3rd Act

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You show up at the Pavillion on a Thursday night show. You are wearing a long red button down the front dress. All heads turn and watch you walk by. You are not wearing much of anything undereath the dress. I’m sitting back by the light board in my usual black T shirt and jeans. I’ve ran through all the pre-show run down and am all set. Now it’s just waiting.

You come over and say hi. I get up from behind the table and we walk over a little ways. We are talking and looking down at the lake. You press a small remote in my hand and give me a wink. I look at you a little puzzled but then the light goes on. I click the button. The response is immediate. I click it again.

“Sit towards the back in the middle.” I say.

“Yes!” you purr.

We talk some more but then it’s time for me to go to work. You take your seat. I can see you perfectly. Lights come up for the opening number. I click it. You tense and then relax. You seem to be enjoying the show. When the songs done I click it again. This goes on for the first act.


“Oh my god you are mean!” you say jokingly.

“Well if you didn’t want me to, why did you give http://www.izmirlitv.com/ me the remote? Want it back?”


Your nipples are showing through the dress, heads are still turning.

Second act is a repeat of the first. I can tell you are having a tough time sitting.

Shows over and you clap very enthusiastically and walk up to the light table.

“Did you enjoy the show?”

“That wasn’t half bad. Worth the ten bucks at least.”

“Glad you liked it. I need to put stuff away and get these clowns to do the same. Can you stick around?”

“Sure.” You go stand at the railing looking out at the lake. I click the remote a few more times.

“All done. Where you parked?”

“Top of the hill”

“Same here. Lets go.”

We take the long way around, talking and laughing. We get to your car.

“Hop in!”

“Sure why not” I climb in the passenger side.

“You made me cum so many times it’s not funny!”

“Are you complaining?” I say with a smile.

“No! But god I’m wet. See?” you grab my hand and slide it under your dress to your snatch. It is dripping wet. “I had a helluva time keeping it in!”

I start rubbing my hand up and down your wet slit. My fingers slide in and find the egg and pull it out. It doesn’t take much. My fingers dive back in. You close your eyes. You are enjoying yourself. I start to unbutton the dress one at a time. I get to the top of your breasts, not a word. Get to the nipples. Your eyes are still closed, enjoying my fingers. I keep going. The dress is completely unbuttoned, I throw it open exposing you in your naked glory. I dive for a breast and inhale it. You groan and grab my head, holding it there. My tongue flicks across and circles your hard nipple. I suck some more.

“Faster! Please!” you moan.

My hand quickens it’s tempo. My thumb starts rubbing your clit. I pull off your right breast and go for the other. You are bucking against my hand in your sloppy wet pussy. Your right hand starts feeling my crotch. I’m rock hard.

“Oh god… YES!” you cum all over my hand. I pull away my hand still lightly rubbing your swollen pussy lips.

“Your turn!” you growl and push me back into my seat. You dive at my crotch with both hands and undo them. “Get these off now!” you command. You are tugging and pulling and I’m helping as much as I can. Finally my pants are down around my ankles. “Mmmm… meatsicle!”

“Sorry that ain’t much there.”

“Good enough!” you start licking the top of the very average size prick. You swirl your tongue around the top, licking up the precum. “Mmmmmm” You work your way down the length and back up. With your left hand you start stroking my bald balls lightly. I groan. You work your way down again and this time start sucking on my sack. “Oh yes! No ones ever done that! Please don’t stop!” You keep going. Your right hand now stroking my cock. It hasn’t been this hard in forever it seems. I reach over and slide my hand down your ass. I can reach your little pucker hole and wiggle a finger in. ” Ohh” you manage to get out before you inhale my member all the way in your hot mouth. I can feel it building. I finger your ass as much as I can as fast as I can. I start humping against your mouth and face. “Oh god oh god oh god!” I explode. I cum like I hadn’t done so in a long time. Your slurp it all down. Not missing a drop.

We fall back into our seats. Spent.

“So did you like the play?”

“Yes I did. Might have to see it again. Especially like the 3rd act.” you say with yet another wink.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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