10E Ch. 02

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Feeling the orgasm build deep inside getting to the verge of total release. Your body tenses as the first wave of orgasms rushes within you. Overtaking you as your release. Inserting a second finger deep inside your creamy tight cunt. Finger fucking yourself frantically. The thought of his hand on his shaft. Imagining the first shot of his milky white cum shooting out the head. You let out a moan. A loud moan from deep inside. So loud it startles you. Catching your breath you bolt up in bed. You get a strange feeling. Almost a feeling of guilt and shame. This man, this man you just met has you in this sexual frenzy. “Get a grip”, you say allowed. Remember the rules. No married men. Flirting only.

Sitting on the edge of the bed, contemplating this feeling. The phone rings breaking the silence. Instinctively, you answer. “Hello?”. Shit, you think to yourself, your not even supposed to be home. You tense, waiting, you let out a sigh. It’s your drunk girlfriends at a bar. They are on their way to male strip night and were just calling to leave you a teasing message. With no questions they announce there coming bye to get your in 30 minutes. “Be ready”, they say. You try to protest but they hang up. Begrudgingly, you get up and head for the shower, never giving 10E another thought.

After your 4th vodka martini and 25 singles your ready to get out of this place. The guys are hot and nice eye candy, but your prefer real men. Guys you can touch and talk to. That flirt and mean it. Suddenly 10E pops into your mind and the thought of the days earlier session. You instantly get a tingle in your loins. Something tells you he is good. Confident men are illegal bahis sexy. The way he asked about masturbating to you…..such balls. Add handsome and he could just get on a girls nerves you think. Without an explanation you stand up. “Girlfriends I gotta go.” You assure them your ok as you head for the door and get a cab. You tell the driver your address and he pulls away.

It’s still hot out even though its after 10:00. You un-button the last button of your white blouse. Exposing just a hint of your flesh colored bra. You catch the cabbie looking in the rear-view mirror. You smile to yourself. Oh what a day, you think. First, 10E and the thought of him masturbating to you followed by the wonderfully naughty session at home. Then sitting and watching young male strippers dance around. Now you got the cab driver drooling over you. You feel so sexy. Without even thinking you find yourself crossing your legs tighter and tighter. Squeezing your lips together then releasing. Rocking in the seat. Your thong creeping tighter and tighter against your smooth sweet lips. “God damn 10E”, you blurt out. The driver hits the brakes. “Excuse me mam?”, he says. “Marriott downtown”, you reply assertively. The driver shakes his head and navigates the cab toward the Marriott. You need a nightcap you assure yourself.

You take seat in the empty bar. What were you thinking?, you ask yourself. You expect him to leave a key for you. “What can I get you?” the bartender asks. Obviously not numb enough, you order a vodka martini extra olives. You take your first sip when he emerges from the dining area. He is with 2 other gentlemen in suits. 10E has dressed down illegal bahis siteleri to a black silk collared short sleeve sweater and gray slacks. He looks even better. Amazing what vodka and darkness can do for persons looks. Just like that he is gone. Out the door. You turn back to the bar. Pissed. Pissed at yourself and at him. Why him, you begin to contemplate. The bartender walks by.

“The usual Mr. James?”, he asks someone out of sight at the end of the bar. “No Marcus, I’ll have what the lady is having, except make mine dirty”. You turn. Your eyes meet. He walks over to you and speaks, “I was hoping you would stop by.” You smile. He reaches for your hand. “Want to get a table?” “Sure”, you reply. “Marcus, can your bring the ladies drink and mine to the booth in the back?”. “Sure thing, Mr. James”.

He escorts you to a high back, c-shaped, dark leather booth in the back of the bar. Marcus brings the drinks and disappears. The booth is in the very back corner of an otherwise open bar. From here you can see everything and everyone. The back top of the booth is at ground level with the entrance of the hotel. A planter divides you from the feet walking above. “Did you?”, you ask. “Did I what?”. “Do what you threatened me with on the plane.” “You cost me dinner”, he responds. With that he places his hand on your face and fingers on your neck. Pulling you to him, you kiss. You hesitate for a second. Just lips pressing together. Hard and firm. As if on cue, together your mouths open and your tongues meet. Your thighs instinctively relax. French kissing deeply. Getting lost for a moment. Only a moment. I mean it couldn’t have been more canlı bahis siteleri than a second. The tingle returns. You gently put your hand on his chest to push him away. He pulls you back to him, but this time his lips to your ear. “You had me so turned on I blew off a meeting with those 2 gentlemen. And that 40 minute meeting became a 2.5 hour dinner with those blowhards.” He pulls you even closer. His hand firm. Your body tenses as your cunt moistens. Scary, yet reassuring. His lips brushing your ear. The hair on your arms stands straight up. “I had to come straight to the hotel and jerk off my fat, hard from your teasing, cock.” Extra breathing emphasis on the fat, hard and cock. You bow your head into his shoulder. He leans back releasing your neck. “Almost like it is now”, he says. Grabbing your hand and placing it in his lap. You can feel the slight aroused bulge of his semi hard cock. You blush and start to move your hand away. This is slightly more than what you had in mind. You just came here for a tease and a drink. He tightens his grip on your wrist and holds your hand down on his crotch. You nervously look around the bar. People are starting to come in. A meeting of some sort has let out and it is starting to get crowded and loud. “I’m sorry …..” you realize you have have your hand in the crotch of a man whose first name you don’t even know. Your gorgeous eyes look up into his looking for some sort of help, but you get none. You continue the only way you can. “I’m sorry Mr. James…”. No sooner are the words out than you realize that you are getting extremely turned on. This man holding his hand on your wrist. Squeezing it. Taking control. Calling him Mister. You are getting turned on by all this. He looks dead into your eyes. You bow your head. “Look at me” he commands in a heavy whisper. “Grab it.” “Grab what?” you ask. Again pulling back. His grip tightening, “My cock, you tease.”………

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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