A Beach Story Ch. 02

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I got in the shower and took my time washing off the suntan lotion, salt water and sand. I got out and dried off and got the blow dryer going and when I turned off the dryer I could hear the music playing but I thought I heard something else. I heard muffled noises moans groans, so with nothing but a towel around me, I walked into the room to see the most wonderful sight. There they were on the bed with their faces buried in each other’s pussy’s just licking and being licked. I wanted to jump in the middle but they were so into it that all I could do is stand there and stroke my cock. They went at it for what seemed like an hour but was probably more like 15 or 20 minutes. I know Mary and from the sounds she was making she climaxed at least three times and Lisa had to have a couple good ones.

As they slowed and rolled apart I could see those beautiful shaved pussys all puffy and covered with juice. I crawled on the bed between them and just started to run my hands over their bodies and dipping my fingers into those sopping wet pussys. I could feel someone on my cock there was Lisa with her face just inches from my cock with her fingers wrapped around it. I looked at Mary and she had the most peaceful and contented look on her face. I moved my fingers across her breasts her nipple erect and they were warm and slightly damp from her excitement. I slide my hand down her belly and across he bald pussy and then I feel her wet juices and my finger parts her lips and slides right in. She jumps and pushes my hand away and says “No not yet I’m still too sensitive.” After Mary has a good climax, or two she gets so sensitive that she can’t stand having her pussy touched for a while afterward. She smiled and pushed me so I rolled over toward Lisa.

As I rolled over I ended up with my face inches away from Lisa’s pussy and my cock poked her in the face. She was on her side with her legs together so that all I could see of her pussy was the very top of her lips. I ran my fingers over her smooth mound and slipped a finger into the top of her pussy lips. I could feel the wetness and pushed my ankara bayan escortlar finger further in and she parted her legs to open her pussy for me. She was soaking wet not only was her pussy wet but her inner thighs were covered in smooth sweet juice. I ran my finger along the top of her pussy lips down almost to her asshole and then back up and then inside her, in and out and then I slipped in another finger. She let out a little moan and moved her hips closer to my face and kind of pumped her pussy a few times.

Just as I was stoking her I could feel her mouth take my cock in all wet and warm. I was inhaling the sweet smell of her pussy and a just had to taste it so I moved my face in so my open mouth was over her opening and with my tongue took a nice long lick. I was more than just wet it was slick and slippery and sooooo sweet. I just buried my face into her and pulled her close and buried my nose and licked like I would never get any again. I was so turned on I was moving my face around and working my tongue for all I was worth. Her hips were squirming and she was sucking my cock and making slurping sounds and I jerked my hips like I was fucking her face. We were synchronized in our motions and she was moaning and I was growling into her pussy like I wanted in deeper.

Then I could feel Mary sliding up behind me her warm body against mine, and her breath along the side of my face. She was kissing me on my back of my neck. The she said “doesn’t she taste sweet honey?” “She’s so wet and you’re making her cum.” Lisa was on the edge by this time and her whole body was shaking as she reached the full climax, her legs stiffened and her toes curled as she let out this low long groan as she came.

I could taste her juice flow and the taste change as it flowed out of her it was so good. I pulled my head back as I felt my balls tighten and I knew I was cumming and I wasn’t going to be able to stop it so I backwards to pull my cock out of Lisa’s mouth and at the same time I said “I’m Cumming.” Instead of stroking me and watching me shoot she moved to take me back ankara seksi escortlar into her mouth and I started shooting. She missed the first one but got the rest and she sucked me dry. I also get very sensitive after I shoot and as she kept milking my cock it got so intense that I had to pull back from Lisa to recover. Mary immediately went to Lisa and kissed her and kissed her deeply. Their tongues were exploring each other’s mouths and I was thinking they were sharing my cum and that thought just drove me crazy. They kissed a while longer and then lay down on the bed on either side of me. I had the remnants of a woody and these two hot women next to me all naked and I knew I was the luckiest guy on the island.

We rested a while and listened to the music, I asked them if they wanted another glass of wine and as I started to get up Mary pushed me down and got up and got a glass and came back to bed as she took a drink. She handed the glass to Lisa who took a drink and handed it to me and as I sat up in bed Mary grabbed my half hard cock and said to Lisa “Well do you think we can get this fellow back into shape for some more fun?” I could feel it start and they both were playing with me, Mary started to lick me and play with my balls just the way she knows drives me crazy.

Lisa rolled over to me and started kissing me so deep and passionately that I started get a hard on I could pound nails with. In no time the girls and I were ready to go again. At one point I had both of them kneeling on the bed with their legs spread and I had a finger of my right hand in Lisa and my left one in Mary, Both of the rocking and rubbing their tits and pinching their nipples. They were kissing each other and letting me rub and finger their pussys and we were all getting excited. After a while Mary pushed me back on the bed and grabbed my cock and stroked it and said to Lisa “you first.” Lisa straddled my hips and Mary holding my cock guided it into Lisa and she lowered herself unto to me, and my cock slid deep inside her.

Lisa pushed her pussy down hard onto me and kind of grinded bayan ankara escort on me with her placed on my chest for support. She then started to move up and down and Mary said “Get ready boy you’re not the only one going to have fun.” She straddled my head so she was facing Lisa and lowered her pussy onto my face. With my cock firmly inside that warm wet pussy and Mary’s pussy on my face I work my tongue and lips on her opening and tongued and sucked on her clit. I could hear the girl cooing and kissing and rocking on me to get their pleasure. Several times I had to push Mary up so I could breathe as she would get lost in her desire and would push her pussy hard onto my face. Licking Mary’s juices and feeling Lisa ride me cock I was soon on the edge again. I started with thrusting my hips up to meet Lisa’s movements and then I couldn’t contain it any longer. So with a spasm I pushed my cock as deep as I could into Lisa and let go my load of cum deep in her pussy. I moaned and groaned and let loose some thing like “god dam” or like that and lifted Lisa up and then as I finished I feel back to the bed. Lisa must had been satisfied as she rolled off me and lay on the bed spread eagle beside us while Mary’s pussy was hovering all wet and hot just a fraction of an inch above my nose.

Mary then said with a false indignation “Hey, that’s not fair you got it twice and I didn’t get any.” She swung her leg over me and slid down the bed and put her face into Lisa’s pussy and started licking my cum out. After a few seconds Lisa slid her hands down her belly and placed them on Mary’s head and pushed her back and said “Dam girl you’re too much.”

With that Mary brought her head up to look at Lisa with a questioning look on her face and there on the end of her nose was a big drop of cum hanging on the tip. Lisa and I looked at her for a few seconds and started to giggle Mary reached up and wiped it off and started to laugh with us.

We relaxed for a few minutes and then cleaned up; got dressed both the girls wore light cotton sundresses that were made of such a lightweight material that was little more than gauze. To my delight they wore nothing underneath so they could enjoy the warm tropical air. We walked to the restaurant together and I’m not sure if it was just me but it appeared that the people we walked by knew what we had been doing………

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