chair. “Oh Godd, that was good, Oh my God!” She took another sip of coffee; it was ice cold. Giggling at the irony she pulled her pajamas together and stood up to pour a fresh cup and this was when fate took a side-step! There was a flash of something outside the kitchen window, “What the…” Acting quickly, she looked out and caught another glimpse of someone going around the corner of the house.

Annie’s heart was racing a bit now; she hurried to the front door and peered out the window next to it. There on sidewalk stood her eighteen year old daughter Cassie’s forever friend Melanie. She had one hand on the top of her head and was looking up and down the street as if expecting a car to appear at any moment. With a huge sigh of relief, Annie opened the front door and called out to her, “Melanie, is that you?”

The young girl spun around to look at Annie! She smiled güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri and said, “Oh, Hi Ms. H.! How’re you?”

“I’m good! It’s a surprise you’re here Mel; are you on your way to school?”

“Oh yeah, I am; I was running late already when Cassie texted me asking if I would come here first and pick up her laptop. She forgot it.”

“Of course!” Annie replied, “but why are you standing there? You look like you’re waiting for someone.”

Melanie didn’t answer immediately, “Yes, well, I did come to your door and knock. But when no one answered, I wasn’t sure what to do next.”

“Oh Okay!” Annie paused with a big Uh-oh in her head! “Um, Mel? Did you go around to the back door too?”

Melanie’s face went ashen, “I…I thought no one was home, so I tried the back door; I didn’t think you would mind if I just went in and found Cassie’s laptop.”

“Well, c’mon in and let’s get it. Who’s picking you up, your mother?”

“Yeah, and now she’s late too!”

Melanie followed her into the house and they both headed upstairs to Cassie’s bedroom. The laptop was lying on the foot of her bed. Annie handed it to Melanie, and it was then she realized that the young girl was very obviously avoiding eye-contact. “Mel, it’s okay; but I think you saw me in the kitchen; am I right?”

Melanie’s eyes flooded with tears, “I am sooo sorry, Ms H, I shouldn’t have done that, I know…but it…it was an accident!”

She was about to cry harder, but Annie wanted to stem this tide, so she quickly hugged Melanie to her, “No, don’t worry…it’s okay; and you’re right, it was an accident. You didn’t mean to do it!”

Melanie threw her arms around Annie and clung to her. “Yes,” she sniffled, “I should have left sooner. I hope you understand!”

Annie held her until she calmed down more; the younger woman’s body felt good, God, it was so warm and soft. She realized she was still plenty horny despite the wonderful cum she’d just had. But huh, what was this? Mel’s fingers were very slowly trailing down her spine, and one of her hands (Annie couldn’t tell which,) was ever so slightly caressing the top of her ass through the pajamas. Annie shivered, and then she shivered again; she could feel her nipples hardening…maybe she was just imagining it? But no, Melanie’s tits were pressing into hers perhaps a smidge too hard for someone who was distraught and the erotic sensation in both her nipples was increasing. Annie released the hug with her hands on Mel’s shoulders, “Feel better now? You’ll be okay!”

“Thank you, I do…it won’t happen again, Ms H. I swear!” Melanie’s distraught look had mostly disappeared now and was being replaced with something else, something… the only way Annie could describe the look was…she shook the thought away.

As they descended the stairs, Annie was mentally bopping herself on the head; she knew she didn’t want her thoughts to go where they were going; this was bad! And then another thought slammed into her; and she expressed this one as soon as they reached the bottom of the stairs, “Hey, wait a second, Mel! What did you mean you should have left sooner? How long were you watching?”

Ooops! This facial expression said it all! “Oh my God, uhh…well…”

“How long, Melanie?”

“I’m not sure; five minutes maybe?”

“Oh my God, Melanie; five minutes? Then you saw everything?”

This time Mel didn’t flinch; her eyes were smoldering. This girl was perceptive; Annie knew that much. She and Cassie had been best friends going on two years and Annie was well aware of how smart the girls were. Melanie must have felt Annie’s body respond just enough to know what she was feeling; and her next words confirmed it, “Pretty much, yes. I really am sorry, but you looked so sexy Ms H., I couldn’t look away! It was beautiful; but I do hope you forgive me? I promise I won’t tell anyone!”

Two or three different ideas were fighting for attention in Annie’s mind; one of them was taking a detour, bypassing her common sense and placing a heated demand on her pussy! This pretty eighteen year old was making a pass at her. The bad part was that Annie wanted to do it…with her daughter’s best friend! She stared at Melanie for a good thirty seconds as these thoughts raced through her brain. Later, she would wonder if her face showed anything; and if it did, had Melanie noticed it.

At any rate, her horny pussy made it clear that stupid was winning; she was about to say the stupid thing when mercifully, the younger woman’s phone rang. Melanie looked at it, made a face, and answered it. “Hello mother! Yes…oh, oh…yes, okay. Uh-huh…I have the laptop now, I’ll be down in front of Cassie’s house in one minute. Yes…okay, Bye!” She locked eyes with Annie and said, “I have to go, my mom’s waiting.”

“Yes, well, enjoy the rest of your day, Mel. Say hi to your mother for me! No wait, I’ll come down and say hi myself.”

As the teenager climbed into the front seat, Annie stooped to one side and greeted Mel’s mother. “Good morning Joyce; I’m sorry that Cassie made you go out of your way today.”

Joyce güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri smiled, “Oh, it’s no bother; I have four different things on my plate, one more doesn’t matter.” Joyce paused, “Are you okay, Annie? You look a bit flushed!”

Melanie was looking right at Annie when she said, “Yeah? Well, I’m good; I probably need some breakfast in my stomach.”

“My my…” replied Joyce, “I simply can’t eat in the morning, it never agrees with me. Okay, I need to get Mel to school. You go get your breakfast.”

Annie sat down at the kitchen table trembling with emotion and a new level of desire. “Shit!” she thought, “get ahold of yourself, stupid!” For a moment she thought about getting herself off again, but ultimately decided against it. She really did make some breakfast, then she scrubbed the kitchen, then she did two loads of laundry and vacuumed the carpets…but her pussy was still tingling! So she said out loud, “Chris is going to be in big trouble when he gets home tonight, that’s for sure!”

And he was! Annie made Lasagna (with fresh garlic bread,) his favorite… and when Chris and her son Derek sat down to eat, they both looked up and simultaneously said, “Whoa! Nice!” Chris added, “Hey, what’s the occasion?”

Annie set a tall iced tea in front of him and leaned over to whisper in his ear, “Not really an occasion.” Then she kissed his ear, “But…I do need you to fuck me tonight! And I won’t take no for an answer!” Just to punctuate it, Annie slid her hand into Chris’s lap and playfully squeezed his balls! Derek was too busy eating to see anything!

Chris gave her a smooch then whispered back, “Mmm, Fuck! I’m getting hard already!”

Dinner was over and they cleared the dishes in record time. After locking the bedroom door, Chris sat down on the edge of the bed and took off his shoes, “Okay, so what happened today? Too much porn or something?”

Annie got behind him and started massaging his neck and shoulders. “Nope, it’s one of those days; I just need that big cock of yours! My pussy is hungry for it!”

“Sausage to feed the kitty! Mmm…I love it! Is this ‘making love,’ or just fucking?”

“Who cares?” With that Annie pulled Chris down to the mattress, knelt over his head, and began kissing him upside down. All the events of the day had played games with her libido and set her body on edge; now her man was going to get the best of that! The first touch of their lips was flame and Chris was stunned by the immediate intensity. Her kiss was ravenous; she sucked his tongue in holding his cheeks with both hands. His hands floated up to the back of her head, drawing their mouths together even harder. That kiss lasted a good five minutes, and by the end of it, Annie was whimpering into his mouth with need!

It finally broke and breathing hard, she looked into his eyes. “Holy SHIT!” he rasped, “Goddd.. that was maybe the best kiss ever…in history!”

She still had a hold of his face and smiled, “Does your dick agree with you?”

He reached down and checked, “Hell yess…your kisses still do it to me! Wanna check it yourself?”

“Not yet, I want one more of these!” Annie laid into him again with another searing kiss. Every sexual nerve inside was jumping and her hormones were pumping overtime! She loved this guy, that was for certain; yet right in the middle of their second kiss, an image of Melanie amazingly appeared. She saw her slowly joining in making this a threeway kiss! Annie tried to force the thought away, but failed…and her passion shot off in a new direction!

Chris couldn’t tell, he was lost in the fire that his wife was manifesting. LOST? He had never seen her like this before, but so what? Annie reached down and pulled his shirt up, and in her mind she was pulling both shirts up. Her fingers began alternately pinching and strumming the real and imagined nipples, and he responded with a groan. Annie had never played with his nipples all that much, but he loved it! When that second kiss broke he said, “Mmm…and playful too! History is being rewritten!”

“You like that huh?” she giggled. “Here, do something with these!” She whisked off her shirt (and still upside down) hung her right boob smack in his face! Chris inhaled as much tit-flesh as he could, “God, yesssss! Oh myyy Goddd!” In her mind, Melanie was sucking her other breast! She reached for his cock and started pulling on it right through his pants.

Chris groaned and switched tits, “You fuckin’ bad girl! Teach these titties a lesson you won’t forget!” He bit her teat hard enough to make her yelp and then sucked it harder, lashing it furiously with his tongue…forcing her to groan!

“OHH YEAHH! That’s it, THAT’S it! Oh Goddd, you’re soaking my pussy, Mmm! Don’t stop!” Those dirty thoughts about Mel ramped things up even higher. While Chris sucked her tits, she imagined Melanie getting behind her and dragging her pants down. That was a bad enough thought but then the sexy teen pried her ass cheeks apart and unbelievably began sucking and licking her anus! “Ungghhh, Ohhh…Fuck! Mmmm…Ungghhh…Doo güvenilir bahis şirketleri me! Yess, Mmmm!”

Chris was amazed at her responses, and he then did the perfect thing for this moment; still sucking her nipples, he reached up and pushed a hand into her shorts trying to get at her slit. Annie moaned some more! It wasn’t easy getting her shorts down in this position, but she got them part way off and Chris cupped her kitty with his whole hand slipping his middle finger deep into her twat!

Annie could swear that she felt two mouths on her; the sensation was awesome, but this position wasn’t the best. She tried to fuck at his hand with her hips, but that wasn’t working, and she needed to cum soon! So rolling away from him, she said, “Don’t move, stay right there!” She stripped the rest of her clothes off and climbed onto his face with her pussy directly over his mouth! “Don’t lick me yet; I’ll tell you when. Lift your ass up, let’s get your pants off!”

Together they worked the pants to his knees and Chris kicked them off. Annie sucked in his hard dick and while licking and sucking the head, she jacked the base with her hand! Chris was kissing her pussy lips and trying to be quiet, but there was no way that was going to happen, “Ohhhh Fuuucckkk, Babyy! Mmm…FUCK YESSS…Ahhhh, Ungghhh….”

As soon as Annie heard that she straightened up, “Now Chris, Oh my Godd, lick it now, C’mon!” She dropped her cunt fairly hard on his face and when he stuck out his tongue to find her clit, her hips responded to grind her pussy into his mouth. Chris was going crazy! He grabbed at her thighs and attacked her juicy slit with everything he had! It was perfect, so perfect that Annie thought she was going to scream, and Derek was in the house! So she grabbed one of her tits against her chest with one hand and covered her mouth with the other to muffle it. Those gurgling sounds she made would have been funny if they were not so engrossed in their fun!

Annie came with a shudder, and then she came again! Chris would have kept going but she fell off of him against the headboard not knowing if she was going to laugh or cry. She had both hands over her face and as he was wiping his mouth Chris said, “Good one, huh Babe?”

The only thing Annie could do was mutter, “Ohhh, fuccckkk…Mmmm”

“My turn!” He grabbed her ankles, pulled them around, and then thrust two pillows under her head. With both hands on the top of the headboard, he straddled her chest and offered his cock to her mouth, “My turn right? Now you, suck me, Babe…do it! Suck it good and I’ll fuck you like you want in a minute!”

With that promise she was more than happy to oblige! He started slowly and fucked at her mouth while she held his ass and fingered his crack. His dick felt so wonderfully hard and velvety smooth in her mouth, and then that thought came again. What would it be like if Melanie was straddling her? What would it be like if her sweet teenage pussy was slipping up and down against her lips? All Annie could do was groan as the eroticism of this moment escalated; her whole body was on fire again. She was massaging his balls as his cock was now bumping into the back of her throat. Chris was muttering dirty things, and his familiar, ragged breathing was signaling that he’d cum soon.

Annie would have none of that! “Ohhh no…you’re not getting off THAT easy!” she punned. She playfully pushed him off of her, “Lie down, get that cock ready for my pussy dammit!”

And then…fate’s circumstances continued the day’s intervention. Chris was grinning from ear to ear as she mounted him, but just as she was lowering herself onto his rod, they heard a tremendous crash from downstairs…and then Derek was screaming and yelling for them a second later. “Oh my God!” they both cried as they leaped from the bed! They threw on robes and hurried downstairs; there was Derek lying on the floor in the kitchen. He had apparently fallen off the step-stool trying to get something from a top shelf in the cabinet, and his lower leg was obviously broken, twisted at a horrible angle. He was screaming in pain and looking at his leg which frightened him beyond words.

Annie immediately got down and cradled his head while Chris called 9.1.1. The next twenty-four hours were a blur. The leg was broken so badly that his circulation was affected, and the only good news that occurred during the whole thing was when the doctor appeared after the emergency surgery telling them that Derek would be all right. The four days he spent in the hospital were also a trial. Annie stayed overnight for two of them and Chris the other. Cassie did her part as well, coming in after school and sitting with him several hours each day.

When they finally got him home, everyone started breathing a little easier. Derek’s pain had become manageable and the three of them pitched in to make sure his needs were met. It wasn’t until day seven though that Annie’s mind finally started to relax enough to let go of the worry. She hadn’t thought of much else for a whole week and was pretty relieved when, lying in bed on the seventh night, she found her thoughts returning to some of the other important matters of life, like sex! She giggled out loud at the humor in their situation, Chris had leaped out of bed, his erection swinging wildly as he rushed to put on his robe. She could only imagine what she must have looked like as well!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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