A Business Meeting To Remember!

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It was an amazing busy period, my appointment diary had been filling up steadily and new clients were coming at us thick and fast, this particular event happened whilst on a trip to Liverpool on a bright autumnal Friday morning. The previous day was also in the North West of England so I stayed over in the Albert Docks knowing I’d be bright and fresh for my new client.

Being a centrally placed hotel I arranged for my meeting to take place in the reception area of the hotel and so was able to make it an early start, so at 8.30 am I sat alone drinking coffee awaiting my new client, having spoken to Paul I knew he was around 6 foot tall and with grey hair (much like myself) and right on queue a handsome man approached and introduced himself. For those of you who have read my other stories you will know I’m in my early forties and living a happily married life, however in recent years I have discovered the joys of other men, mainly its just mutual masturbation and oral with similar like minded men and on the odd occasion I get together with a gay man I met for some bloody good full naked fun.

Anyway, this guy Paul was indeed very smartly dressed and also very handsome, it’s hard to liken him to a type but the Classic suited gentleman look pretty much describes the both of us. The conversation went pretty much as most of my meeting do until he noticed my penis shaped cufflinks.

“wow, those are fantastic!” he said “Where did you get them?”

“Oh in a shop in Soho” I replied “they get a lot of people talking”

Paul leaned forward to take a closer look and in doing so he looked me in the eye, it was a look that’s hard to define but a look with a welcoming smile and a longer period of eye contact which to me instantly opened up those desires that I keep well hidden. As always my doubts have a great say in how I interpret things and so if there was more to him than meets the eyes then I’d need stronger signs than just a smile.

My cufflinks were of an erect thick penis with tight balls and foreskin pulled back, they depicted a thick girth on a shortish knob with a bend in it, Paul laughed about then and then gave another sign to which I interpreted as just that, he said that the dick can be a beautiful thing and something to admire and not just something of a taboo subject, as he finished this statement he again looked directly into my eyes.

Paul was most certainly my type and probably the type of most of the women in the hotel lobby, maturely handsome and in good shape, his suit expensive and his accessories immaculate; if I was right then I had the perfect excuse to move things on. The sale of our products is heavily reliant on approval of samples and as I hadn’t checked out of the hotel yet I could go back to my room to fetch them, or get Paul to come back with me.

The conversation moved back to business and I think we were both heading towards the same close, the topic of samples soon came around and I quickly offered to return to my room to fetch some, I was just about to tag the line “or you could come with me” with the excuse of more space or something along those lines when Paul beat me too it.

“Oh don’t bother with that” he quickly added, “I’ll come with you, it would be too messy to do that down here”

“No problem” I replied, feeling the swelling in my pants growing “this way”

I jumped to my feet, gathered my brief case and led the way to the second floor suite I was in, with it being an early meeting I knew time was in my favour and so the “Do not disturb” sign was going on the door.

Once inside and alone together there was a strong feeling of nerves and anticipation and looking at Paul I guess he felt the same, he just stood there looking; or waiting for the next move. As always this move was always the most critical, what if I was wrong about him?, what if I embarrassed him or he got offensive with disgust?.

As I hoped I needed not have worried, as I removed my jacket I looked at Paul and caught him staring at my bulging trousers

“Do you always do business with a raging hard on?” he quizzed with a smile “or is there something on your mind?”

Looking down my stiffy was much more proud than I though and impossible to hide, I ran my hand over it and made a comment about my dick not being a hypocrite, I laughed that it always does that around attractive people.

Paul made a deliberate look around the room and returned his gaze to mine, “I guess that’s me then” he smiled

“I guess so” I added güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri “like I said, my dick is no hypocrite”

“I think you need to attend to it don’t you?” he ordered as his gaze returned to my crotch

“Well you are the customer, and you know what they say about customers always being right!”

“Don’t mind me” Paul said “we can always finish our meeting later”

Paul sat back on the dresser in a way which said “over to you”, he had the look of a man who was comfortable with what was going on and was showing signs of his own bulging cock through his trousers. I was standing about six feet away and without a word being spoken I unbuckled my belt and kicked off my shoes, moments later I was unbuttoning my trousers and pulling on my flies with my dick fighting like a caged animal trying to get out. I let my trousers fall to the floor and casually stepped out of them.

My dick was throbbing and twitching with excitement, my white jockey briefs struggling to contain what was now Paul’s focus of attention, quickly I removed my tie and unbuttoned my shirt and then the desire to touch and hold my dick took over.

I have always enjoyed a certain moment when I have previously met up with other men, and that’s the moment of revealing myself for the first time, on some occasions whereby I may have met a stranger in a lay-by or secluded place I usually use the excuse of taking a leak to drop my trousers. I would be choosy as to who I think is a safe suitable person and when there was the most minimal risk I would jump out of my car and find a secluded spot in the woody trees to take my leak and expose myself. When I’m feeling like this I try to hold my needs for as long as possible so if I do need to I can take a good long piss with the hope the other man takes interests. On numerous occasions this has worked well and to maximise the excitement I don’t just open my flies but fully unbutton myself exposing my semi hard dick and my balls too. My thought is that I can’t get into trouble for taking a leak and if the other guy is interested he’d pay attention to my actions and maybe join me in exposing himself too, I’ve even been know to ask if they want me to put it away and nobody has yet told me “yes put it away”.

I guess part of my pleasure is I know I have a sizable cock, not massive but a good eight inch and a girth that tightly fits most mouths, so I guess it would be different had I not been relatively blessed and more often that not I’m a match for the other men I have played with.

Back to the story in hand, So there I was shirt open, trouser off and a raging hard-on making a tent pole in my pants, Paul was still sat on the edge of the dresser only now it was obvious he was enjoying watching me undress, the bulge in his trousers was more apparent now and going by the size of it I was going to enjoy another big cock.

“Will you do something for me?” he asked “Will you lay on the bed with your pants on?”

“Sure” I replied moving quickly to the bed I made an hour earlier “but I’m taking my socks off!” I laughed

As I lay on the bed Paul moved to the foot of the bed and stood between my feet, I lay with my hands behind my head and watched as he kicked off his shoes and removed his jacket, swiftly he removed his tie an unbuttoned his shirt. All the time Paul smiled as his eyes roamed over my body and as the excitement grew the harder my dick became and the more it twitched with anticipation, within a matter of moments Paul was down to his briefs and without any pause or instruction he’d removed them too and was stood there completely naked with the most glorious of erections.

His physique was very toned and athletic and his dick was magnificent, similar in size to mine and just like my cufflinks it had a nice bend in it too, it stood up proud and firm and I just had to compliment him of such a beautiful tool

“Beautiful” was the only appropriate thing to say “that is a beautiful cock” I complimented

“Why thank you” was his repost, “I like it”

The atmosphere between us was now more relaxed and the only thing really left to do was for me to remove my own pants, I was about to pull them down when Paul stopped me “I want to do that” he said and knelt forward between my open thighs and ran his hands up each thigh, his touch was light and sensual and as they made their way to the elastic of my pants Paul moved up the bed and rested with his face only a foot above the bulging material of my güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri pants.

“I’ve wanted to do this for so long” he whispered and without meeting my gaze he lifted the hem of my trunks over the bulging knob and released the object of his desires. Paul gave me the impression of being in a similar situation to myself with some history or experience with other men but his last comment posed the question that this was maybe his first blow job or first time in such a comfortable and risk free environment.

As you can imagine my dick was as hard as an iron rod and Paul’s hands soon found their way to caress my veiny shaft, the look on his face was one of such excitement and from the very first moment he exposed my dick his eyes never left it and his hands treated it with the gentleness of a prized possession. I wanted to get closer to his dick and return the attention but he seemed more than happy explore my eight inches of manhood and just as I was about to say something he lowered his mouth and pulled on my foreskin.

As he closed around my swollen knob his eyes closed and rolled with pleasure, his hands placed flat around the base and his thumbs caressing my balls, if this was his first time he was giving a blow job fit for a dirty whore.

I watched intently as he took me deeper and deeper into his mouth then for the next few minutes I lay with closed eyes enjoying the exquisite touch of his wet mouth and warm hands. If this situation was to be maximised then I had to stop Paul before I blew my whole load in his mouth, and I was also now desperate to suck some cock myself, Paul seemed intent to continue but I needed to take control and so lifted his chin with my finger.

“I want to suck you” I said with a smile and patted the bed where I wanted him to lay “and I don’t want to cum just yet”

“Was it good?” he questioned

“Fantastic, thank you”

“It’s my first blowjob and I’ve waned to do that for so long now”

“Well let me tell you you’re a natural cock sucker”

We laughed as he climbed on the bed and lay on his back beside me

“Will you do something for me?” he asked

“Sure, as I said you are the customer after all!”

“Will you kiss me?” he asked sheepishly

He was about to continue when I placed a finger to his lips and followed it with my mouth, kissing another man was something I never really considered as pleasurable but I was wrong, its erotic, dirty and down right horny, as I kissed him my hand moved to his manhood, it felt so good and hard I knew it was a cock worth sucking. As we kissed our bodies drew closer together and suddenly our hard cocks rubbed firmly against each other, the intensity was strong and the desire was driving our actions. I love the position of kneeling beside my partners face and watching my dick slide over their lips and then into their mouth, my wife looks so fucking horny as I fuck her little tight mouth with my thick cock and also it allows me to admire their whole body giving my free hands the opportunity to play and please at the same time, in this case I wanted to have a good look at my new play toy before I satisfied my own desire to suck him.

Our kiss was short lived as I jumped up and knelt beside him, my dick pointing towards the ceiling and looking magnificent, his dick thick and twitching in the anticipation of a first blow job from another man. I moved closer to his face and offered him my swollen knob to which he accepted with a smile and a deep look into my eyes. I think the reason I love this position is that I have to point my dick downwards and it gives me and extra sense of pleasure, plus it also offers my partner the underside of my dick and also my balls to please with their mouth and tongue.

I took my indulgence for many minutes and instructed him on licking my balls and sucking them into his mouth but the time was right for me to please Paul, without warning I swung one knee over him and was suddenly on hands and knees over him in a perfect sixty nine position.

My dick hung long and thick for him to continue to suck but now I could lower my head and feel the wonderful sensation of a fat dick stretching my mouth, there was no doubt he was ready for it and I knew he wouldn’t last out too long and I couldn’t have been more accurate.

As my mouth drew closer my tongue flicked out and tasted the salty pre cum which was oozing from his eye, his foreskin was long and perfect for a slow wank or blow job güvenilir bahis şirketleri and as I pulled it back I took him slowly and sensually into my mouth. The feeling was wonderful and the response immediate, Paul groaned a deep groan of pleasure and both hands encapsulated his shaft and balls.

It felt wonderful, wonderful to have a big cock in my mouth again and also wonderful that I knew just how much I was in control of the situation, Paul was completely at my mercy and I knew that if I wanted I could have him emptying his load in my mouth within moments. With my own hard cock dangling in his mouth he continued to groan with pleasure and began to push his hips upwards to meet my own downwards movement, the more I sucked the more he responded and the less he concentrated on me, I stopped briefly to admire his wet dripping cock with its throbbing purple knob with the knowledge that I was about to make him come, and that’s exactly what I did.

Gathering his balls in my hands I lifted them to the base of his cock and sucked his shaft all the way up until I was able to engulf his knob, once in my mouth I had only one goal, and that was to not release him until I had taken his full load and swallowed every last drop. The pleasure of giving him such joy drove me on and it was only a matter of minutes before he was clearly on the cusp of orgasm, his breathing and groaning were oh so familiar as hips pushed against me in time with my mouth.

The time had arrived to release his load and my fingers began to push that soft area between balls and butt, at the same time I released his dick until his knob rested on my bottom lip and I could probe his man slit with my tongue, this time he pushed his hips high and lifted his butt from the bed, I met it with a deep soft sock and took his whole length deep into my mouth, a quick swirl of my tongue and then I pumped on his veiny shaft knowing there was no turning back now.

I was lost in my own desire to please but I think I stroked him a dozen or so times before I felt the pumping from his crotch, his cries of pleasure only heighten the thrill and as his told me he was coming I engulfed his knob in anticipation of his release. I was not to be disappointed as his dick began to throb and twitch in rapid movements, suddenly he held his hips real high and pushed hard against me and I felt the fist wave of hot jizz hit the back of my throat, to my surprise and pleasure he just kept on coming, pumping and pumping until my mouth filled with the wonderful sticky stuff. I needed to swallow or spill so of course I swallowed his gift with pleasure and passion.

The man was a spent force as I drained him of every last drop and as he came down from the wave of his release he took me in his mouth again. The trill of having just given him his first man to man blow job had pushed me close to orgasm and so his renewed attention to my cock was obviously received favourably, I too was very close and Paul seemed to want to experience the same pleasure as I had just enjoyed and so I just knelt over him allowing him to suck at lick at his will.

Paul was certainly enjoying himself and as he continues to suck I admired his softening cock and tried my hardest to hold back for as long as possible, his hands were all over my crotch and balls and at one point he eased a digit into my tight arse, that was just the ticket to push me over the edge and suddenly I found myself not receiving a blow job but fucking his mouth ready to empty my load, only moments later and with a deep heavy groan of release I pumped and pumped hot cum into Paul’s wet mouth. The force and amount must have surprised him as he gagged momentarily and I pulled out, not finished with my release I covered his lips and chin with more stick white love juice until my balls felt empty.

Paul to his credit licked my dick clean and took my back in his mouth as my orgasm subsided. I moved to a position beside him and laughed at the sheer amount of cum on his face and chin, using a finger I managed to collect some before placing it in Paul’s mouth, then to his surprise I kissed him and licked his face of any remaining cum.

We lay for a few minutes stroking each others cock and joked about me doing the best “close” of any deal he had ever done, I wondered if he would get up and go quickly but he seemed comfortable with the situation and we agreed to meet again for another business breakfast.

Since starting writing this email Paul and I have met up on two more occasions with similar events taking place and we have discovered a mutual interest in ladies underwear and stockings and the last time we both had a meeting before going back to my room and discovering that we both wore stockings and also had a pair of silky knickers on!

I’m sure there will be more to tell you about soon..

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