A Change of Heart

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Well, I fought for you. I fought too hard.
To do it all again, babe. Just come too far.
You never needed me. You only wanted me around.
It gets me down.

There’s been a change, yeah, there’s been a change of heart.
I said, there’s been a change.
You pushed just a little too far.
You made it just a little too hard.
Yeah, there’s been a change of heart.

Change of Heart- Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers


When she pulled him over for the ticket, Florida State Trooper Sandy Davies had really experienced just about enough of a bad day to suffice her for a week. Her marriage was a complete fiasco, and it was partly her fault. Still, her husband’s cross-dressing hadn’t done much to help things along. True, she had a long history of fucking other men, but the fact that Calvin would rather wear her panties than get her out of them had essentially proven a deal breaker for her. The other men had been the price that he had reluctantly paid for her indulging his fantasies, so she wasn’t cheating.

His whining was another issue still, and she was sick of it. Was it too much to ask for a chance to get fucked for a change? Sandy was tired of wearing the strap-on, even with the “feel-doe” function. Simply put, their sexual attitudes were not so much too different, but too similar, to be compatible. Both wanted to be the woman in the household, and that was just not going to work for Sandy. Yes, she was bisexual, but she craved a man’s hard body and forceful nature now and then. Her work let her be all of the tomboy that she wished to be, so at home, she just wanted to let the man take over. Was it her fault that “Callie” refused to do so? Counseling was pointless, since neither of them could change their sexual desires.

Then there was the issue of his weird views on fidelity. He was cool with her fucking women, as long as she did so as the penetrating partner, but he objected to her letting girls take her, and stringently resented the other men (despite agreeing to them). Nor would he consider doing another man himself, insisting that he had no interest in guys. It was if he went out of his way to be a stereotypical wife from another era and took a certain pride from his wife acting like a stereotypical husband from that time. The problem was that the sex that he most accepted and condoned in her was the sort that she needed least. Sandy needed a man or woman to grab her and make her his or hers. Her husband almost seemed to go out of his way to leave her sexually frustrated.

It was little surprise, then, to Sandy in hindsight, that she snapped and gave Jack Mitchell from St. Augustine a hefty ticket and verbally ripped his head off for using the carpool lane illegally. It was true that it was the middle of the afternoon and no one else was using it, but she had a legal pretext for chewing him out and she gave it to him. Skipping lunch (and needing to take it soon, but not having an appetite) hadn’t improved her mood this particular day. Perhaps she had an uncanny ability to find a man with the least motivation to put up with her BS, either, because he got quite angry with her.

“Look, Officer, this is all about your damned quota, so stop lecturing me. On any other day, you’d leave me alone. What the fuck is your beef with me? I never talk this way to cops, but you’re really fraying my nerves,” the angry local DJ demanded, snapping for a change.

On top of finding out that his wife was fucking his boss, this matter was enough to push Jack to the stage of retaliation for this verbal abuse. The pretty patrolwoman seemed to have the same irritating manner as Violet, too. Well, the pre-nup be damned! He didn’t care about cash. Besides, he was a DJ and rapidly becoming a local celebrity. It wouldn’t be long before he was a proper shock jock, a la Howard Stern. He just had enough of being hassled by women, especially Violet, but including this lady cop.

It was true that Jack had fucked around on her a few times, but he was now sure that they were even. It was just the final issue that reminded him of everything else that pissed him off about his trust-fundie wife and her Southern society family. That she had the nerve to insist on his fidelity in the pre-nup, when she wasn’t faithful herself, just annoyed him even more.

Well, the clause was mutual, but he refused to take advantage of it. He wouldn’t let the reputation of being a fortune-hunter follow him around, particularly when she was clearly the greedy one. Screwing one’s husband’s boss was a crass and manipulative move that suggested that one didn’t think one’s spouse competent enough to get ahead on his own. It was an insult to his manhood in at least two distinct ways. No, let the bitch keep her cash, as long as he didn’t lose his own shirt.

“Alright, smart-ass, out of the car and put your hands on the top, now! You’re under arrest for assault and verbal abuse of a state trooper! Maybe a little time in jail will cool you off from your bad attitude!” Sandy insisted, still angry, but now gaining some respect bahis firmaları for the guy for standing up to her bullying. He was right, after all, as she did have a quota for citations, another stressful issue for her.

“Oh, I say something that you can’t handle, so that’s a crime? Bullshit! I’ll pay the damned ticket, if I must, but I’ll fight the assault charge, Trooper Davies,” Jack drawled out the name on her uniform, “Maybe the power is getting to you, or you just hate men, but I want your badge number and I want to make an official complaint about your conduct!”

That was not something that Sandy expected, exactly, so she cussed a bit before cuffing his left wrist and starting to do his right one. Instead, she slapped him a bit, almost as if saying that she had nothing to lose, so why not go ahead and engage in some police brutality?

Grabbing the trooper to stop the assault and protect himself, Jack threw her onto the pavement. He wasn’t too rough, but he made his position apparent. Pulling her back up, the DJ took her keys and unlocked the cuff on his wrist. He then slapped them on her and pushed her into the extended cab of his Blazer. Lying low for a moment, he unzipped her pants and felt for undies that were obviously gone. Sandy liked to go “commando”, as he could tell now.

“So, are you going to add resisting arrest, and false imprisonment, or do we fuck like a pair of grown-ups? That’s what this is about, isn’t it? You wanted a grudge-fuck from an angry motorist, and that’s what you’re getting, Trooper Davies,” Jack declared.

“Call me Sandy, and fuck me, smart-ass! You’re right, buddy. I did pull you over because of the quota, but really to let off some steam and maybe get a guy’s attention. This wasn’t planned, but perhaps I did this subconsciously to provoke you,” Sandy admitted, although she blushed over the matter.

“Jack Mitchell, and now that I know I’m not in trouble, I’m quite happy to fuck you, Sandy,” the DJ grunted as he entered her from behind.

“Oh, you’re not going to jail, Jack, but you’re definitely still in trouble! Forget about the ticket! I mean that you’re now stuck with a horny state trooper who just might look for excuses to keep pulling you over, sugar. Now, fuck my pussy harder, you hardheaded SOB!” the patrolwoman warned him as he slammed into her.

“I am fucking you, or don’t you know it?” Jack snapped back at her.

“Oh, I know it! The only way I could feel this more and enjoy it more is if you shoved it up my ass!” Sandy exclaimed with growing arousal from the pounding the civilian gave her on the clock.

“Glad to hear, and if you’re not careful, I’ll do exactly that, Sandy!” he groaned as he drove it deeper into her sex.

“Yeah, right, like I would get that lucky! You’re probably afraid that your wife will find out! I saw that ring!”

“Sandy, if you knew my wife, you’d realize that her ass is too tight to even consider fucking, assuming that she’d let it happen! Besides, I don’t give a damn about that. We’re fucking and I have to cum soon, or else we’ll both get in trouble, anyway!” Jack reacted with gusto.

“Well, hon, that’s one more reason to stick it in my tush! You’ll cum so fast that no one will know anything happened,” Sandy encouraged him to butt-fuck her, now that she saw a chance of it happening.

As he lubed her up with her own juices and entered her tight asshole, Jack felt Sandy wince for a second, but then realized that she had started a climax. This was apparently the sort of sex that she had been missing for weeks or longer, so this act was enough to get her there. He grunted for a while longer, but held back from cumming too soon, just so that he could get her to orgasm. That was something that was rare enough in his marriage that he valued it a great deal. He didn’t count his wife’s badly acted fake orgasms at all.

Within moments, however, Sandy had finished her overwhelming and desperately craved climax. This gave Jack his cue to spill his load into her pucker, filling her bottom with his jism. He was quite pleased already, but even more so when Sandy didn’t ask to be released from her cuffs. Instead, she turned around and started sucking his dick with an enthusiasm that would make any sensible man want to clone her. The reality was that she was simply starved for this kind of sex, with the man in control instead of herself. She was tired of being the boss, and had finally discovered her ideal man. It was too bad that she was married to that Cal wimp instead.

“God, Sandy, you are the first gal to do an ATM for me! That’s incredible! I’ve wanted that for a while, but no girl has been willing to consider it before, let alone surprise me with it! I see that you’re wearing a wedding ring. Does hubby know that you are so hot for this kind of sex, and is he cool with you fucking other men this way?” Jack commented, truly curious as to this babe’s lifestyle now.

“Honey, my hubby is more of a woman than a man, and I don’t mean that he’s gay. He is a cross-dresser, however, and kaçak iddaa he likes to be fucked by a woman rather than fuck her. He likes being the wife, not the husband. He really needs a domineering sort of woman, not a girl like me. I think that he mistook me for a Domme or something. Too bad, if you ask me. I’ve wasted enough of my life being married to him. He’s not evil or stupid, but he isn’t my kind of guy. You, on the other hand, are what I need for certain. How about you? What’s your deal? Dissatisfied, too?” she asked rhetorically, well aware of the likely answer.

“My wife should get together with your husband. She’d love to be with a man who lets her wear the pants in the marriage. Maybe we ought to approach them about a swap, only this one would be permanent. She has the money, but I don’t need that. I’d rather have my manhood and my self-respect, thank you very much. Besides, I’m a local celebrity. I’ll do fine. I plan to be rich and famous in my own right soon enough,” Jack explained, as he removed the cuffs from the state trooper, “You need to get back to work, though. How about we meet again at my place? I think that if my wife catches us in bed, she’ll get angry enough to kick me out. I’ll let her, too, since the house is in her name and I am tired enough of her by now.”

“Well, honey, if she tosses you out onto the street, we can rent a room together, because I’m fed up enough with Calvin to pack my bags. Like you, I don’t need his money. I just want to start fresh with another man. I think that both your wife and my hubby will be relieved when we go, just like us. It’s been too much to make any kind of fight to save the marriage worth it, don’t you think?

“Alright, I do need to get back to work. Guess I’ll have to count this as my lunch break, since I haven’t eaten yet. Give me your address, and I’ll show up right around supper. That should get your wife’s goat enough to end your marriage, if you’re truly ready to leave her. Then we can drive over to my house and give Cal the bad news as well. I don’t know if you and I will last, but we can at least have a fling and get rid of our spouses,” Sandy grinned and kissed Jack with some tongue.

He was happy enough to hand her the information and see her place it on her speed dial. This might be going too fast, but like she said, it didn’t have to last. For now, at least, they could have fun. She didn’t seem overly jealous or worried about fidelity, so there might be something of a future. Jack was quite certain that he didn’t want another exclusive deal again. This last one had proven that he had a tendency to not only fuck around, but also pick women who did the same.

That being so, it was better to acknowledge such things openly, and Sandy somehow seemed to have the same mindset or attitude about such things. Well, he would find out in time, with enough preparation to avoid another attempt to practice monogamy (the operative word being attempt). The main thing was that they would enjoy themselves and end their toxic marriages.

A fully dressed Sandy Davies returned to duty with a smile on her face that she knew that she had to stop before she saw her colleagues and superiors. Jack, meanwhile, continued in the same direction, well aware that he was lucky to catch the right state trooper in the best possible mood to relieve some tension. This thing was only supposed to happen in porn flicks, not reality, but it had occurred to local shock jock Jack Mitchell. It was too bad that he couldn’t talk about it without harming her career. This would certainly be an experience that he’d remember as long as he had a memory, whatever happened between Sandy and him in the near future.

As he arrived at his condo in the ritziest district of St. Augustine, Jack noted his boss’s car. Well, this would be worth what he expected. He knew that he had enough to get his supervisor by the balls and assure himself of great references when he transferred, but damn, this was a lucky day! Too bad that he didn’t have a camera, but he didn’t really care, anyway. He wanted this to be over at last. He was exhausted with this grueling ordeal of a marriage, so he’d sign any reasonable settlement that set him free, not from weakness, but a self-reliance that said that he didn’t need her wealth. His dignity counted for more than her assets, fiscal or sexual.

Jack didn’t bother to warn the pair that he was home, since they would know soon enough. He lit up a cigarette inside the house for the first time in months (Violet had banned them in the house, but he no longer cared) and let the smoke be his announcement. She would smell it very quickly and pick up on the fact of his presence.

He was right, of course. Violet was more than a tad shaken when she stepped out of the bedroom in her birthday suit, with her lover following her rapidly. There was no doubt that he had caught her first, and not vice versa, and that this could cost her a ton of cash. It was apparent that this thought tormented her more and took the color out of her normally pink face. She did kaçak bahis her utmost to keep her composure, as a proper Southern belle would, even when caught in flagrante delicto. That didn’t stop her from toying with her golden curls, however.

“Um….this is a pickle for us, isn’t it? Well, I guess that pretending to be innocent and faithful will do me no good, will it, dear? I suppose that you’ve been no saint yourself, but I’ve never managed to catch you, and I can never prove it. I take it that I’m screwed, in more ways than one here. I don’t suppose that promising to look the other way if you do the same would help, would it?” she squirmed a bit, clearly more concerned with her fortune and reputation than her marriage itself.

“Babe, that’s not really the big issue here at all. When it comes to your hypocrisy, it’s a matter of ‘too little, too late’ to change your mind about it and keep me. Besides, and this is more to the point, neither of us are happily married. Isn’t that true? I don’t know if you cheated before, but screwing my boss is the act of a woman who is impatient to align herself with a perceived winner. I’ve never done well enough for you, as soon as you would like.

“You’re not unhappy with me in bed. I’ve toned that down enough for your tastes, I think. You just like to rule the roost and rake in the perks and cash from a subservient, yet successful husband. You want to be wealthier and even more connected, whatever it costs you. You want trophies, from your man down to your yacht.

“Sorry, but that’s not going to keep me at all. Somehow, you hope to have everything your way. Well, I am not the sort to take orders and do your bidding. That’s been the major problem for us, Violet. I’m not uxorious. I don’t knuckle under or submit to other people in my private life. That’s why it will never work. I can’t be your trophy husband at all. Now that I know what you want from me for sure, it’s unacceptable.

“Relax, honey. I have no desire to take you to the cleaners, despite the fidelity clause in the pre-nuptial agreement. No, I think that we can leave adultery out of this divorce. I don’t want alimony. I don’t want to get rich at your expense. I want simply to keep my own assets free and clear and take half of one of our joint-savings accounts. The rest is yours. The main issue for me is escape from this marriage. I don’t want to be married to you, plainly spoken. You’re not the sort of woman that I can grow old with or even relax and have fun with, by and large.

“We’re too different to share our life until death parts us. So, just let me go, alright? No pretense of remorse or insulting attempts to win me back. There will be no trial or scandal that taints your respectable image, I promise, if you just let me go. I will pack what I like and leave. I don’t hate you, Violent. I just want a divorce. Now, I’m going to get my stuff and walk out tonight. I will rent a room and call you with the number. We can meet with an attorney soon and work out the details of this matter. Let’s keep it civil, since there is no point to ugliness, is there?

“Oh, and Steven, I think that you know what I want from you, don’t you? Just as I know that you don’t want an alienation of affection lawsuit, do you? If you’re smart, you’ll give me the references and release from my contract, so I can get the deal that I want from the national broadcasters. I want the limelight, but on my own terms and in my own right. Sound like a deal, folks?” Jack demanded, knowing that he was negotiating from strength.

“Jack, sweetie, please don’t leave yet. I do want one thing from you,” Violet’s persistence surprised him, quite frankly.

“Okay, let’s hear it, and soon. I don’t have much time, Violet,” he snapped, more than a little impatient.

“I want to have your baby. There, now you know. That’s the one thing that I really don’t have from this marriage that I really desire and Steve can’t give me. Why, aside from the cash, did you think that I didn’t want you to leave yet? Why do you think that I got jealous about your affairs, when I had my own? I want to get pregnant, and I figured that if you fucked other women at this point, you might not knock me up. Otherwise, I would just wink at it. As I will once you impregnate me.

“If you agree to knock me up every time I need to conceive, I’ll go along with your divorce and let you have the entire account without a fuss. Sound fair? Just fuck me now, while I’m fertile. I hoped to seduce you tonight, which is why I asked you to come home soon. I just didn’t plan for it to be quite as early as it was. I was going to clean up any evidence of my cheating. I guess that’s not an issue now, is it?

“The truth is that while I started this fling to help your career, it turns out that you are doing well enough, anyway. However, that hasn’t kept me from doing my bit to enhance it further, though I know that you hate to admit that it has helped. Well, I guess that it helped in a way that I didn’t intend, but there you go. In the meantime, I do have some feelings for Steve, and we have discussed the idea of divorce once I caught you with another woman and had your baby. I just counted on more time. For what it’s worth, I wouldn’t have gotten nasty unless you did, which seems moot now.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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