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Friday’s morning meeting had a slightly different tone this week. She wasn’t alone any more at work. The time her and I spent locked in one another’s embrace on a twin bed those rare Friday mornings had come to an abrupt end.

I walk into her office as a best friend from now through the upcoming months. That “straight” best friend who shows up in the morning for coffee for a few minutes before going to her own job nearly 20 more miles away. The others there know me. But they know me not as anything other than friend to the beautiful woman who not only bed fucks me there occasionally but has had me laid out, legs spread on her desk on numerous occasions.

But today, there isn’t any bed fucking, nor is there any desk fucking. Just coffee and some general friendly conversation just outside her office. The friendly conversation that is mixed with a subtle hand touch and those silent stares only lovers engage in. She wears a nicely pressed uniform when I see her those work days, her uniform shirt always meticulously tucked.

We walk together into her small office and she shuts the heavy wood door behind us. I have found myself in that office often. It is rare for me to be in there without my work pants around my ankles, laid out bare ass on her wooden desk with her mouth on my clit and her fingers inside of me.

Today there is silence in her small office, just her and I. Her kiss is brief. It’s just enough to leave me wanting more as I depart with my coffee and the promise of “see ya later”.

My entire work day consumed with thoughts of the night. I sat at my desk that day spending no less than 5 hours thinking about her fucking my brains out in one way or another. My 5pm rush to get home and ritualistically prepare myself for her came and went and before I knew it, she was here. My house. My room. My bed.

She wasn’t in her uniform any longer. Brown corduroy pants and the signature lesbian Converse decorated her lower body. Her shirt is plain, but she looks sexy as usual . She thinks I don’t notice that she ALWAYS wears the white boy short underwear I love. I notice. They make me want to grab a handful of her juicy ass. She looks superior in white. I know she doesn’t even try to look half as sexy as she always does.

Tonight there isn’t any rushing. Her movements with me are slow and controlled. For a woman who comes with such an authoritative and controlled personality, she touches me so softly. She is flawless in her movements. The sort of flawlessness illegal bahis and effortlessness that comes with having a love affair with an older woman I suppose. She knows exactly how to touch me. She moves effortlessly around my body. It’s easy with her. The goosebumps come quickly to my skin with every stroke of her hand.

My little pink silk shorts I was wearing migrated up just slightly from where they should be causing my swollen pussy lips to be nicely framed in the silky material, just asking to be noticed. The side of her hand slowly grazing them as she moves her small hands up my legs to remove my shorts.

There I lay in my bed, locked in a love drunk stare with her as she slowly teases me with her finger.

“Please don’t make me wait. I want you in me” I plead.

“Like this” she says authoritatively Sticking two fingers inside of me. She’s got herself rested on my lower body fingering me hard, giving my thighs firm bites in between my body thrusts. Her bites are traveling, I feel one firm one just at the top of my mound and the instantly satisfying feel of her mouth on my pussy.

The Long deep slow strokes with her fingers, following suit with the movement of her tongue. Long deep flat movements. Her whole tongue fills the space between my lips. I can feel all of the tastebud bumps on her tongue with every long flat lick she makes. That warm intensity starts to move across my face as I feel myself get to the point of no return. That moment in time where there isn’t a thing that matters besides the orgasm I’m about to have in her mouth.

“Don’t stop. Oh fuck, please don’t stop”.

She licks me through my orgasm. I reach for her to come up and kiss me. Her lips met mine with the flavor of my pussy. MY clit throbs against her upper thigh in response. I want all of that strap on she is wearing inside of me. I can feel the cold metal buckles pressed against my skin. I want her, I want her on her back.

“Lay down beautiful. Let me ride” I request.

The beautiful woman in my bed promptly obliges me and rolls herself onto her back. I straddle her, firmly tucking my feet into the inside of her knees feeling every inch of that dildo enter me. I lean back and rest my hands on the back of my heels, rocking my pussy back and forth on the bright pink dildo she is wearing for me. I can feel her hand underneath the harness every time I settle into the bottom of the dick. She’s rubbing her clit.

“Please don’t finish yourself. Let illegal bahis siteleri me have you in my mouth,” I say as I slowly move myself off the strap on and rest my body between her legs.

I can just make out the bottom portion of her vagina from my vantage point. Her lips are glistening pink and they’re nice and puffy. I reach over to help un-fasten one of the buckles and slide the harness off of her. I sit in appreciation, there between her legs in awe of all that I get to have in my mouth. I have gone down on her countless times, I still look forward to tasting her as if it were the first time she let me go down on her.

That first mouthful of her is always my most favorite. Equally as lovely as her taste, is the smell of her. I gently push back on her legs so her lips are open and put my mouth on her. My tongue slowly finding its way to her opening. I can taste her arousal building on my tongue. Her flavor never varies. I always know when her finish is near. She pushes her legs back slightly, her breathing is fast and shallow and I feel the warm familiar taste of her orgasm in my mouth.

Our night together is just beginning. It is extremely rare for us to get more than an hour together let alone an entire night. It feels nothing but perfect when I lay with her. She looks like she belongs in my bed. I lay on her left side watching her sleep for a while. My brain is at peace when I am with her. This woman is so beautiful, so sexy and at least for now, in this moment she is mine.

She departed my bed around 6am that Saturday morning. As for me, I tried to squeeze in a few hours of actual sleep before I wanted to leave to meet her for lunch. The drive from my house to her neighborhood is an hour and 15 minutes. Of course there was prep time to. My makeup and hair have to be flawless. The dress I selected for her hugged every curve I own, which I dressed down a bit with a pair of stark white converse. I’m always torn as to what to wear around her. Since she and I shouldn’t be in public as lovers, only as friends I feel this need to tone it down a bit. Honestly, I just want to look sexy. I want her to want me as much as I want her.

I pulled into her urban neighborhood to the place she and I were to meet. I could see her in the distance walking down the street. I promptly park my car and walk toward her meeting near the lunch spot. I love seeing her in regular clothes, it’s a nice change from the work uniform. She looks fucking hot, and it’s effortless canlı bahis siteleri for her. Here, I spent an hour picking my outfit, fixing my hair and painting my face.

She and I share lunch, conversation and a handful of silent intense stares out on the restaurant patio. My vagina is practically throbbing out of its shell. It’s like torture sitting so close to her And not being able to reach out and kiss her. The plutonic lunch lasts all of an hour before I mention that I am in desperate need of coffee. She had kept me up all night fucking my brains out.

The small coffee shop 3 blocks up was a natural choice. I suggested we drive over because I had something in the car to give her anyway. She climbs into the passenger seat of my car and asks “what do you have for me?”

I gently raise my long dress over my thighs. “I want you to see how wet you’ve made me” as I put her left hand between my legs. She responds excitedly by softly rubbing my clit on our way to the coffee shop. Bringing me to the brink of my climax before abruptly stopping as we pull into the parking lot. I slide my dress back down and gather my breath before getting out of my car.

She and I take up some over sized chairs by the window and resume the conversation from lunch. My pussy is fucking hot, wet and ready for a finish. I don’t know why I subject myself to these plutonic meetings. They are nothing short of torture. I guess I always like to re-test the fact that she and I can never go back to being just friends. It’s impossible to be near to her, to smell her, to be in her presence without wanting every last drop of her.

It’s not but 10 minutes into the coffee trip when she says “I need to go to the bathroom. Would you like to go?”

“Oh yes I want to go” I reply.

She and I made our way into the bathroom. I hadn’t even locked the door before she was on her knees with her head up my dress. I slid my dress off to one side and lifted my leg resting it on her shoulder. She immediately summons for my other leg, taking it herself and resting it onto her other shoulder. My back flat against the wall, my body weight resting completely on her 5’2″ frame, pressed up against the bathroom wall while she is two fingers deep thrusting into me hard. She has complete control. I reach for a fist full of that platinum blonde hair while she fingers me to an incredible orgasm.

Slowly, I’m lowered one foot at a time onto the bathroom floor gasping for breath, trying to not look like I had just had the hell fucked out of me in the bathroom. Exiting the bathroom means back to the friend zone. Exiting the coffee shop means back to my real life, back to her real life. The life where both of us go home to people other than one another.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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