A Birthday Present

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Jane looked out of the window as the guests arrived. How could that shit of a husband of hers ruin her birthday party like this. OK so things had not being going too well between them recently. He always seemed to be so threatened by everything. But fancy going to some cheap hooker! Here he was spending her money on some cheap tart and the stupid bastard hadn’t even been discreet. And now she had to face the disgrace – someone had seen him entering this whorehouse and now God knows which of these guests knew the story, probably all of them by now. She could not forgive him for ruining her party like this, and she certainly wasn’t going to let him get away with seeing a cheap slut on the side. If threatened he was, then after today he would be even worse. He was going to pay dearly for that indiscretion.

She moved downstairs to greet the guests. It was a large house she lived in, and she could afford to hold big parties. She was wearing a short cotton skirt and a sleeveless satin top – a little something she had seen and fancied in Paris. The top was shaped to draw in around her waist and made her breasts prominent. The thin fabric of her skirt accentuated her bottom and its short length showed off her legs to good effect. She was going to find someone at this party with whom she would flirt outrageously, right in front of her husband and everybody else. She would show him that she didn’t need him. With her looks and her money she could have anyone she wanted. She did not have to put up with his behaviour, and he was about to find that out.

She went around the guests and chatted all the time looking for an eligible man to lure. It was becoming quite frustrating as she couldn’t escape from all the relatives coming to wish her a happy birthday. She saw people she wanted to talk to, but somehow couldn’t manage to get to them without being waylaid by people she didn’t particularly want to talk with, but they were family. As they talked she drank more and was feeling a little better, perhaps slightly tipsy. Suddenly Miles came over with her uncle Graeme.

“Don’t you think you should ease off the drink darling?”

She looked at him and realised that a quarrel was about to ensue.

“This is my birthday party, and I don’t need your permission to drink whatever I like!”

They argued a little while Graeme stood back. He felt a bit out of place in a domestic quarrel, but knew about Miles’ little escapade and realised that Jane must be upset.

She didn’t realise it, but as she talked she had moved ever so slightly round so that Graeme could see her in profile and by leaning forward she emphasised her ass. Graeme sipped his wine. What was she playing at, he thought. He had to admire her figure though, she looked really good in that outfit which emphasised the slimness of her waist. He focused on the curve of her back as it swept down to her behind. That curve was so sensual he couldn’t help but imagine his hand running over the rippling fabric of her thin skirt to rest on the cheeks of that ass. He had always fancied his niece Jane and could not comprehend what she ever saw in that jerk she had married. Suddenly he caught Jane turning to his direction and looking over her shoulder. She turned back and continued her conversation but in a minute she gave a furtive glance once again in his direction.

“Well many happy returns Jane. I don’t think it matters to have a few drinks on your birthday Miles. Leave the girl alone.”

He looked her in the eye as he spoke and she was looking straight back at him. The drowsiness of the sunshine and the alcohol made her want to curl up in his arms. What were these thoughts running through her head, yet she felt a tingle of excitement as she looked into his hazel eyes. He was always smartly dressed and very self-assured. She almost didn’t hear her husband say that he was leaving her in Graeme’s good hands as he went off to talk business with someone.

“You know I don’t get to see enough of you. What hold does that husband of yours have over you?”

“Oh you know how it is Graeme, always too much to do in a day. No wife yet? How is it a good looking guy like you manages to escape getting hitched?”

She knew he had always fancied her and yet as her father’s younger brother, she should not be contemplating such thoughts that were running continuously through her head.

“No I guess I have never found the time to start a serious relationship with anyone. Perhaps I have been missing out?”

She smelt the tang of his after-shave and looked at the clean line of his jaw. She felt the challenge of showing this man there was more to life than his work.

“Lets walk round the garden, but go fetch a bottle of champagne.” She smiled and gave him a longing look as she walked off across the lawn. As she walked across the lawn she could feel his eyes upon her and she felt her walk exaggerate the sway of her hips ever so slightly. He smiled as he watched her walk off. He was certainly interested in her and it seemed that Miles’ indiscretion canlı bahis şirketleri may have opened her eyes to other opportunities too. He contemplated his next move. This was proving a very interesting party after all. He wandered over to the table where the food and drinks were piled and collected a bottle of champagne and two glasses. He crossed the patio and followed her across the lawn, keeping his eyes upon her. He felt sure she knew exactly where he was as she went behind some large rhododendron bushes. He circled round behind them and emerged in front of her. He held up the bottle and glasses and nodded his head towards the bench that was well hidden by the bushes and away from the party.

As Jane approached he noticed a twinkle of amusement in her eyes. He was looking her up and down. His eyes roved over her breasts and waist encased in that fine top. He could feel the sensation of his hands on that silk and the warmth coming through from the body beneath. He looked at her hips and felt the flatness of her stomach. He imagined his hands reaching round and cupping the cheeks of her ass. He could feel the pressure of her body as he pulled her towards him. He could see those rose coloured lips part as they kissed.

Jane watched him with that silly grin on his face. She felt light headed from the alcohol and the attention she was getting from Graeme. She felt the fabric of her clothes glide back and forth across her skin as she walked towards him, and imagined they were his hands upon her. She could feel his eyes roving over her body. She wanted to feel his arms around her, holding her tight, dragging her in towards him. She wanted to feel his urgency as his lips sought out hers that she knew already would not deny him for a moment. They embraced and she could feel the small bulge in his pants as he pressed himself next to her and kissed her. She looked into his eyes as he withdrew and their eyes exchanged a whole conversation. She knew that they had crossed a Rubicon and she wanted him as much as she could read the desire in his eyes. He slipped his arm around her waist and guided her to a bench.

They sat among the shrubbery and even the smell of nature on that hot summer afternoon aroused her to passion. He kissed her again, but this time full on her lips. She opened her mouth and allowed him to invade her. Her arms hung limply by her sides as she felt his hand catch her thigh and slide up and down them. It sent shivers up her spine and she sucked in his tongue in an effort to do this right. She felt the passion and excitement. The conquest. The pay back of her husband. The lust she aroused in her uncle Graeme. She felt a complete woman once again. Desirable and in need of the attention of someone who would treat her as special. She felt his strength through the thin fabric and she melted.

She sat half turned towards him as they kissed. His hand had now slipped up under her skirt and squeezed one cheek of her ass. It felt the perfect globe that he had long fantasised about. Holding her from behind with his other arm he drew her towards him and impaled her mouth on his tongue. She was one hot lady, he thought, and as their bodies pressed together he was determined she would have a birthday present never to be forgotten. Effortlessly he lifted her and swung her over his legs and she sat astride him with her legs stretched out by his open thighs. He could catch a glimpse of her satin panties under the short skirt, which had ridden up her thigh. Her thighs were smooth to the touch and looked flawless. They seemed to be runways guiding him to her very core, the spot he was aiming for. He clasped his arms around her waist and drew her towards him, so that her breasts beat against his chest as he rocked her back and forward over the growing bulge in his pants. He could feel her whimper slightly as her clitoris knocked against him as she was swayed back and forth. Their tongues entwined again. He lifted his hands and slid them under her top from the waist until they reached her bra. He pushed the bra upwards over her breasts as they sprang free. His hands moulded themselves around her globes and now she was riding him of her own accord. She could hear her panting as her breaths came shallower and shallower. He suddenly stopped before she got too far, and lifted her up so that she was standing in front of him. He lifted her skirt and grabbed hold of her panties on either hip and with one forceful action, pulled her panties off. Her skirt fell to cover her naked loins and just at that moment someone stepped out from round the bush they were sitting behind.

He too was a handsome man, about 30 years old with short curly black hair. He seemed surprised as he turned and saw them. Graeme was still holding her panties in his hand. Jane turned and saw the stranger and immediately fled back towards the house. She was horrified to think that someone had caught her. That was not part of her plan at all. She was to spread the rumour, and have total control over the story. Now canlı kaçak iddaa this ape had stumbled in on them and she had missed out both on the orgasm, and the confidentiality of her story!

“Hi, I’m Jack” he said holding out his hand to Graeme. Graeme quickly recovered and buried the panties inside his pocket. He was resentful at the interruption, but there would be other opportunities, perhaps later in the day. He reached up: “Hi. My name is Graeme” he replied taking Jack’s hand. There was a smile in his eyes as he looked at Jack, as much as to say, well you know how it is when a beautiful woman cannot say no to you.

“Nice girl our Jane, don’t you think”, Jack said watching her fleeing towards the house. “I think its terrible what Miles has done. With such a lovely wife as that why should he need to seek out some old pro? She must be feeling quite vulnerable now.”

He turned and looked Graeme straight in the eye who blushed and felt reprimanded. This guy had turned his feelings of passion into feelings of discomfort. She was his niece, what had he been thinking of. He thought of the people at the party and imagined some of them finding him with Jane in that compromising position.

“I..I’m sorry. I have to get back to the house. Ehhm.. You wont mention any of this to the other guests will you? It was just a little harmless fun.”

“Don’t worry, your secret is safe with me, but I would keep away from her during the party today. Others will have seen you two heading out here together, and you don’t want to fuel that fire any more, now do you.”

Jack sauntered back to the house where the party was going in full swing. He went in and met the husband Miles.

“Who are you?” he said, somewhat over aggressively.

“My name is Jack. I’m a friend of your wife’s. We met when she was in Paris for some shopping and got on well together.”

“I don’t remember her mentioning you.”

“No well I don’t suppose she tells you all her little secrets now do you Miles?” and with that he moved off among the guests. Miles watched him as he went, somewhat taken aback at the implied infidelity of his wife. He thought again of his trip to that whore and started to feel that instead of seeking solace elsewhere, perhaps he should be more concerned about his wife. If she left him it would be a disaster.

As Jack moved through the party he caught sight of Jane and went over to her. She was talking with one of the guests and facing away from him as he approached. He went up and kissed her bare shoulder and said, “Happy birthday Jane”. With that he swung round his arm and presented her with a box. She turned to look at him, her face full of happiness that someone should surprise her with a gift. As soon as she saw who it was, her face dropped and she felt a sickness well up inside her stomach. The colour started to rise in her face. Of all the people, this was the one person she never wanted to see again. Yet she could not afford to anger this stranger as he had witnessed what had happened out in the garden.

“I’m sorry, do I know you?”

She tried to sound warm and welcoming, and to bury the thoughts of desperation that were running through her mind.

“No. I saw your picture in one of those gossip magazines, and decided I wanted to meet you.”

“Well, don’t you think you are gate-crashing my party?”

As she looked at him she felt a little tingle run through her. Here was someone who had walked in as bold as anything into her party just to meet with her, and in spite of all the people around her that she knew so well, here indeed she was talking with him. She knew nothing about him, yet he knew about her from that interview some months back and now he knew a dark secret that she wanted kept from all these people who surrounded them. In spite of being in her own home surrounded by her friends and family, she suddenly felt very exposed and unsafe. She was not sure whether she felt afraid by this thought, or excited. He was very handsome and was clearly a man who took what he wanted rather than wait for it to land on his lap. After the foreplay in the garden she actually felt aroused talking with this stranger, and very, very vulnerable. Already he knew too much about her, and so had some sort of hold over her. Did he realise that? Would he use it?

“Well, aren’t you going to open your present?”

She pulled at the ribbon on the box and lifted the lid slightly to peer inside. She caught her breath with a sharp intake when she saw what was inside. To her amazement, this stranger had walked in to her home and in front of her husband given her a present which consisted of a pair of bright red love balls connected together by a string, there was a large tube of lubricant and some rubber panties.

“Try them on.” She looked up at him.

“Who the fuck do your think you are, coming in here and presenting me with something like this? What kind of girl do you think I am?”

“Well, from what I saw in the garden out there, it seemed canlı kaçak bahis it was entirely appropriate”

He was cool and didn’t seem at all deterred by her aggression.

“Look at it this way Jane. I am not asking to screw you. All I’m asking is that you put these things on in the privacy of your bathroom and then wear them during the party. It would just please me to know that you like my present.”

“I am not going to wear this now or any other time. Just get out of my house!”

“I’m sorry you take that tone, darling. After making this special trip to deliver it by hand and all. Well, if you are kicking me out after what I’ve done, I’d better go and have a word with Miles and some of your other dear relatives about what you’ve been up to with Graeme in the garden!”

“No wait! You wouldn’t do that. That is just our little secret. Anyway, we didn’t get up to anything.” “Well lets just see what everyone thinks. Don’t forget, your uncle Graeme still has those nice little knickers of yours in his pocket. That isn’t going to look too good now is it? All I’m asking is that we share this little secret between the two of us, OK?”

She hesitated Her heart sank at the prospect. She could not bring herself to agree, yet the consequences if he blurted out her adventure in the garden were too appalling to contemplate. Besides, although she could not admit it, a part of her was extremely excited by the idea that this strange man could walk into her house and make her insert love balls up her cunt and walk around with them on. She didn’t actually have to fuck the guy to keep his silence and she would be quite safe, after all who would know? If this was the price for his silence, it didn’t seem too bad. She agreed once he promised not to mention the scene on the garden bench.

As she sat on the toilet and stared at the balls, she realised that she had never done anything like this before. She felt incredibly turned on, knowing that this little fantasy would be so private and yet so public at the same time. She was already stimulated from Graeme’s administrations in the garden, and now she felt positively horny. She felt her lips down there and they were already moist, ready for something to be pushed up between them. She squeezed the tube of lubricant and placed a liberal dose over her cunt lips. She rubbed her fingers round, and the sound made by the lubricant and its coolness on her hot lips made her feel more and more excited. The box with the balls lay on her lap as she spread her legs and delved into her little cleft with her fingers. The slurping noise of the lubricant, the ease with which they slipped in and out of her, just catching her clitoris as she almost totally removed them, just stopping to plunge them back in again. She was moaning now and threw her head back. Her hips were now thrust forward as she pummelled her cunt with 3 fingers. In and out, in and out she was rapidly reaching orgasm. As she came, her whole body shook violently. A pained expression crossed her face as she stopped herself from screaming out in her ecstasy. What was it about this situation that excited her so much? She had never acted like this before. Was it the fact that this man was a stranger? Was it the danger of not knowing what would happen next? She sat and stared at the love balls. Did she need to actually insert the balls? How would he know if she just lied? Somehow she knew that he would find a way to check, and she didn’t want to risk upsetting him any more. She had too much to lose.

The first ball was the hardest. Her cunt lips had never had to accommodate anything this large before and it was a struggle to pass it in. As she pushed, the lubricant was now very fluid and the ball slipped across her cunt several times before she managed to push it in. There was a delightful little pain as she rammed it in and her finger pushed inside to make sure it was entirely home. After that, the second ball was a lot easier. She pulled on the rubber panties. There was a little box of talcum powder in the box. She dusted the panties and tried to pull them up over her legs. They pinched and grabbed at her legs as she raised them, but when they were just a few inches below her cunt she realised that they were too small! What was she going to do? She thought about not wearing them, but these balls were heavy and if they should fall out while she was out there, then she would die of embarrassment. No she needed some panties to hold them in, and she couldn’t risk going to get another pair of hers as she may meet someone and be unable to get back to the safety of her toilet. Panic gripped her and with it a surge of excitement. She pulled furiously at the panties and little by little they pinched and squeezed her flesh until finally she felt it like a hand cupping her, and holding the love balls in place. She was feeling quite hot and sweaty after all these exertions, and washed herself off after restoring her.

She walked across the room and it was a queer sensation, the love balls moving inside her as she walked. She found that no matter how hard she tried, she always walked a little as though her thighs were tied together. Some people spoke to her as she crossed the room towards this strange man. He was watching her every step of the way, and smiling.

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