1880 Sodbuster’s Sister

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The red Summer dawn coloured the solidly constructed log-cabin and it’s clean swept yard with a florid promise of continued hot weather.

No smoke yet rose from the stove-pipe chimney, and to drowsy young Sarah the rooster’s crowing seemed to be harsh criticism of her tardiness.

“Oh, happy Fourth of July to you too,” she muttered crossly. “Don’t you know it’s eighteen-eighty, and today is a holiday, and the country’s been a peace for years? Can’t I have a lie-in for once in my life? ”

Her grumbling received no answers of course, and half asleep she sat up in the narrow bunk her dear departed Pa had built for her some ten years before. She’d been just a nine-year-old child then, but the bed still served her well enough.

She looked around, suddenly bashful, because she had forgotten she’d slept naked under her sheet in an effort to escape the night’s oppressive heat. It was semi-dark indoors, so she scrambled out onto the floor and In one swift motion she drew her white cotton dress on over her head and down her body. As she began buttoning it over her full breasts she glanced up nervously at her brother Seth’s loft room.

Now Seth reckoned he had the best place to sleep. All those years ago, when he was building their log-cabin, Pa had partitioned off a room in one corner to serve as a bedroom for him and Ma. Another small room was dedicated to Ma’s spinning and weaving. Heavy planks formed a ceiling over the latter room to anchor the tops of the posts of the big barn-frame loom. He’d lovingly crafted the loom for her, using the same tools he’d used to build the cabin, just an axe, a draw-knife, an auger and a saw.

That ceiling created a cosy loft space under the high pitched split cedar shingle roof. The then ten-year-old Seth had built himself a ladder and claimed the little loft for his own. He’d since refined it with a shuttered, glassless window, and had rebuilt the old ladder to accommodate his heavier weight when he grew bigger.

That florid July morning, Seth had woken with the rooster’s crowing too, surprised because he usually woke to the sound of his younger sister Sarah kindling a fire in the cook-stove. He rolled onto his front to peer over the side into the room below, just in time to see Sarah’s naked body from behind as she slipped into her dress. Although the room was fairly dark, in her haste she had stepped into an area of ruddy light from an open window. He drew in a silent breath at the sight of her smooth back and slim waist. Her bottom cheeks were rounded and wickedly thrilling to his hungry eyes.

He had slept naked also, and became abruptly aware that his morning erection was making more than its usual demands for his attention. He succumbed to the compelling urge and spread his slippery ooze over the swollen head of his cock, then gripped its hardness and began to thrust his hips, imagining that his fist was the cunny of a girl underneath him. The very moment he permitted himself to make-believe it was his sister’s cunny that he was fucking, he shuddered and heaved and his sap spurted thick and hot.

Thinking she heard her brother call her name, Sarah peered up toward the dark loft and was almost certain she saw his face, pale in the gloom.

“Seth? Are you awake?” She asked sharply, interrupting his fantasy.

Awash with his guilt, he answered, but faked sleepiness. “Mm, yeah kinda.”

Sarah experienced a rush of scandalous excitement at the thought her brother might have seen her naked.

She felt quick heat flare in her face and between her thighs, but she made her voice sound light-hearted and playful. “Up you get, Lazybones. Daylight’s a-wasting.”

Sarah had the fire going strong when Ma came out of her room and set to slicing some bacon. Seth slid expertly down his ladder and hurried outside to attend to morning chores. An hour later the three of them sat at the table and broke their fast with hot crispy bacon, together with thick slices of bread fried in the bacon fat, washed down with strong black coffee.

The meal over, Ma went into the loom-room, and soon the rhythmic swish-click of the shuttle followed by the double-clack of the heddle echoed through the cabin. The money raised from the sale of her cotton and woollen cloth kept the little family afloat. Sarah cleared the table and began to lay out the flour, sugar, and salt, together with the sourdough jug and a big tin dish in preparation for some bread making.

She nodded toward the stove. “Afore you head on out to the field Seth, there’s some coffee left in the pot.”

Seth went over and poured himself a third cup. He turned to see his sister leaning over the table, sidelong-on to him. Her loose white dress hung forward from her shoulders, and the morning sun streaming in through the open window behind her made the oft-washed, threadbare white cloth glow like transparent gold. One of her full breasts was clearly visible to him as a perfect silhouette, the smooth curve of it broken by the jut of her nipple. He was spellbound, rooted illegal bahis to the spot, with his mug half way up to his lips.

Sarah looked around at him. “What are you gawking at Big Eyes?” She chided him.

Flustered, Seth replied with a watered-down version of the truth, “I’m gawking because I just today realised what a pretty girl you are Miss Sarah Sorensen.”

She giggled and blushed. “Why thank you Mister Seth Sorensen, you’re quite a handsome devil yourself. Now scat! Go do your chores and let me do mine.”

Seth walked away, one hand holding his coffee mug, the other in his pocket to hide his rapidly stiffening cock.

Out of earshot he kicked at a pebble and grumbled aloud. “Twice in the space of a couple of hours. I’m gonna go crazy thinking about humping my own sister, and dang me, there’s not another girl anywheres around to take my mind off of her.”

At the table, Sarah wielded a wooden spoon to stir the sloppy mixture that would thicken and rise, ready to be kneaded and formed into loaves.

She murmured, “If that wicked big brother of mine is set on spying on me, I’ll give him something to look at. Make his blood boil.”

Covering the dish with a damp cloth, she stifled a giggle. “The look on his face when he realised he could see through my dress…hmm, must say I got a real kick out of showing myself off too. Reckon it was the most fun I’ve ever had.”

That night, after their evening meal, Ma set off to walk the mile-long track to the big house of Old Widow Cartwright, their closest neighbour. The elderly lady lived alone and was getting frail, so most nights Ma went across to keep her company for a couple of hours. It being Independence Day, Ma would likely listen to stories of the old days, while they celebrated the holiday with a nip of brandy.

Soon after Ma left, Seth yawned, took off his shirt, poured a dish of hot water and carried it over by the lamp to shave and wash up for bed. Sarah was sitting by that same lamp reading. Stealing little glances at him as he wielded the shining razor, she felt that pleasant little tickle way down low in the front of her belly again. Under the table, for just a minute, she dared to rub and scratch herself there.

Seth finished his ablutions, rinsed the dish and headed over to his ladder to go to bed.

“Good-night Miss Sarah,” he chuckled, “prettiest little girl in Mule Creek.”

“Nigh-night Seth,” Sarah laughed. “Reckon I must be since I’m about the only girl in Mule Creek.”

“You ain’t bothered by me joshing you are you?” He asked. “It’s a hoot to pretend to be sparkin’ you, since you’re my own sister.”

“Oh no, it don’t bother me none. In fact I quite like it, and it’s only a game, like when we were kids.”

Then she added wistfully. “And there sure ain’t nobody else around here to be sparkin’ with, and me nineteen, practically an old woman. If we lived someplace else I’d be married with a young’un by now.”

“Then you won’t mind if I keep tryin’ out my sweet talk on you?”

“Sweet talk me all you like,” Sarah answered coyly, “but not when Ma’s around. Reckon she wouldn’t like it.”

Seth laughed at that. “Ma sure is pretty too, but you are way prettier.”

His sister swatted his bare shoulder. “I didn’t mean she’d be jealous, you big dumb…sodbuster.”

“I know you didn’t, I was just funnin’ about it. Uh, Sis, I was wondering, are you planning on taking a bath tonight? There’s hot water a-plenty in the big kettle.”

Sarah looked up sharply from her book. “Now why would you be wanting to know that?

“Oh, so’s I could fetch the wash-tub and heft the kettle for you.” His reply was altogether too casual.

“And I suppose you wasn’t fixing to spy on me if I was to bathe, were you?”

Annoyed by the accuracy of his sister’s accusation, Seth’s answer was accusing too. “I don’t reckon you’d mind too much if I did.”

“Seth Sorensen! How could you be saying such a thing!” Sarah’s indignant response was due to her embarrassment rather than outrage.

“Well, you had me fooled for a while,” he replied coolly, “but I’m not as dumb a sodbuster as you reckon I am. After a load of thinkin’ I figured out it weren’t no accident that you was betwixt me and the window this morning.”

Sarah had no real answer to that. She pouted childishly. “Was too an accident.”

Seth was feeling in control. “Right then. Am I fetching the big tub or not?”

“No! Damn you Seth.”

He shrugged and picked up his shirt and climbed the ladder to his loft. He sat on his bed and took off his boots and socks, then wriggled out of his pants and lay back wearing only his knee-length white cotton underdrawers.

A moment later his sister’s voice called out to him in a roguish, sing-song, syrupy-sweet tone. “Oh Brother Dear…will you fetch the tub for me? Pretty please?”

He grumbled about her changing her mind, but secretly he was thrilled that it could mean he would get to ogle her yet again. So, still in his undershorts, illegal bahis siteleri because after all they seemed to be moving into a phase of allowing some intimate peeking, he slithered down his ladder and went out back and returned with the big, round, galvanised tub normally used for laundry.

Without being asked he lifted the big black kettle from the stove and emptied the scalding hot contents into the tub. At the same time Sarah added cold water from a pail, halfway filling her make-shift bath. She returned the pail to its place and came back to find Seth sitting at the table, near to the tub.

Taken aback she demanded “What are you sitting there for?”

He just shrugged his bare shoulders. Sarah thought the golden lamplight made him look like the pictures of the Greek God statues in her old school reader. She had been excited by the idea that Seth would likely watch her from his loft, but to have him be so blatantly obvious about it was too much to contemplate.

She pointed to the loft. “Off you go to bed Mister.”

He shook his head and said hoarsely, “I don’t believe I will. I reckon on sitting right here and watching you in the bath. It’ll be mighty fine fun for us both, won’t it?”

Sarah’s heart was a trip-hammer in her chest. Did she dare? She was sorely tempted, but it would be a terribly bold, wicked thing for a girl to bathe with any man looking on, but if that man was her own brother…well that would be beyond mere wickedness.

Finally she took a deep breath, then snorted it out in feigned anger. “Right then! I can see I’ll get no peace until I do what you want. At least turn your back until I get in.”

Her big brother slowly turned his head away. She turned her back to him and unbuttoned her dress, then pulled it off over her head. Naked, she turned back to the tub to find him staring straight at her. She shrieked and crouched a little, knees tight together, one hand over her crotch and a forearm clamped tight across her nipples.

Seth gasped. “Oh Sarah, I’m sorry I scared you. I’m gobsmacked. You are absolutely gorgeous. Please, please don’t hide yourself from me. I just have to see you properly.”

She responded to his compliments and to his pleading. She reasoned that she’d gone this far, so might just as well do as he asked. She straightened up and lowered the arm that was pressed across her breasts. The abruptness of her movements set her big pink-tipped white titties to swaying. Then with a show of reluctance, she lifted the hand shielding her pubic area, took a few swift little strides and stepped into the tub.

“Ouch!” She yelped, distracted. “It’s hotter than I thought it’d be. I won’t be able to sit down.”

Without taking his eyes off her, Seth stood, forgetful of the huge bulge in the front of his underpants.

He said, “I’ll bring you some more cold water,” but he was reluctant to leave off looking at her to do so.

Unlike her brother, Sarah was very aware of the tent in his underwear, and was doing her best to visualise the thing that was causing it. They both stood unmoving, staring at each other, for a long minute.

Speaking directly to Seth’s cock bulge, Sarah mumbled, “Don’t go gettin’ any cold water. I think I’ll be able to sit down if I take it slow.”

To prove the point, she began to squat and was indeed able to lower herself into the water with a satisfied groan.

Almost at ease by then Sarah giggled. “I got so fazed that I didn’t get soap, or a washcloth, or a towel or anything. Would you bring’em for me Seth?”

He wandered around in a trance, and had to heed his sister’s directions to find the required toiletries. He placed the towel on the chair, then knelt at the side of the tub, soap and washcloth in hand.

Sarah whispered shakily, “And just what are you up to?”

“I’m a-gonna wash your back,” he stated firmly, “and after that, maybe your front too.”

He dipped the things into the steaming water and proceeded to gently and thoroughly lather her back.

She turned her head to look look at his face.”I can’t hardly believe you’re doing that.”

He kissed her cheek. “You are beautiful Sissy-Sarah.”

Sarah hitched forward in the tub, bent knees sticking out sideways. “Come on. Maybe we really are sparking each other now, not just playing a game. If that’s so I reckon it’d be alright for you to squeeze in behind me and share the bath.”

He leaped to his feet, “Oh Sweetheart, it’d be way more than alright.”

He fumbled with the drawstring tie at the waist of his underdrawers. He wasn’t real sure why he called his sister ‘Sweetheart’. Maybe it was part of their sparking game. Maybe he meant it for real. In his confused haste, his wet soapy fingers were quite unequal to the untying task. Sarah batted his clumsy fingers away.

“Here Sugarpie,” she grinned, also unsure as to why she was using a silly pet name, “Let me.”

In seconds she had his pants around his ankles, his great wrinkled cock mere inches from her face. canlı bahis siteleri She was startled by its appearance. She’d seen his little willie when they were kids, and back then it had a cute little funnel-shaped tube of skin over the end. Now his cock was a monster, and that skin had drawn back revealing the shiny, purplish, bulbous head. It made her quiver inside. She had a strong notion to reach up and touch it, maybe even lay her cheek alongside it, but she held back.

Seth stepped into the water. “Woo, it sure is hot.”

It took some pushing and squirming, but with a leg each side of her, he managed to squeeze in behind. The water rose alarmingly up the sides of the tub and was in danger of overflowing. He chuckled happily and wrapped his arms around her to explore her ribs with his blunt, calloused fingertips.

Sarah leaned back on him, rapturously aware of the meaty hardness of his cock wedged tightly against her back. He sighed and rotated his hips to cause his supercharged erection to slip and slide deliciously on her back beneath the hot soapy water.

She nuzzled her temple along his jaw. “Seth, us bein’ here like this is mighty nice.”

“Sure is Sarah Darlin’,” this time the endearment fell from his lips without a second thought. “I ain’t never gonna forget this night.”

He bent his head and kissed the damp curls on the back of her neck, then brought both his hands up to heft her breasts.

She sighed too, as the slippery roughness of his wet palms teased her stiff aching nipples. “Seth, we should have a care to be done here long before Ma gets back.”

“She’ll be a while yet,” he reasoned, reluctant to quit. “Anyways, Ole Blue’ll come out of his kennel and start up with his yippin’ soon as Ma tops the rise.”

“That ain’t necessarily so,” Ma’s voice came from the doorway behind the lovebirds. “Go right ahead with what you’re doin’. Don’t pay me no nevermind.”

Seth made the situation worse by hurriedly standing up, his cock bouncing and dripping suds. “Ma! We was just…”

“I know what you was just.” Ma smiled. “I ain’t mad at you two. Folks was put on this Earth man and woman, and men and women gotta do what they gotta do.”

“Oh Ma,” Sarah was crying. “I didn’t mean to be bringin’ shame on you.”

Ma went to her and stroked her head. “Don’t take on so girl. I ain’t shamed. I know you get urges you can’t control. I’ve had them feelings. Hell I still get’em, I’m not much more than a girl myself. In case you forgot it, I ain’t yet forty years old.”

Seth was still frozen with the panic of being caught by their Ma. He stood unmoving, his jaw hanging down, his cock standing up.

Ma slapped his bare wet arse. “Get yourself dried off and into your bunk. If I have to look at your dandy big thing much longer I’ll drag you into my own bed.”

Next morning Seth was too traumatised to face the womenfolk at the breakfast table. He crept from his bed early and went to the furtherest field, out of sight of the cabin and started the in on the back-breaking task of stump-grubbing. He drove himself and Noah the hapless mule hard, in a fruitless attempt to ease his shame.

By noon he was exhausted and ravenously hungry. Reluctant to return home, but aware he had to face Ma and Sarah sooner or later, he climbed onto Noah’s broad back, too tired to walk. Topping the rise he was surprised to see a fine-looking chestnut horse tethered in front of the stable. Curiosity made him heel Noah into a trot. Soon he tied the sweating mule alongside the chestnut, then hurried inside.

Sarah was sitting at the table with a well dressed gentleman of about forty years of age, empty coffee mugs in front of them.

Sarah’s eyes were bright and her cheeks pink. “Seth, Widow Cartwright’s feeling poorly so Ma’s gone to tend to her. This here is Mister Joshua Jones, from Mule Creek township. He done come all this way just to see me.”

The embarrassment of the previous night forgotten, Seth shook the stranger’s hand. “How do Mister Jones.”

Jones pushed back his chair. “Well folks, thanks for your hospitality, but I best light on out for town. It’s a ten-mile ride. Likely take me two hours.” He put on a broad brimmed hat. “Miss Sarah, think over what we talked about. Now see me out.”

They went through the door, leaving Seth standing uncertainly in the middle of the room. Outside the couple walked the dozen paces to the tethered horse.

Mister Jones took Sarah by the shoulders. “I think a kiss would be in order, don’t you?”

Sarah shook her head and tried to pull away.

“Oh come on girl!” He barked. “We are practically betrothed, and I rode all this way to see you because you are the only girl of marriageable age around these parts.”

Sarah shrank further away from him, but her pulled her close, kissed her hard and grabbed her breast. He broke off the kiss and Sarah spat on the ground and scrubbed at her lips with her hand.

He gave her breast a cruel squeeze. “Good pair of titties you got Darlin’. I don’t really have to leave just yet. We could have us a right old time before I go.”

Seth pushed the window shutters of his loft room wide open. “If I were you, Mister Jones, I’d be leavin’ right quick. You ain’t welcome here now or ever.”

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