A Bargain Ch. 05

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Chapter 5: Resolution


As we had previously arranged, I was waiting to pick Jenn up at the airport. Dianne and I hadn’t had sex for a couple of days, and our extremely torrid affair was over. Even if Jenn found out about Dianne and me, I decided I wouldn’t feel guilty. After all, it was Jenn who had told me to go and have sex while she was gone. In effect it was Jenn who had precipitated my affair with Dianne.

Deciding I wouldn’t feel guilty was one thing, but actually feeling guilt-free was another. Jenn had certainly not implied that I should fuck the woman who slept in her room in the bed next to her. She hadn’t set any boundaries, but I knew I didn’t want to tell Jenn about Dianne and me!

All of this was churning in my mind as I waited for the passengers to deplane. I was apprehensive. I knew I was falling deeply in love with Jenn, in spite of the affection and passion I felt for Dianne. But had Jenn decided that she was also in love with me? Or would she tell me that she loved her old beau? Was I going to be her lover – or just a male friend? I’d slept with Dianne and started to fall in love with her, too, but it hadn’t diminished my feelings for Jenn. Had Jenn slept with her old lover? And if so, how had it affected her feelings toward me?

As I waited, I struggled to paste the correct expression on my face. I hadn’t really been unfaithful, but it still felt as if I had. Could I keep that guilty feeling from showing? I watched the steady stream of people coming down the hallway.

Finally I saw Jenn coming. As she approached, my penis vainly attempted to wave to her through my pants. God, she turned me on! Jenn kissed me hello, but it was a friendly kiss, not a romantic one. She was stiff, tense, and clearly as nervous as I was. My erection quickly subsided.

I drove her back to campus and carried her bags to her room. During the drive we talked about her flight, her parents, and the weather. Neither of us wanted to bring up what was really on our mind. I said hello to Dianne, whom I’d last seen two days earlier in my bedroom, then I left since it was obvious they had lots of girl-talk to take care of. Jenn agreed to meet me in the dining hall for breakfast the next morning.

Jenn kissed me goodnight at the door, and this kiss was a little better, but not much. She was still tense and tight in my arms. While I hadn’t expected sex, I had hoped I would get more than a couple of kisses. I didn’t like the message she was sending me, but there was obviously nothing I could do about it. If she was still in love with her old boyfriend, I knew she was much too moral to cheat on him with me.


At breakfast we couldn’t carry on much of a conversation since several other people joined us, including Dianne. The most important item of information concerned Jenn’s moving out of the dorm for the remaining ten weeks of the summer.

One of the professors in our department was taking a sabbatical leave, and she had needed someone to live in her apartment until the end of August. She was concerned that her apartment would be broken into if it were vacant all summer, and Jenn had agreed to move in until the fall semester began. Apparently she had arranged everything by telephone while she was visiting her parents.

So I made several trips in my VW, back and forth from the dorm to the professor’s apartment. It took most of the afternoon, but Jenn was finally moved in. It seemed ironic that Jenn now had a private place where the two of us could make love without fear of interruption, but she had obviously decided that we were only going to be platonic friends. I didn’t look forward to reversing the move in a couple of months, but as her friend, I would certainly help her to do that. Shit!

With Jenn temporarily moved out, Dianne’s room was now an unofficial private room. So it would have been possible to continue to make love to Dianne without anyone finding out. But until Jenn told me that she wanted me out of her romantic – and sexual – life, I wasn’t going to risk having sex with Dianne. If I still had a chance to make a life with Jenn, then that’s exactly what I would attempt to do. Given the way Jenn was acting toward me, that didn’t seem likely. The affection I felt for Dianne was strong enough that I didn’t want to have a rebound-affair with her. I simply couldn’t treat her that way.

So I found myself sexually cut off from the two women with whom I most wanted to make love. Both of their bedrooms were private, so if I were really just interested in fucking them, I could probably alternate nights without either of them finding out the truth. At least for a while. But my emotional entanglements with both of them meant I probably couldn’t fuck either of them. Sometimes life’s a bitch!

Jenn’s temporary off-campus apartment was reasonably large, with a living/family room, kitchen, two bedrooms, and two baths. Washers and driers were located in the basement. Each apartment in the complex had two assigned parking places. karşıyaka escort bayan The professor had used one of the bedrooms as an office, and Jenn decided she’d use it for studying. The other bedroom had a king-sized bed. Given the continuing absence of romantic signals from Jenn, I assumed I’d never get to sleep in it.

The apartment complex also had a relatively large swimming pool, although its deck appeared to be more popular. From one of the apartment windows I could see a couple of dozen well-tanned bodies baking in the sun. Most of the women were topless, a state of undress not allowed in public pools but apparently acceptable here. I wasn’t going to complain! I’d already learned that nearly all of the renters were upper- level undergraduates, graduate students, and young faculty members. In other words everyone was in the prime of sexual attractiveness, availability, and interest.

Even if we weren’t going to be lovers, I hoped that Jenn would invite me over so that I could get a better look as several of the sunbathers. Jenn chided me for staring at a buxom brunette wearing nothing but the bottoms of a skimpy bikini. What had caught and held my eye was the sight of her lying on her back as she rubbed suntan lotion over her bare nipples. Her actions made her breasts jiggle and her nipples point up.

Jenn was pretty much settled in by 5:00, and I asked her if she would like to go to a movie later that evening. She declined. “I’d rather not. We have some things we really need to talk out. How about . . . how about you come back about 8:30? I can catch something quick to eat and sort of settle in. Then we can talk, okay?”

I agreed, and Jenn gave me a quick kiss at the door. Once again I could feel how tense she was, and I began bracing myself for the I-just-want-you-as-a-friend lecture from her. I only picked at my food in the dining hall, and several of my friends thought I was sick. I took the easy way out and lied, telling them that my stomach was upset.

I parked next to Jenn’s car in one of the numbered spaces assigned to her apartment, and promptly at 8:30 I rang the doorbell. She was standing behind the door as it opened, and all I could see was her face. I walked in and turned around and saw her, and I almost dropped the bottle of wine I was carrying. She was wearing the black negligee I’d purchased for her on our mountain getaway. Wearing it was her signal to me that she had decided we could make love. To say I was astonished completely understates my reaction.

Jenn giggled at the expression on my face. She stepped forward and took the wine from my hand, then grinned. “Surprise!”

I watched Jenn dash into the kitchen, put the wine in the refrigerator, then hurry back to me. I had chosen the negligee because it was almost transparent. I could clearly see Jenn’s nipples and areolae through her top, and the gray shadow of her blonde pubic hair was visible between her legs. Her breasts bounced as she moved. She was effectively nude. “We can drink the wine later, Don. But I don’t want to wait any longer for you to make love to me!”

Jenn wrapped her arms around me and smashed her mouth against mine. I pulled her firmly against me and slipped my hands down to her behind. I supported her weight as she wrapped her legs around my waist. After several minutes exploring each other’s mouths with our tongues, we finally broke the kiss. She had her arms around my neck, so I caressed her breasts through the negligee. Her nipples were stuff and jutting out.

“I didn’t bring any protection. I thought . . . “

“Don’t need it! I’m on the pill!” Jenn giggled again at the surprised look on my face. “Silly, you were there! I got the prescription filled just before I flew home! You drove me! Besides, I just finished my period.”

We kissed again, and I began carrying Jenn toward her bedroom. I wasn’t going to pass up a chance to make love to Jenn, even if this turned out to be a one-time, gratitude fuck. But just in case I was only going to get one opportunity to have sex with her, I wanted to make the most of it. Jenn dropped off of me as we entered the bedroom. “Wait, Don!” She pulled herself away from me and jumped onto the bed. She lay on her back, with her head on a pillow, with her hands over her head and with her knees up and her legs spread apart. “Remember this?”

In the cabin Jenn had posed herself in almost exactly the same position, but this time I knew I was finally going to make love to her, not fuck her with a dildo. “I could never forget! Just lie there like that while I get undressed!”

The only light in the bedroom came from lights outside the apartment shining faintly through the drapes. It was dim and it was romantic, but it was still enough to see clearly.

I stared at Jenn’s barely-covered pussy as I undressed. I didn’t rush, but I didn’t waste any time. Moisture seeping from inside her made a wet spot in the crotch of her panties, and the fabric became more and more transparent as the wet spot enlarged. I had closely karşıyaka escort examined her pussy more than once, but somehow today’s view through her panties was much more erotic.

Jenn’s attention was fixed on the bulge in my boxers, and I watched her eyes as I pulled them down. Her pupils visibly dilated and she smiled as my erection emerged. I looked down and watched a drop of pre-cum slowly emerged form its tip.

I crawled onto the bed and stopped with my knees between Jenn’s legs, almost touching her pussy. As I leaned down to kiss her, she began to gently and lovingly stroke my penis and balls with both hands. She moaned against my mouth as our tongues rubbed back and forth against each other. Her erotic touches were so gentle yet so powerful that I paused to savor them.

Jenn’s tongue action became more forceful, and I could smell the familiar scent of her fresh pussy juices. She was no longer simply caressing my genitals. Instead she was giving me a handjob, and I could feel the familiar pressure beginning to build. I broke our kiss. “Unless you want me to cum all over your negligee, you might want to stop that!”

Jenn opened her eyes, and I could see how much passion she was feeling. “NO! I want to feel you inside me when you cum.” She pushed my penis between her legs and wrapped her arms around me as our kiss continued.

I broke our kiss again. “I want to look at your pussy, Jenn. I want to smell and taste your excitement.” She moaned and let me move down her body. I licked her navel as fast as I could move my tongue and she made little squeals of pleasure. I dragged my face against her panties as I slowly approached her crotch, and she arched her back and moaned. Her scent was rich, pungent, and thick.

As the top of my nose pushed past Jenn’s pubic bone and began to press against her crotch, I leaned forward on my elbows and cupped her breasts through the negligee. I rubbed her stiff nipples through the silky material, and her wordless cries told me how close she was. She was so wet I could feel moisture on my face as I pushed against her panties.

I rubbed my tongue against Jenn’s panties, pressing the material against her engorged labia. I licked and tongued her pussy as if the panties were not there. I tasted her as her juice clung to my tongue. She was breathing in short gasps and grunting between breaths. I continued licking the crotch of her panties and her body began to twitch in little jerking motions.

I let Jenn stay right on the edge for a couple of minutes. Then I pushed her panties as far as I could inside her with my tongue. At the same time I squeezed her nipples. She thrust her hip up against my face and screamed. Her thighs cut of the sound as her legs clamped hard around my head.

I could feel Jenn’s body trembling, and I kept wiggling my tongue against the material inside her. When she began to come back down, I gradually slowed down and reduced the pressure I was applying with my tongue. I rubbed her breasts gently through the fabric. When she arched her hips and spread her knees apart, I could hear her breathing fast and softly moaning.

I tugged at Jenn’s bikini bottoms, and she lifted her hips off the bed to help me pull them down her legs. They were so wet I could have wrung her juice from them. I tossed them onto the floor. I untied the bow at the front of her negligee top, and spread it open, exposing her breasts. I watched them bounce as she tried to catch her breath. I returned to Jenn’s pussy. I blew gently on her wet labia, and her vagina reacted with a sudden, hard twitch. “Oh! Cold!” Jenn moaned. I lapped and sucked the fresh juices flowing out of her until my face was coated. Some I swallowed, but I kept as much as I could inside my mouth.

I moved back up Jenn’s body, and I kissed her, smearing her own pussy juice over the lower half of her face. As her tongue pushed between my teeth, the juice from my mouth flowed into hers. “Tasting myself is so raw, so primitive, so stimulating. I’d almost forgotten!” Clearly the old boyfriend didn’t eat pussy – or if he did, he didn’t kiss afterwards.

I moved down to Jenn’s breasts, and I kissed, licked, and sucked on them. I reached down to her pussy and slipped two fingers into her. Because she had just climaxed, I easily found her firm, spongy G-spot. I gently massaged it as I continued to move my mouth over her breasts. She immediately responded to the dual stimulation.

I took my time. As Jenn climbed toward orgasm, I stopped one or the other until she came down a little. At random intervals I pressed my thumb against her clitoris. Her arousal came faster and stronger than two weeks earlier at the cabin. After about thirty minutes I found I could keep her arousal at a high level without giving her an orgasm.

When Jenn began to thrust her hips against my fingers, I sucked as hard as I could on one of her nipples, I moved my fingers as fast as I could on her G-spot, and I pressed my thumb firmly against her clitoris. She flew into an orgasm with a escort karşıyaka loud scream. “EEEEEE!”

It was a great climax. Jenn’s body twisted and jerked under me on the bed, and her scream stopped abruptly as she held her breath. Her arms and legs jerked several times. I continued my forceful stimulation, and her orgasm continued. Her thighs were clamping firmly against my hand, and her vagina was squeezing my fingers. When those reactions started weakening, I let my stimulation gradually taper off. She caught a couple of quick breaths, then began to breathe rapidly in and out.

She clutched at me and kissed me really hard. It felt strange to kiss her and have her breathing hard at the same time. I gently rubbed her pussy, and she moaned into my mouth.

I let Jenn recover to the point where she wasn’t gasping for breath. Then I moved back down to her pussy. I lubricated an index finger in her abundant juices, and I slowly and carefully pushed it into her anus. She moaned in response to the unexpected penetration.

At the cabin I’d taught Jenn to enjoy oral sex, and I knew what she liked. I hoped the finger in her behind would provide her with some interesting and new sensations. She pressed her pussy firmly against my face as I pushed my tongue as far into her vagina as I could go.

I moved my finger slowly in and out of Jenn’s anus as I licked and kissed her labia. Enough pussy juice was leaking out of her vagina to keep my finger lubricated, and I could feel her sphincter squeezing and relaxing as my finger moved. After fifteen or twenty minutes, she was ready to climb the walls.

I gave a quick lick to her clitoris, and it poked out from under its hood. “Unnh! I can’t take much more of this! Why are you taking . . . Unnh! . . . so long? I thought you wanted to fuck me!”

Instead of answering Jenn, I picked up the in-and-out tempo with my finger, and I make little circles around her clitoris with the tip of my tongue. She began to moan when her clitoris stayed out, red, swollen, and hard.

Jenn’s arousal began to rise and fall in obvious waves, and I stayed slightly ahead of her. I moved my finger fast and pressed my tongue against her clitoris to lift her arousal, then stopped my finger and licked her labia to bring it back down. After a few minutes I was in complete control of her excitement.

I took her a little higher, then brought Jenn back down. Then higher yet, then down. By the fifth time, she didn’t come back down. She crushed her pussy against my face to increase the pressure on her clitoris, and her orgasm erupted. I could feel her vagina vibrating against the finger I had in her rectum, and her mons pubis was trembling against my nose. She leaned back and screamed, “AAAAAEEEEE!” I was able to hold her at the peak for a long time.

When Jenn’s orgasm began to subside, I removed my finger and lay on top of her. She wrapped her arms around my chest and squeezed as her breathing returned to normal. We shared her juices in another long kiss.

Jenn finally pulled her mouth away from mine. “What are you waiting for? You’re acting like this is the only time we’ll ever do it!”

Jenn had sensed my concern. I still didn’t know if this was going to be a one- time fuck, but I couldn’t wait any longer. “Watch with me, Jenn. Watch us join together.”

Jenn sat halfway up, mainly leaning on her elbows, and watched as I moved my penis against her pussy. I slowly moved the head up and down her slippery, wet slit. Her labia separated and I could see her vagina opening. I gently pushed, and she gripped my knob. “Oh! The pressure of you forcing yourself into me feels unbelievable!” She made a long moan and closed her eyes.

“No, Jenn! Watch!” There is perhaps no more meaningful and memorable event in the lives of two lovers than is their first coupling. It is physically as close as two lovers can be, and I wanted both of us to experience and share this moment to its fullest.

Jenn opened her eyes. They were deep, dark pools of raw excitement. Her mouth was open, but she was smiling. She watched as I pushed again, and another inch of my penis entered her. She moaned with pleasure again but kept watching.

I pulled out until I felt Jenn’s vagina clamp tightly around the base of my knob, then I slowly went back in. Her juices coated the end of my penis and sparkled in the dim light. Most of my shaft was dry, and my penetration depth was clearly shown by the area marked with her special fluid. Jenn was now chewing on her lower lip as she often did when she concentrated.

The look on Jenn’s face showed that she had never experienced this sort of intimacy when her boyfriend had fucked her. I was in no hurry, and I prolonged our first time as long as I could. As she stared in wide-eyed amazement, I gradually slipped deeper and deeper into her, each time coming slowly back out until she only had my knob inside her vagina.

Jenn’s vagina gripped my penis in a firm, tight, wet grip. I changed the angle of my thrusts as I moved in and out, and I explored the folds and creases inside her with my penis. I learned how to avoid the places that caused her discomfort. She grunted as I brushed over her G-spot, and her breathing became quick and shallow. Every few seconds she would deliberately clamp down and squeeze hard around my penis, and we would both groan with pleasure.

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