A Capitol Couple Pt. 02

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The good thing about living on North Roosevelt Avenue in East Falls Church, Virginia, was that one was within walking distance of the East Falls Church Metro Station. Part of the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority, the station is one of many along the Orange Line, which runs an East-West route from the Vienna/Fairfax area of Virginia in the west to New Carrollton, Maryland, in the east. At this time of day it would be nearly impossible to find a parking spot just outside the station due to the early morning rush of commuters. But since Jake and Stephanie lived less than half a mile from the station, they preferred to walk. While Jake could wear tennis shoes due the casual nature of his employment, Stephanie usually wore heels. For the commute to and from work, Stephanie wore comfortable walking shoes and kept her dress shoes in her tote. The walk to the station took ten minutes. After scanning their Metro cards they rode the escalator up to the platform to await the next train.

“How’s the money on your card?” Jake asked his wife.

“Fine,” Stephanie said. “Still got twenty dollars left.”

The train arrived a few minutes later. Jake and Stephanie waited in line near the front of the train. The train came to a stop and the doors slid open. A few passengers exited, but most people were boarding, headed for the nation’s capital city. Jake and Stephanie boarded; the train was already getting crowded. They stood in the middle of the car, taking hold of a metal pole.

“Step back, doors closing,” the computerized female voice said.

The doors slid shut, and the train began to move. The ride took fifteen minutes.

“Foggy Bottom, George Washington University. Doors will open on the left side,” the driver announced.

The train slowed and came to a stop in the underground station.

“Step back, doors opening,” the female voice said again.

“This is my stop,” Jake said.

He kissed Stephanie on the cheek.

“I have faculty meetings all day, but I could probably sneak away for lunch. Wanna meet somewhere?”

“Sure,” Stephanie said. “Text me, and we’ll figure something out. I love you.”

“I love you, too, Steph,” Jake smiled as he exited the train.

Jake rode the escalator up to ground level and made his way towards his office at George Washington University. Jake was a professor in the history and political science department. Normally he would have four classes, but as it was now summer, classes were finished. Now he had several faculty meetings to attend, both departmental and university-wide. Today’s meetings were department meetings to discuss budgets, classes to offer for the upcoming year, and various departmental scholarship programs. Jake loathed these meetings – his passion was teaching – but as he was now full-time faculty, he was required to attend. It was the price he paid for being an educator.

Stephanie had to go one additional stop. The train slowed as it pulled into the Farragut West Station. Stephanie stood as the train came to a halt. The doors on the right-hand ayvalık escort side opened, and Stephanie exited. She rode the escalator to ground level, coming out at the corner of I and 18th Streets. She made a left and walked down to K Street; she crossed K Street, then 18th Street. She entered the white stone office building and took the elevator to the third floor. She scanned the ID card on her lanyard, and the double doors unlocked to allow her entry. This was the Washington, DC, branch of UNICEF. Stephanie was the Assistant Director of Education for Eastern and South Africa. Her job was to oversee and assist in the development and support of schools and educational programs throughout Eastern and Southern Africa. The job also involved playing politics, something she hated. In order to get the United States government to support legislation to assist in UNICEF’s efforts, she also had to call congressmen and senators and lobby for support. And in the current political climate, it was not an easy task.

“Good morning, Stephanie!” the perky receptionist said.

“Morning, Rachel,” Stephanie said.

Stephanie walked down the hall and entered her office. She powered on her computer. The blue and white UNICEF logo appeared. Stephanie logged into her computer and checked her emails, then looked at her schedule. Fortunately there was no lobbying to be done today, which she was grateful for. She picked up a folder on her desk; it was the new budget proposals for two new elementary schools in Mozambique. She took a sip of coffee and began to look over the numbers.

Jake had been in his department meeting for nearly two hours. They had been discussing the budget for the upcoming year. Jake was close to dozing off when their department chair decided it was time for a break. Jake exited the conference room and pulled out his cell phone. He texted Stephanie.

“These meetings are ridiculous. Still wanna meet for lunch?”

The reply came a minute later. “Sure. How about Elephant and Castle?”

“Sounds great! I could go for fish and chips. See you around 12?”

“See you. Love you.”

“Love you, too, babe.”

Jake smiled. He loved having lunch with his wife. During the school year, it was nearly impossible to meet due to his class schedule. He smiled. He couldn’t wait to see Stephanie. The next few hours were going to seem like an eternity.

Noon finally arrived. Jake bounded out of the conference room and headed out into the Washington, DC heat. He headed west down I Street, crossed Pennsylvania Avenue and 20th Street. The walk took him ten minutes. He entered Elephant and Castle, a British pub-themed restaurant. He saw Stephanie and went over to join her.

“I already ordered for us,” Stephanie said. “I got you fish and chips and a lemonade.”

“Perfect,” Jake said. “What did you get?”

“Butter chicken and a diet coke,” Stephanie said. “How are your meetings going?”

“Long and boring,” Jake sighed. “This is what I get for being a professor. How’s your day?”

“Not escort ayvalık bad. Still poring over those budget proposals for the new schools in Mozambique.”


“I think the numbers will work,” Stephanie smiled. “Finally these kids will get a quality education.”

Jake knew that Stephanie loved her job. She had always had a passion for children and education. Jake was so happy she had a job she loved and enjoyed. Their food arrived. They dug right in. Jake practically devoured his fish and chips; Stephanie was still working on her entree.

“Hungry?” she joked.

“A little,” Jake smiled, slightly embarrassed at how quickly he’d eaten. “I will be home late. I have some stuff at the university to review, so you can head back without me.”

“That sucks,” Stephanie said. “I hate riding the metro alone. Maybe I’ll bring you dinner.”

As they finished their meal, Stephanie began to formulate a plan. She was going to bring Jake dinner, and she was going to be the dessert.

At five o’clock, Stephanie powered down her computer. She grabbed her tote and headed to the elevator. She exited onto K Street and headed to a nearby Chinese restaurant to grab dinner. Half an hour later she arrived at Jake’s building. Campus security knew her by name and had no issue with her being there. She walked quickly to her husband’s office. Jake was buried in a file when she knocked on the door.

“Hungry?” she asked.

Jake couldn’t believe it. Stephanie had showed up, and with dinner, too. He tossed his folder down, stood up, and moved to her. He pulled her in and pressed his lips to hers. She returned his kisses. Jake pressed his tongue into her mouth. She extended her tongue. Their tongues intertwined, caressing the other. Stephanie moaned softly. Then she pulled away.

“What?” Jake said.

“If we’re going to do that, we need some privacy,” Stephanie said, closing his office door and locking it.

The door had only a small slit for a window, and that was covered by blinds. Stephanie swayed back to her husband. She pressed herself against him.

“Where were we?” she asked. “Oh, yeah.”

She pressed her mouth to Jake’s. They kissed passionately for several minutes, their lips and tongues locked together. Jake reached up and began to unbutton Stephanie’s pink blouse. The blouse fell open; Stephanie had worn a pink lace bra. It was one of Jake’s favorites. She reached out and pulled off her husband’s green polo, revealing his muscular chest. Jake lifted Stephanie’s black knee-length skirt. She had worn the matching pink lace thong and sheer thigh-high stockings.

“Fuck,” Jake managed.

“I knew you’d like that,” Stephanie replied.

Jake picked his wife up and lay her back on his desk. Stephanie spread her legs wide. Jake lowered himself onto his knees. He began to kiss his wife’s stocking-covered thighs. Stephanie gasped as she felt his lips moving up her inner thigh. She could feel herself swelling with excitement. Jake continued kissing his wife’s gorgeous ayvalık escort bayan legs. As he neared her crotch he could smell her excitement. Her scent excited him. Soon his cock was erect and aching for his wife’s hot wet slit. Jake slowly licked around Stephanie’s mound. She gasped and grabbed his head. Jake could see her glistening with arousal. He slowly moved his tongue up and down her slit.

“Oh, shit,” Stephanie gasped.

Jake slid his tongue around her opening, teasing her. He slowly moved up. His tongue found Stephanie’s clitoris. She shuddered as he hit her sensitive spot.

“Oh, Jake,” she moaned, a little louder. “Suck my clit.”

Jake obliged her and took her clit in his mouth, sucking gently. Stephanie’s hand tightened its grip on his head. She spread her legs as wide as she could. Jake sucked harder now. Stephanie moaned louder. If he didn’t stop she wouldn’t be able to hold herself back.

“Give me your hard cock, baby,” she whimpered. “Pound my pussy hard.”

Jake stood and unbuttoned his pants. He moved his boxers aside, and his cock sprang out. Stephanie was ready for him, to take him all the way inside her. Jake slid his cock up and down her slit, hitting her clit. Stephanie whimpered in pleasure.

“Oh god, Jake,” she moaned.

Jake continued to slide himself up and down on her. Finally it was time. He slid his manhood deep into his wife. They moaned together as he entered her. She was warm and dripping wet and very tight. He began to thrust hard into her. Stephanie looked into his penetrating eyes, begging him to fuck her harder. She wanted all of him; she could take it.

“Give it to me good,” she said seductively. “Pound my tight wet pussy.”

Jake began to ram his hardness deep into his wife. He went all the way in. He could feel himself hitting her cervix. Stephanie moaned louder with each hard thrust. She knew she had to keep quiet, but her husband felt so good inside her. She wanted to scream. Jake saw the look on her face. He reached up and placed his left hand over her mouth as he fucked her harder. Stephanie’s eyes were going wide. Jake knew she was close to orgasm now. He pulled her up and pushed her forward. She was bent over his desk She spread herself wide for him. Jake shoved himself deep into her, fucking her harder and faster.

“Yes, give it to me, Jake!” she moaned. “Give me that cock!”

Jake was thrusting as fast as he could. His balls were slapping against his wife’s clit. She loved the feel of them hitting her. It was driving her wild. She was very close to orgasm. Jake grabbed her hair and pulled so hard, Stephanie had to lift her head. Jake hit her G-spot. She couldn’t take it any more.

“Fuck!” she yelled in a muffled scream.

Jake felt her contract around his cock. Her warm juices flooded around his shaft. It felt amazing. He kept thrusting. Stephanie began to shudder. Jake lost it. His cock spasmed, and his cum shot deep into his wife’s pussy. Stephanie moaned as she felt Jake shoot his load deep into her. It took him nearly a minute to stop spasming. He finally removed himself from his wife, exhausted but satisfied. They got dressed and Stephanie opened the containers of food.

“I was supposed to be dessert,” she said.

“Is that right?” Jake asked as he took a piece of sesame chicken. “I always did like having dessert first.”

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